Chapter 26: Unexpected… (2)

“Nice to meet you, I’m Ricardo Aker.”

There was a smiling Ricardo-sama right in front of me.

Is this a dream?

I rubbed my eyes.

I could still see him.

I grabbed my cheek with a grin and suddenly came to my senses.

I didn’t want Ricardo-sama to see the funny face I had once I grabbed my cheeks!!!

I don’t care if it’s a dream or an illusion! I have to respond quickly.

“…Nice to meet you…I’m Lucas’ sister, Charlotte Avi.”

I put my own hand into the hand that was offered to me.

Ricardo-sama’s hand was a little stiff at the tips of his fingers and the base of his thumb. It probably had something to do with swordsmanship.

The warmth of the real skin, different from a game, almost made me want to cry.

“A pleasure.”

Ricardo-sama dropped his lips to my hand and smiled as he tilted his head to the side.

His clear and beautiful blue-gray eyes were narrowed in a smile.

Does Ricardo-sama want to kill me?!?

For a moment—no, I could see heaven?!?

After all, I still love you, Ricardo-sama.

He was still a little younger than he was in the game, but this boyishness was quite adorable.

And the silvery gray fluffiness like a husky dog…

In case you were wondering…the current beastman form of Ricardo-sama only had the ears and tails of a wolf.

Oh…I want to touch his ears. I want to touch the tail too.

I desperately resisted the urge in agony

…I’m already at the limit of my reason.

“May I call you Ricardo-sama?” I asked with a hesitant look in my eyes.

I’m already calling you that in my mind!!

“Please do, Lady Charlotte.”

Ricardo-sama smiled.

Is it really okay??

I wonder if this is really a dream…




“Please marry me!!”


Ricardo-sama froze as I pressed forward.

“—Charl…Why don’t you calm down for a moment?”

My brother held me back

Oh…I was so absorbed in Ricardo-sama that I forgot Brother even existed…

“I’m sorry about my sister, Ricardo.”

My brother smiled bitterly as he held me down.

“No, it’s okay, I was just surprised.”

Ricardo gave a slightly awkward smile.

Was I too attracted to him? Did he get creeped out by me?

My brother patted my head as my shoulders slumped in disappointment.

“You didn’t mind?”

“Of course. I was surprised to learn that Lady Charlotte doesn’t mind beastmen.”

He wasn’t creeped out by me!?

When I looked up at Ricardo-sama, he smiled happily and looked at me.

“I love you!!”


I put my hands on my chest to seriously convey my feelings with strength.

Then, Ricardo-sama took his gaze off me and covered his face with one hand. If you looked closely, you could see that his face had turned bright red.

Oh…so cute—!!!

I gazed at Ricardo-sama…


A voice so sweet that it gave me chills came down from right beside me.


I turned my neck towards my brother so quickly it almost made a noise.

Big brother was there with a smile on his face.

…The eyes…his eyes are not happy at all.

Brother brought his face close to my ear and whispered to me.

“I’m just letting him see Charl as promised because she was not feeling well…But I won’t accept marriage or anything else, okay?”

I felt a chill run through me.

Is this…Is he angry?

I nodded my head.

I have to behave more than usual…

“Anyway, why don’t we sit down instead of standing around forever?”

Big Brother smiled as he said that.

“Ricardo, you can sit across from me.”

My brother quickly sat down next to me, leaving Ricardo-sama, who was still slightly flushed, to sit across from me.

It was a little awkward, so he could have just sat across and let me sit next to Ricardo-sama…


I obeyed my brother without saying anything else.

I can read the atmosphere, you know?

If I put my brother in an even worse mood, I might have to send Ricardo-sama, whom I had the pleasure of finally meeting, all the way back home…

“Now this…did you make the juice from the Labelle flowers?”

My brother who was sitting next to me gazed at the pitchers and bottles lined up on the table.

“Yes. I’m very confident in this work.”

I replied with a proud look on my face.


T/N: –Charl uses attract on wild Ricardo and it’s super effective~!

Demon Lord Brother Lucas uses Protect!!

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2 thoughts on “Chapter 26: Unexpected… (2)

  1. Yeah, that’s what I didn’t like, the prince has already shown he isn’t like the game and so has Howard. It would have been better to have her take more time to get to know him. Also who would agree to marry someone when asked at first introduction.

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