Chapter 69: Prince Aquilesta

[Prince Aquilesta]

There were two pieces of information that I knew about this prince—one that I learned from my junior in my previous life, and the other that I obtained in this life.

That said, my junior’s information was not equal for all of the capture targets. I didn’t even know the names of the characters that weren’t recommended by my junior. In fact, I didn’t even know the prince’s name until Sister Thulite told me about him in history class.

I remembered my Junior’s familiar voice in my head…

“Do you like the Sparkling Prince’s blonde hair?…Not interested at all? Jeez! Senpai, seriously, what do you actually like? Or rather, are you even interested in men!?…Yeah, you’re saying that he’s a Yandere with a black heart and a complicated family situation? That’s right…”

—It’s not enough information! Most of it was just her being unreasonably pissed off.

Seriously, that was it. The package only had a sneak peak, so all I really saw was one person with blonde hair and expensive looking clothes.

Well, that’s why my knowledge of the prince was limited to “black-hearted, rough family situation, and yandere…That’s the worst.

And next, the information I got in this life was…

1. He likes Gabriella.

2. He hates Alice.

………It’s the worst, as expected.

It seems that Gabriella had unknowingly won the prince’s heart without realizing it, right after she entered the school. As expected of the game heroine.

And of course, the fact that he’s hanging out with Gabriella means that she’s been telling him all sorts of things about me.

From what I’ve seen from time to time, ever since she entered the school, Gabriella has been intense, like a villainous daughter, but she seems to be acting more like a young lady (Although, honestly, it’s really only on the level of not being violent or unreasonably abusive).

It seems that she learned a little bit of a lesson because there had only been that one situation in the large dining room where she had gone crazy.

It would have been easier if that idiot had been witnessed by a larger group of people, the momentum would have been reduced and things would have been easier…



I definitely did not want to have anything to do with the prince. I did not want to get involved at all.

That was the truth of the matter.

Because…when I tried saying hello for the first time…

He was just a rude gangster with a pretty face! He looked like he’d had been glaring at me without even saying a single word or my name.

Obsessed with Gabriella and the second in line to the throne? That attitude doesn’t seem very intelligent to me. Seriously, I didn’t want to get involved, so sorry.

Now that I think about it…

I’m not sure if leaving things as they are is a good idea for the future of the family.

I can’t leave this alone. It’s absolutely impossible.

I didn’t have to be on the best terms with him, but if I didn’t at least become a normal friend or clear up any misunderstandings, it could mean trouble in the future.

In the worst case scenario, the slightest mistake could result in a big fuss, such as being judged as a fraud and being expelled, sent to a monastery, or worse, being demoted from the family.

Besides, if the prince, who was assigned to the neutral Platina Ward because he was from the imperial family, avoided or disliked me, it would affect even the children of the neutral party. It was a terrible situation.

It’s more like the Diamante Ward was taking advantage of Gabriella’s rumors to bring me down as a hostile faction rather than believing them. But the neutral faction was different.

It was bad enough that someone from the powerful royal family had hardened their stance and was being followed by them.

Did I want to separate Gabriella from the prince? Or have interactions with the prince?

……Hah~ I want to concentrate on studying magic, but it’s just too much trouble. What’s sad is that I have to cater to the little one’s moods.

Was the only redeeming factor in the faction relationship the acceptance of the kids from the first year Aurum class?

They were beginning to look up to me—who had great magical power, took the initiative to learn, and had probably never messed up since I entered the school—as the leader of the first year Aurum Ward…That was a bit unsettling though, since some of the kids were looking at me with some kind of worshipful way.

As I let out another sigh, I heard the heavy door open with a clatter and Ray-sensei entered the room.

“Good morning, everyone. Let’s get this morning’s homeroom started.”

The voice I had heard over the past two weeks sounded familiar.

In the morning, students attended morning assembly in this classroom.

After that, three of the five major subjects were taught here, and then in the afternoon after lunch, we were transferred to a mobile classroom where we took elective classes in our own specialized classrooms.

Only the magic class was taught every other day, taking the full afternoon.

Looking back on such a schedule, Ray-sensei, who was very excited, opened his mouth.

“The other day, the Headmistress’ new policy was approved at the three-school conference. As a result, starting from the new semester, some classes will be exempted and special research activities will be recommended. The outlines will be handed out now, so those of you who don’t want to fall behind, make sure you study hard! We will be giving tests to anyone who wants them before the winter break, so depending on the results of those tests, you will each have a different schedule starting from the spring.”

The classroom was in a doozy.

Well then…

Wow, it all felt like things were happening much faster than expected.


T/N: Poor Alice just wants to practice some magic, but she has to deal with all these little kids getting in the way, lol.

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