Chapter 63: Results

Alice’s POV

“—Next, let’s consider the words shown here. This is…”

I listened to my teacher’s voice as I flipped through the designated textbook.

It was currently the time for literature class.

The tumultuous entrance exam had occurred just yesterday.

That morning had been mostly uneventful, but the afternoon elective courses were also strange.

After the lunch break, Ray-sensei came back to the Aurum group’s classroom where all the students were present, however, there seemed to be something wrong with him the whole time.

He had entered the classroom with a complicated expression as if he was thinking, and his lighthearted ‘cheerful teacher’ demeanor from that morning had disappeared, and he began to explain the elective subjects in more serious detail.

After listening to his explanation seriously, I handed in my application form, applying for all of the elective courses, but he kind of  looked like a maniac as he received it.

I was very scared to hand it over to him.

“…I look forward to working with you, okay?”

“……?? Yes, sir. I’ll do my best.”

He grasped my hands firmly and gave me a serious look, so I nodded coyly for the time being.

Then, seeing Ray-sensei, the children who had been wondering whether or not to apply for the courses, began submitting their applications for all the subjects one after another.

Well, I guess that’s what happens.

I don’t know if there’s such a thing as an internal report, but the way the teacher was reacting in front of me seemed pretty good.

Although we were still very young, we were aristocratic children as well. They probably read the atmosphere of the scene and decided to ride the tide of what could be the winning trend.

From the looks of it, 40% of them chose to take all the subjects with a motivated face, and 40% of them chose by calmly watching the flow of the scene. The remaining 20% looked anxious and were either children who couldn’t choose for some reason or had little motivation to begin with.

Incidentally, Lady Letitia seemed very anxious, but she trusted us to follow up with her and applied for all subjects.

After that, it was declared that the exams would be returned before dinner and the results of the elective courses would be posted on the bulletin board. Then we were dismissed.

As a result, myself, Lady Laurier and Lady Leticia were able to take all of the elective courses. I heard that Leticia-sama had just barely gotten half of the regular test correct, so that might be the cut-off.

After school, we met up with the younger aides and Brother Will, and after sharing our timetables and schedules, we had a small celebration party in the corner of the main cafeteria.

The aide team could not take all of the classes due to specialized subjects and time constraints. However, it seems that they applied for and were accepted into the maximum number of classes they could take.

The excitement and fidgeting of yesterday had been replaced by the calmness of today’s class.

After confirming that everyone in the class could read and write the basics to some extent, we began reading some famous stories.

My first class in the academy is history, and my second class, currently, is literature.

Compared to my first class in the previous world, the first class of this world was quite fun, and I  was taking it very seriously.

But to be honest, I was floating on cloud nine…

Because after lunch……

After lunch, finally… It’s finally time for magic class!!!

Oh no, I just can’t…My nose has to snort—!

I held down nose, which was almost buzzing, in place with a quick and graceful hand. I glanced around, but it was okay. No one was watching.

I had been taught the basics by Sister Thulite, and a lot about how to handle the materials by Brother Will, but I had been told I wouldn’t be able to practice until I entered school.

Ufufu. I can’t wait for afternoon to come soon…


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  1. Great! it’s nice that the teach isn’t some sort of spy or whatever… I hope hahaha, but the dread of the royal family and the church is still in the horizon


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