Chapter 68: Two Weeks After Enrollment

Two weeks had passed since the entrance ceremony, and everyone was beginning to adjust to the school in their own way.

Over the weekend, I had Brother Will and Johann escort me back to the Archelaus mansion with Matilda and Yulena.

There, I heard about the current state of the mansion, headed over with Connie to continue the visit, and also went to see the neighboring Virgil Family to chat with Brother Oluris.

Then I wrote a letter to my mother and father and let the Messenger Spirit take it to them.

By the way, this Messenger Spirit was the only magic that I was allowed to use before I entered the academy. It was really more like borrowing a spirit that my father had signed a contract with.

However, if I let it hold my letter, it carried it honestly and properly.

Because distance was still distance, it would probably be a little while before I got a reply.

In addition to the five major subjects, the subjects I was learning for the first time were all very interesting and entertaining.

The only one that was a challenge was Ancient Roan Philology. In short, it’s what I would call Latin back on Earth.

Just because I knew the alphabet didn’t mean that I could read Latin…And I had also been a typical Japanese student with a poor grasp of foreign languages…You get the rest, right? That’s what it felt like.

I didn’t sleep until the very last minute because I couldn’t afford to cut corners, but I nearly turned my brain upside down.

I was worried about my swordsmanship class as well because I was not athletic in my previous life, but there seemed to be no problem at all.

Actually, this body had been strengthened by Sister Thulite’s boot camp. In fact, I felt that I could move a lot better than the other young ladies around me.

That’s why I was having a good time, but it wasn’t all fun either. Naturally, there were some troublesome things.

First of all, there was that problematic daughter…Gabriella.

I haven’t exchanged words directly with her since she had confronted me in the big cafeteria on the first day. But it’s impressive whenever I get together with the students of Diamante Ward in electives or pass by each other in the hallway.

According to Yulena’s information, Gabriella has apparently taken the initiative in giving me a bad reputation.

As for the content, it seems that she is spreading something that is not true saying, “If the rest of you are too scared to say it, I’ll tell you! The truth!”

That, combined with my original notoriety, makes it quite annoying.

Wanting to stand out…how cowardly…

Those are the words that were whispered about me.

I could still hear a few words like “ruthless daughter” and “shadow daughter” from the blur of facial muscles. I was trying my best to keep the smile on my face, though.

I mean, being shadowy and wanting to stand out are a contradiction in the first place, but is that a good thing? Do you mean shadowy and ruthless in the approval-seeking way?

Honestly, as a grown woman, it doesn’t hurt me when little first-graders sneakily bad-mouth me. It just makes me want to smiles and pat them on the head.

Rather, in such situations, it’s a good thing that I have Laurier-sama and Letitia-sama, and my aides, friends and family members being there for me.

Well, I’ll have to retract those rumors for the sake of the Archelaus family, so I will focus and put a good effort into making friends and studying.

…Even if some of the students didn’t seem to have any bad feelings towards me, they were still somewhat wary of me or looked at us like our heads were in the clouds. It was hard to make friends with them.

There was also another annoyance.

It was Prince Aquilesta, the second prince of this country.


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