Chapter 64: Magic Class

“Well then, everyone, did you get the message?”

The location had changed and we were currently gathered in a large grassy area.

Headmistress Ortensia, who was sitting on a platform that looked like a morning assembly table, stood beside a light pink-haired female teacher who looked anxious. Then she began her speech in a loud volume that didn’t seem to match her small body.

“The lesson we are about to give is a profound study that will unravel the truth of the world and the approach the rules of the world. If you fail to listen to just one of the teacher’s words, it could lead to a serious accident, or it could end up as a dud and you might not learn anything. You must be careful.”

There were currently about forty people in this plaza from the Aurum class, and all of them were listening to the Headmistress’ speech with a uniformly nervous look on their faces.

It was the the magic academy’s first magic class after all, so it made sense.

“The first year’s magic class will be taught by Ferien-san here alone. Everyone should listen closely to what she says…By the way, starting from his year, I will also support her as the second one in charge! I look forward to working with you!”

What…? The atmosphere in the class buzzed for a moment, but it quickly subsided.

I was surprised as well, because I didn’t expect to be taught directly by the Headmistress of the school—someone with a very intense a character. But, well, I guess it was always good to have more people to teach us.

The newly introduced Ferien-san took a step forward.

“I am Fiana Roberta Ferien. Everyone, I hope we have a great year…?”

Ferien-sensei, who had a frightened and downcast posture, introduced herself in with her hands clasped tightly in front of her chest, looking very anxious.

…That posture emphasized the size of her chest more tightly.

It’s amazing…That is a size I admire as a woman…

Putting aside those thoughts, I listened to Ferien-sensei’s words.

“As the Headmistress just mentioned, the study of magic you will be starting this year is a very dangerous and difficult subject. Even in the first year, there is the possibility of getting injured, so let’s be cautious and learn carefully so that nobody gets hurt, okay?”

Ferien-san concluded.

Somehow, I could tell that she was very worried about things.

Ferien-sensei and Ortensia-sama came down from the assembly table and approached us while stepping on the grass.

“Now then, let’s start with the simplest light magic to feel the magic power inside your body. Has everyone properly brought their Athame with them?”

Each of us checked the Athames equipped at our waists.

By the way, our current attire is what they call the ‘academy first year school attire.’ In other words, it was a uniform. (***T/N: It’s the uniform on the summary page)

When using magic, fluttering sleeves could be a hindrance, and for combat training, ankle-length dress skirts and panniers were just difficult to move around in. That is why the upper half of the uniform was a blouse and ribbon, and the lower half of it was a black skirt below the knee with black tights and a pair of brown boots to finish the look.

Covering over that was a deep, waist-length, wine-red cloak. To finish off, the Athame was equipped at the waist with either a chain or a leather belt, and a pouch for materials was strapped on.

…It was so ‘magician-like’ that I felt like I was going to go crazy. It was just so cool and cute!

The details were slightly different because they were tailored from each person’s house, but in general, they were the same. The boy versions had pants instead of skirts, and there was a scarf around the neck.

With a shrill sound, everyone each pulled out their Athames and held them to their chests. The two teachers went around and fine-tuned our postures, while Ferien-sensei resumed her explanation.

“The academic names are called Origin and Anima, but in class we will call them Spirit Magic and Solitary Magic, which are the common names that are easy to understand. What we are going to do now is solitary magic—using only your own magic power.”

The students answered “Yes!” with me speaking particularly enthusiastically. My heart was pounding.

……Ah……this really does feel like a magic class. I felt even more excited than I did when I was reading that “Fierce Occult” series.

In Sister Thulite’s lessons, I had only received classroom lectures, such as memorizing spells, predicting the effects of magic by combining materials, and the types of magic and magic circles. I was told not to be conscious of my magic power, so I was a good girl and kept to my word.

But right now, finally, I am about to use magic!

“Now then, I want you all to imagine that you are putting power into your Athame. Hold it firmly and do not let go!”

Hold power…power in my body?

After being instructed, I tried to imagine it. Even if I squeezed the dagger with the power of my palm, I felt like I could only pour the magic power of my palm into it.

In anime and manga, this kind of thing flowed like the blood in your body, or the flow of chi…and then was released as magic, right…?

I imagined it.

Blood goes from the left side of the body to the right side through the internal organs and returns to the lungs and heart, according to the memorable knowledge I saw on the TV program “Home Medicine…It’s super scary to know!” In that case, I can assume that the flow of magic power is the same.


A mysterious power in my body…let’s imagine it as a gas. The oxygen and mysterious power that I take into my lungs reaches my heart, travels from the left side of my body to the major organs, travels to the capillaries, and returns to my heart from the right side again.

Now let’s share some of that image into the palm of my hand. Most of it is going to stay with the flow of the great river, and some of it is going to pour into the tributaries…

Then the palm of my hand became hotter and hotter.

It seems that my Athame sword was shining softly…I mean, it’s hot! It’s really hot!!

Surprised, I took a deep breath and continued to hold my power.

“Gather the power in your body into the Athame with strong awareness. Are your palms getting warm?”

Rather than saying it’s warm, I’m saying it’s hot! So, what’s next? It’s really hot! Hurry!!

Let that power be unleashed into the following spell…“Respond to my voice, O light, step forward!”

Oh, that’s the one Sister Thulite taught me. The luminescence spell. Oops!

I resisted the urge to drop my hot Athame, and pictured a strong image.

The light that dwells in the blade…

I didn’t know how much force to use, so for now, I decided I would convert this heat as soon as possible!

“Respond to my voice, O light, step forward!………Huh—fugyaa!?”

The moment I chanted the spell, my vision became all white.


T/N: I can totally imagine Ortensia being like a Ms. Frizzle from Magic School Bus.

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  1. hehehe, since all this seems to be about being able to visualize and imagine things, a person that haves modern knowledge and has seen a medical drama or even a bit of the illustrations on their anatomy class would be able to do so more readily and easy.

    I love that detail hahaha

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