Chapter 23: Dungeon (1-3)

Dungeon 1 part 3

I suddenly felt a gaze on me and looked up at my brother who was still hugging me.

His amethyst blue eyes were looking at me gently.


I felt that my brother had been wearing this expression more often lately.

I wonder why that was?

I smiled and laughed.

“Well. Now that you seem to have calmed down, let’s take care of this dense jungle.” My Brother smiled back at me.

Dense jungle…?

That’s right!!!!!!


When I looked outside of the barrier, I saw that the grasslands had disappeared without a trace and a magnificent jungle had been completed.

A killer plant was approaching right in the front of the barrier.

What the hell is this!?

What are we supposed to do!?

What have the adults been doing all this time!?!?

“Father and the others are  still collecting magic stones.”

Father…there is a limit to what you should do with these things.

I could picture my father’s bashful expression*** with my adult brother’s face. (***T/N: The word used was “tehepero” which is like a “teehee” face where the person is making an embarrassed laugh and sticking out their tongue)

I don’t know what it is…but this is extremely frustrating.

Not just boiling, but my anger was quickly rising up.


At that moment, something burst in my head.

I unconsciously raised my right hand.

“Burn it all down…Firestorm.” I muttered.


Pillars of fire appeared from all directions. Each fire pillar moved like a tornado, burning the killer plants to the ground.

It was an apocalyptic scene.

Father and the others could use a little scorching too!

I was so mad that I only dared to put a weaker barrier on the adults.

“…We really shouldn’t make Charl angry, huh?”

I thought I heard a stunned Chris-sama’s voice, but I ignored it.

My brother was giggling.


—After eradicating all the killer plants and extinguishing the pillars of flame—

In front of me, several adults, including my good old father, were sitting on the floor in a slightly charred state.

“Do you understand what you have done? If you act too reckless, we will be the ones to suffer, right?”

The adults were being lectured by the  twelve-year-old Duke’s daughter.

For some reason, Chris-sama was among them.

…What’s wrong?

“From now on, when you collect magic stones, do it in moderation and be sure to get our approval before you do it. Do you understand?”

The angry look in my eyes must have gotten even angrier. It was twice as powerful as before.

The adults and Chris-sama nodded their heads again and again.

“If you break your promise…do you understand what will happen?”

I held up my right hand, emitting a pillar of flame, and threatened them even further. Then I continued my lecture for about thirty minutes.

The adults and Chris nodded their heads again and again, looking very pale at my words.

“I hope this will last for a week.”

Big Brother was smiling and laughing.

Can this really last a week…?

I wanted to look up to the heavens. Goddess…

After that, we all gathered up the magic stones that had fallen.

The magic stones from the killer plants were a beautiful yellow-green stone that sparkled like peridot gemstones. Hundreds  of them had fallen.

They were about the size of Tyrolean chocolate***, and they were everywhere in the five dungeon levels. (***T/N: Tyrolean chocolate is a japanese chocolate brand. It’s kind of like a KitKat)

It was a hassle to pick them up one by one, so I held out slightly larger leather bag in my left hand and imagined it was a vacuum cleaner.


Then, in a flash, the magic stones scattered throughout the dungeon were sucked into the leather bag.

…I was only supposed to pick up the magic stones around me…

When I gently looked up, I saw everyone’s awkward smiling faces.

It’s hard to pick up everything!

From that day on, I was secretly called “Pandora’s Box.”

…Why is that? Am I a disaster or something?

And so, at last, today’s dungeon investigation was over.


We came out of the dungeon.

At the entrance, there were several people in knight uniforms. They were lined up side by side, waiting.

At that moment, when I noticed one of them, I wanted to turn on my heels and run back inside the dungeon…

“Your Highness Chris. I am here to pick you up.”

“Sorry for the trouble, Howard.”

The third capture target, the ‘muscle dog,’ [Howard Odette], was there at the entrance.

Why are you here!?!?!?

I desperately choked back my scream.

Why is this happening…?


T/N: Now welcoming the next capture target!

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2 thoughts on “Chapter 23: Dungeon (1-3)

  1. Pandora’s box…. it’s quite fitting since there are also demonic dogs and wolves inside the Padora’s box~


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