Chapter 57: Being a Defender

Alice’s POV

Stifling a snort that could be as rough as a buffalo if I wasn’t careful, I slowly got up from my seat and asked Ray-sensei a question.

“Yes, sensei…Is it possible to take all of the elective courses?”


The classroom started buzzing once again.

What, is the person who raises a hand and questions the teacher in person automatically certified as a freaking heretic? Is this a rough middle school? Hmm?

I thought it was…but I was below the middle school age range to begin with.

Anyway, I don’t care about the outside world, so what about it? When I looked at Ray-sensei, for some reason, his mouth was slightly twitching.

“…It’s possible in terms of scheduling. Academically, you probably wouldn’t have a problem with it either…but it’s not very often that kids do that, right?”



Huh? He was surprised? I am surprised. No, I should be surprised.

Because isn’t it necessary, no matter how you think about it? All of those subjects?

“…For now, I’m relieved that I can take them. Thank you.”

As I was about to sit down, thinking it would be bad to stand out too much, the teacher, who looked a little thoughtful with his hand on his chin, spoke up.

“…By the way, may I ask why you want to take all the subjects?”

What, are you going to keep questioning me? But there was no need to lie, so I answered honestly.

“Well…I know that Spiritual Medicine includes somewhat the same content in the five major subjects of magic and medicine, but…I’m surprised that this class, where you learn about the material in depth in the first place, isn’t required as well. I think it’s basic. I saw a live duel before, and I found the spirit magic techniques that catalyzed the materials interesting…And it’s also integral for magic pharmacology.”

“I see…?”

Ray-sensei looked like he wanted to say something else, but I wanted to sit down quickly, so I hurried and proceeded with the conversation.

“Next is Runeology and Ancient Roan Philology. In this world where poetry and spells have a huge influence on magic, I can’t imagine not studying this. Not knowing the etymology is synonymous with not knowing the meanings and shapes of the letters.”


It’s gotten kind of quiet. Is it okay to proceed with the story?

“I think astronomy is unavoidable as long as we know that it affects materials and spells. Magic Pharmacology is profound and interesting, and could be useful when people are in trouble. And then there’s Swordsmanship…As an aristocrat who protects one’s people, I think it’s something that should be learned nowadays as a matter of course. We are not the ones being protected, we are the ones who protect…These are my general reasons why.”

Fufufu. Isn’t the reason for the last part really cool? It was a very aristocratic thing to say!

I didn’t lie. I simply said exactly what I thought. But to be honest, I probably could have just said that all the subjects sounded cool and interesting.

And as for swordsmanship, I really wanted to learn those ‘cool poses’ and do some magic tricks and stuff. My right arm was tingling with excitement.

But I couldn’t say those things, so I gave some other good reasons.

For the time being, I answered what was asked of me in that way, but Ray-sensei covered his face with one hand again and became silent.

Then, one of the students in the classroom muttered.

“…I think I should take all the subjects, too.”

“I wonder if my mother would be upset with Swordmanship.”

As I looked around, the classroom was divided into two different reactions.

About half of the children were going after all the subjects with some kind of excited look on their faces.

The other half of the children were all, ‘Eh? You want to do everything? What’s with this momentum?’

I understood how that felt. What’s with this momentum? It was the same for me too, I guess.

I wondered if it was a good thing to say something so aristocratic…

…Well, the more kids who wanted to study, the better, so why not!


T/N: Not even the first class, and Alice is already changing the academy. Sasuga FL-sama.

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