Chapter 71: In the Aides’ Room (1)

Matilda’s POV

“Yulena, Alice-sama’s outfit for tomorrow is ready.”

“Thank you, Matilda. I’ve finished getting the school supplies ready too.”

It was now midnight, a little after bedtime.

“Recently, the headmistress’ new policy was approved at a three-school conference. As a result, some classes will be exempted and special research activities will be recommended from the new semester. Everyone should take this to heart!”

I recalled the words of the teacher at the Venus dormitory.

The notification caused a new wave in life that had finally become peaceful after the entrance ceremony.

Alice-sama, who loves to learn, was overjoyed to hear it and gathered all of her aides at lunchtime and declared,

“I’ve been wanting to study for some time. But I thought it would be difficult for me to do it while I was at Lovaine because I would be busy with basic subjects in the lower grades and making Athame in the upper grades. But the opportunity that I had hoped for has come along. Let’s all pass the five major subjects at any cost! So please make time to do so and support my research as an aide.”

Everyone nodded with motivated faces at the enthusiastic request.

Of course, I was also one of them.


…It’s also true that there weren’t just happy thoughts in my heart.

“Goodnight, Matilda.”

“Good night, Yulena.”

I returned the greeting to Yulena, blew out the candle and crawled into bed.

What came to my mind was the face of Alice-sama, who was probably relaxed and sleeping soundly in the bedroom next door right now.

And there was also Yulena, another female aide.

In the year since I was appointed as an aide, Yulena, Alice-sama, and I had spent a lot of time together.

Throughout that time, I had gradually begun to see the differences between them and myself.

First, Yulena.

This was what I discovered after having Wilhelm practice with us…She was light in body and very good at disguising her presence. Although she was still poorly developed, the way she moved her body in a fluttering dance to avoid the practice swords was a natural gift.

The problem with her delicate body was that she lacked the strength and endurance to attack, but such things could be made up for with weapons and magic.

And in addition, although it was not much, she was beginning to play an active role in the information side of things, taking advantage of her concealable presence, and picking up information about different dorms and classes.

When asked at one of the usual tea parties, Yulena had said “As a female aide, I want to properly protect Alice-sama from bad publicity and violence.”

Even though she was still a child right now, Yulena would surely become one of her most reliable aides when she grows up.

And then there is Alice-sama.

As the fourth daughter of an Earl’s family, I am as different as heaven and earth to a noble person such as Alice-sama, serving as her servant and aide.

She had a wisdom and composure that was hard to imagine for someone her age. On the other hand, she also had an innocent, cute side that loved magic and fun. She was also born with a beautiful coloring and appearance.

Above all, what made Alice-sama shine more than anyone else was her willingness to look straight forward, her eyes twinkling in the direction of her goal and future.

She wants to learn, to know, and to grow stronger.

She wants to protect her family, she wants to protect us, and she wants to be one of the proud  representatives of the Heimer faction.

That kind heart was always making Alice-sama shine brightly.

……When I’m with such straightforward people, I sometimes wonder about myself.

I wonder why I do not have any merits or a large purpose to drive me forward.

…No, it’s not that I have no purpose.

“To become a worthy aide for Alice-sama.”

That is unmistakably my true intention and what I’m aiming for.

But I do not have anything outstanding like Yulena.

I am not able to teach the aides anything like Wilhelm does, nor am I as skilled or dedicated a swordsman for my age as Johann is.

Above all, I was born into a noble family, but I’m not as beautiful, pretty, nor intelligent as Alice-sama.

What is this muddling feeling that I have?

It was an impatient, tearful, and not-so-pretty feeling.

I couldn’t even describe what the emotion was called.


It is an honest fact that I love Alice-sama and all of her aides.

I just want to be useful in any way that I can.


I lightly slapped both cheeks with my hands to regain my spirits.

“…? What’s wrong, Matilda?”

Yulena noticed he small noise and called out to me, concerned.

I smiled a little in return.

“Nah, it’s nothing. Good night.”

“Yeah?…Good night.”

Anyway, my current goal was to be useful to Alice-sama as her aide.

I won’t be able to accomplish that goal in front of me if I get all caught up in my own thoughts.

Don’t let your weaknesses get in the way, Matilda!

So I calmed myself down and went to sleep to prepare for tomorrow.


T/N: Am I the only one who wants to wrap up Matilda in a giant fuzzy blanket and give her cookies?

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  1. Don’t forget about the hot cocoa as well. It always work to me when I present myself with cookies and a hot drink in middle night xD


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