Chapter 67: Unforgivable Interference

Gabriella’s POV

I was in a fury. Dammit! I slammed my fist against the wall.

“I don’t get it!!”

Now that my afternoon class was over, I returned to my room and kicked my aides out of the room.

Then I let go of my graceful act and released the fury I had been hiding.

My anger was naturally directed at that damned clever-faced woman, Alice.

She should have ruined her reputation at the tea party before entering the school, and I had put in a lot of bad words about Alice among the Edmund faction.

There was also another plan other than becoming a villainous daughter.

That is, if I opened the window of opportunity 

It was one of the capture targets I had been planning to make one of my aides

She had added Johann Duker as one of her aides!

I knew it was strange because his name didn’t come up at all when my mother told me about potential aides. Then, after I entered the school, I found out that Johann had followed Alice. It was a terrible blunder.

I don’t know what kind of magic trick she used. But originally, the Duker family should have stopped serving the Archelaus’ family, whose reputation had fallen, and the Duker family would have approached Verandels, through the fifth son, Johann.

Damn it, damn it!

Well, My aim was the coolest prince, but even Johann, the straight-laced handsome man, was one of my favorites because of how much he was like a knight.

A knight protecting the princess is absolutely essential, I wanted to have one of my own!

Dammit! I was stomping the floor. I can’t forgive this, I won’t forgive this!

This is so boring!!!

The last straw had been the class scene from earlier.

The Aurum magic class was being held in the plaza that I could see from the classroom window, and I was watching it, trying my best to resist grinning.

In the game, there was an event called ‘Alice’s Runaway,’ where Alice’s Athame, which couldn’t handle her magical power, slipped completely out of her hands and injured a nearby student.

This caused Alice to be traumatized by magic and become even worse at it. In the sub-heroine route, overcoming this seemed to be one of the key parts of the story.

Sure enough, Alice went out of control and her Athame was in danger. Up to that point, it was just as events should have unfolded.

And yet, in the blink of an eye, the headmistress rushed over to put an end to the situation, and the class ended as normal.

Headmistress of the school, doing such unnecessary things…With that kind of ending, it only seems to show off her magical power, and that’s the end of it!

In this world, those with high magical power tended to be highly respected. Blood spilled out of my lip as I bit it without thinking.

It’s strange that this didn’t work either…

…Could it be that Alice is a reincarnated person like me…?

Such concerns pass through my mind.

However, the rightful protagonist of this world was me. Hayakawa Aira.

I was reincarnated as a heroine. In other words, a situation that could only be called divine providence was happening here.

There was always only one real protagonist. There should be only one. And that was confirmed by the occurrence of the “Laurier’s Hair Ornament” event.

That, I’m sure, was not supposed to happen in the Alice route or the Laurier route.

“…Fufufu. But if Alice really is a reincarnated person, it doesn’t matter anymore. Because there’s no way she can beat me.”

I slowly loosened my clenched fists and fixed my messy hair.

Then, just in time, an aide called out to me from outside the door.

“Lady Gabriella…Prince Aquilesta is calling for you.”

To which I would respond in a good mood.

Being upset is fine. There’s a reason why Alice can afford to be whatever she is.

This was an important event achieved shortly after the entrance ceremony.

It was the “Encounter between the heroine and the prince.”

It was an event in which the heroine meets the prince, who is taking a restful break alone behind the school building. In the main game, this event appeared as a reminiscence and memory of the past.

But at the time, the clever me didn’t stop there. The reason why this world didn’t seem to go on as the events unfold is because I already experienced it at the tea party.

I was afraid to alter the scenario, but if I don’t think about it, I will lose.

So I’m going to attack.

And with that attitude, the event I wanted was a success. The prince had been shaken by the ‘special words’ that I said. The plan had worked.

Now I understand. Events are still important, but there are certain times when they don’t work on their own. When that happens, I can change the course on my own.

Shaping my own destiny. That’s really cool, just like a main character should be.

If the knowledge I have isn’t working, then I can just make it work. I can use my brain to advance the scenario more and more, and move towards my desired ending.

If I continue to tame him smoothly, the prince should eventually become completely dependent on me.

The proof of that, is as you see…It’s only the second day after the entrance ceremony and the prince has already called on me.

“Fufu. The ‘prince’ of this world is now mine. The fact that the protagonist is me is becoming increasingly more confirmed…If I keep this up, I’ll be able to crush that person’s position easily…! Hahahahaha!”

After a brief laugh, I turned my dark laughter into an elegant smile and headed off for a tea party with the prince.


T/N: What a brat (¬_¬;). Although, it seems that the otome game scenarios hold a little more weight than previously expected.

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3 thoughts on “Chapter 67: Unforgivable Interference

  1. It’s ridiculous that she seems to think that just because she’s in a world that resembles a game that she is a main character. There is no such thing as a main character in a real world. -_- Her delusions of grandeur are impressive.

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    1. you have to remember though, even though the people are alive, the world history still follows a game script she played in the past, so you can’t blame her for believing otherwise.

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  2. Ugh… I really want to skip hers side stories chapters… but I can’t help when I think about Sakurai’s and Kizuna’s hard work T~T
    Thanks for the chapter! m(_ _)m

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