Chapter 58: In the Headmaster’s Office

Headmaster David’s POV

Ortensia-sama was smiling while giving a grand, high-pitched laugh.

This place was the headmaster’s office, in front of the surveillance crystal.

The scenery of the classroom was vaguely reflected on the crystal, and I could see that the daughter of the Archelaus family had been causing a buzz with her comments.

“Look at this, David. The little ones are very motivated. This year’s new students have a lot of potential!”

“Yes, Headmistress. But we can’t just change the curriculum so suddenly on a moment’s notice, can we?” The headmaster sniffed as he lowered his eyebrows and said this, knowing that she would understand.

“I know that the girl’s abilities are anything but average. And that’s why Godholt won’t keep his mouth shut. There’s a buzz going around.”

“I know what you’re talking about…”

I rubbed the wrinkles between my eyebrows in relief.

Godholt was the man who was currently the head of the Mystico Prova Research Institute.

He was not an evil man, but he was an overly zealous follower of the Lamina religion (Laminasism), which worshiped the emperor’s family as descendants of the gods, and for that reason, he had some issues.

He would be the first to object to the curriculum change, as there had been a lot of anguish when the current curriculum was decided upon.

“But if the current academic strength is not improved, the nation’s strength will continue to decline. We have to change the situation. Well, I was asleep for a while, but then this happened…”

After she said that, I could tell from a glance, so I honestly apologized. Headmistress Ortensia sniffed again and turned to the surveillance crystal.

“That said, Archelaus’ daughter really has a lot of promise. I’m sure the other little ones could reach the same level if they trained enough, but the Heimer faction seems to be really into this girl.”

“Yes. I remember that the Heimer’s eldest son and daughter, while brilliant, were not extraordinary…But why are they getting involved with the daughter of the secondary house?”

“Well, it’s a good thing that she’s the same age as the prince…It’s probably also partly due to her personality. Athena is a year older than her, and although she has the makings of a magician, she is a timid girl even if she looks like her mother…”

Headmistress Ortensia sighed.

“Do you think it would be good if the prince and the daughter of the Heimer Faction were united?”

When I asked her that, she shook her head, saying it wasn’t that way.

“It’s not good for us to be biased, David. But the Edmund faction has had a bad smell lately…It’s just a matter of time before we see what all the fuss is about.”

“Is that so…”

Even though we were talking about such serious matters, the headmistress started wagging her hands with a suspicious smile again.

“Kukuku…If we can’t change the curriculum significantly, then we can just change everything else. There are many ways to go about things. Kuku, fuhahaha, kuahahahah!!”


An unpleasant sound came from the headmistress’ waist because she was laughing too much and leaned back too much.


“Kuh, fufu, D-David…”

The teary-eyed headmistress of the school pulled herself up and shook before collapsing. I had no choice but to support her.

I called a maid who was waiting nearby and had her prepare the bed.

Seriously, you’re not at an age to be acting like this.

“I know it’s fun, so I’ll take you to your bed for now. Seriously, I’m no longer your aide, and yet…”

“Fuguu~ it hurts, it hurts, David…”

I didn’t hear anything at all.

I held up the headmistress while hiding my face, which made me laugh a little while thinking about it.


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