Chapter 24: Dungeon (1-4)

Dungeon 1 part 4

Why do they keep coming out one after the other…?

I thought Chris-sama and Howard were only supposed to get involved with me after Brother joined the academy!

I let out a deep sigh.

They say that when you sigh, happiness escapes…

How many more sighs do I have to let out…?

Howard had said that he had come to pick up Chris.

I understood that it was natural, considering Chris’s position.

But why was it Howard?? I couldn’t figure it out.


“Lucas! Long time no see!”

It will be like this, right?

They’re the legitimate sons of a duke and a marquis. Of course they would know each other…

Howard and my brother were shaking hands right in front of me.

I want to become air…

Air. I am air…

I was just about to erase my presence when my eyes met Howard’s.

“Huh? Is this girl over here possibly Lucas’ sister?”

Of course…

“Are you a friend of Brother Lucas? My name is Charlotte Avi, his younger sister. Thank you for always watching over my brother.”

I smiled with the proper face of a Duke’s daughter and then gave a ladylike curtesy.

I was right next to my brother, so the greeting couldn’t be helped.

I knew I should have gone back inside the dungeon as soon as possible. If I had been able to get away with that…

If I hadn’t done that, I’d have regretted it.

I would have to make a quicker decision next time.

“So you are Lady Charlotte. I’ve heard rumors about you from Lucas.”

Howard took my hand, kissed it lightly and performed a knight’s bow.

I couldn’t help but get goosebumps.

I didn’t dislike Howard in the game. However, when I dealt with both Chris-sama and Howard, I couldn’t help but inevitably imagine my own route of doom.

“Rumors? Did my brother say something bad about me?”

I put my hand on my cheek and smiled.

Brother…just what have you been saying about me?

To be honest, I had a bad feeling about this.

“No, no. I’m just saying that you’re as cute as your brother says you are.”

Conventional flattery.

“Oh no. My brother probably just has bad eyesight.” I said so and smiled.

Hmm. The way he kissed the palm of my hand, the way he acts, and the way he carries himself…there is no trace of the “muscle dog” in him at the moment.

I guess I had the impression that he was just a fresh and handsome guy (tentatively).

Chris-sama was definitely more puppy-like.

As expected, Howard was the son of a knight commander. His response so far had been almost perfect.

It wouldn’t be strange if an ordinary lady might misunderstand a lot of things. This knight-sama was very popular.

Howard was a candidate for the future leader of the knights. Quite the bargain.

I don’t need it, though.

I knew that Howard was not interested in me either, so I was relieved.

I had met Howard quite unexpectedly, but it seems like it would end without problems.

Or so I thought…

“Isn’t Charl cute?”

It wasn’t my brother who interrupted.


Don’t say unnecessary things!!

“Charl isn’t just cute, she’s also very strong and cool!”

Agh, you idiot!!

Howard’s eyes just lit up!

This ‘Muscle Dog’ always reacts to the keyword “strong.”

I didn’t feel like this in the original game, but it seems that this Howard reacts quite strongly to those keywords.

“…Strong? Lady Charlotte is?”

Now…Howard’s eyes, which had been indifferent to me, had changed to a challenging look.

“Lady Charlotte’s fire magic was amazing!”

“Is that so…”

Don’t say that with such an exuberant face.

Howard’s face was scary…

It was like he was glaring at me…

Please, someone stop this idiot Chris-sama.

I wanted to keep his mouth shut, but I couldn’t do that because he was royalty.

Should I just put him to sleep?

Just when I started to have radical thoughts,

“Chris, don’t you think we should get back in time for dinner?”

My brother, who was standing beside me, slid in naturally to stand in front of me.

He shielded me from Howard with his back.


“Oh, yeah. Is it that time already?”

Chris-sama nodded and gave some instructions with a few hand gestures.

“Thank you all for your help and care today. I will see you next time.”

With that said, he bowed to us and left along with the knights.

He finally left…

I let out a sigh of relief.

As I was looking at Chris-sama and his group to see them off, I knew from Howard’s gaze that he had been looking at me.

I know nothing. I didn’t see anything.

Ah…My stomach hurts.

Chris-sama…you did something so unnecessary.

I pressed my hand to my stomach area.

My brother stroked my head as if he was trying to help me.

“Good work today.”

Yes, I was so tired. Problems kept popping up time and time.

In times like these, I wish I could drink some alcohol. I wanted to have a drink to refresh myself.

I’m resenting the fact that I’m 12 years old.

The long, long day was finally over.


T/N: No Charl! You’re too young to drink away your worries at the bar!!

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  1. No worries Charl, you are OP enough with magic to beat the muscle head (pretty sure).

    But you also might as well learn how to use your body, right?

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