Chapter 25: Unexpected… (1)

It’s been two days since then.

I’m currently taking a break from dungeon surveillance.

The first dungeon that we had been waiting so long for, and from the unexpected appearance of Chris-sama to Howard’s appearance…

It turned out to be a rather intense day, with the appearance of two capture targets.

It was confirmed that we would be working with Chris-sama in the dungeon investigation from now on. It would be a little difficult to deal with him, but what was more problematic was…Howard.

He looked like he was going to charge at me at any time.

I don’t like it…I wonder if I can escape somehow…

In the corner of the garden that was the pride and joy of the Duke of Avi, I let out a long, deep sigh.

…Once more, I feel like happiness has escaped from me.

At this rate, if I didn’t do something, I was likely to be doomed in many ways.

In order to prevent that from happening, I would have to make ‘that!’

One must work to make their own happiness!!!


I was currently in the corner of the garden, at the flower bed where edible flowers were planted.

Today, I was going to make something using a flower called Labelle, which was similar to the lavender flower that blooms there.

Labelle was an edible flower that tasted like muscat. It had a flower shape similar to lavender, and even just one small petal was enough to give something a sweet taste.

Today, I wanted to pick a certain amount of flowers, so I picked about twenty of the densely packed tips.

After picking the flowers, I moved to a nearby table set.

On the table, there was a pitcher filled with clear water, an empty jar with a lid that could be sealed shut, and some drinking glasses.

I put all the Labelle flowers I had picked into the empty 500ml jar. Then I sat down on a bench-like chair and faced the Labelle filled jar on the table.

This is where ‘Cheat-san’ comes in! (***T/N: ‘-san’ is a polite/formal honorific that can also mean “Mr.” or  “Sir.” It is less formal than “-sama”)

You can do it!!!

It’s all up to you!!!

I held out my right hand to the jar, hoping that it would work…

…Freeze the Labelle flowers with ice…crush and compress them…and form an image of squeezing out only the sweet parts of the Labelle.


I muttered slowly, and at the same time, a soft light spread out around me. The light disappeared after a few dozen seconds.

After the light was gone, the 500ml jar was filled with a light purple liquid. I poured a sip of the freshly made liquid into my glass and drank it down.

“It has the sweet taste of the Labelle.”

The sweetness of the refreshing Muscat-like Labelle was in a concentrated form.

Apparently, I had succeeded. Great job, Cheat-san!

The undiluted Labelle juice was complete!!!

Today I was going to use it to make a Labelle juice (non-alcoholic ver.) that even kids could drink. Since I couldn’t drink alcohol yet…I would drink something a little similar to lift my spirits!

It’s also a good way to practice making the alcohol I promised my brother, and I also had the ambition of spreading the new alcohol around the world.


You can drink this just as it is with ice and water, but…it would definitely be more like a cocktail if it was carbonated!

With that said, the next step was to make carbonated water.

There was a large amount of water in the pitcher.

I’ll use this!

I held out my hand to the pitcher.

Cheat-san, Cheat-san. Can you do it again, please?

The image was of a very weak lightning. Similar to stirring the water in the pitcher to release more oxygen into it…


“…thunder” I muttered very quietly.

Something flashed for a moment, and a tiny little lightning bolt fell into the pitcher.

After the lightning bolt struck, the inside of the pitcher seemed to boil over.

Is this…a failure?

I thought so, but as I watched, the water in the pitcher, which seemed to be boiling, began to calm down and eventually settled down to the point where I could see bubbles in the water.

I poured it into a glass and sipped it.


It was unflavored carbonated water!!

I hurriedly poured the Labelle juice and soda water into the glass. Next, I put some ice into the glass using my ice magic. Of course, I didn’t forget the straw.

After a little stirring with the straw…

“It’s done!!”

The Labelle juice (non-alcoholic ver.) was complete!!

I sucked up the juice through the straw.


Forgetting about my manners, I involuntarily flapped my legs.

This tasted like a Muscat-flavored soju, only without the alcohol! I smiled and laughed, savoring the taste.

Then I heard the sound of crunching leaves and looked up from my glass.

“You look so happy. What are you drinking?”

My brother was there.

As usual, my brother was always on the prowl…

Well, I was getting used to it though.

“I made some juice with Labelle flowers. Would you like to try some?”

I stood up so that he could sit next to me…


I saw someone behind my brother.

I was stunned and dazed.

He held out his hand to me. He had silver-gray hair and clear blue-gray eyes. He was a quiet, gentle wolf beastman boy.

“Nice to meet you, I’m Ricardo Aker.”

This smiling person was right in front of me.

Hello fluffy boi ML(?)


T/N: Enter, silver-haired fluffy boi~

Charl and her fangirling of Ricardo reminds me of Isabella and Ursch from “The Villainess Wants to Marry a Commoner.”

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  1. I’m happy for her, but I hope the pictures aren’t completely accurate. I don’t know why, but they all look too much alike. If you put ears on the prince it would look the same to me. 😳


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