Chapter 27: Unexpected… (3)

“Hmm. A creation you’re confident in, huh?”

My brother looked at me as if he was assessing me.


I was really confident in this creation, so I prepared drinking glasses for the number of people here without worrying about it.

Brother, Ricardo-sama, and myself.

First, I used magic to make ice and filled the glasses.

“So, Lady Charlotte can use magic.” Ricardo-sama said with admiration.

“Yes. I’ve recently learned how to use it.”

“That’s amazing. I wish you could teach me too.”

Ricardo-sama smiled.

“Of course! With pleasure!”

My angel is here!!!

I wanted to scream. I wanted to shout out all the things I loved about Ricardo!

When I replied with all my enthusiasm, my brother gave me a sideways glance.

…I’m sorry.

Let me become air. I am air. Air…

Ricardo-sama, who had been watching our exchange, chuckled.

Ugh…He’s so cool.

But right now, I am air so…I must concentrate on the task at hand.

I quietly continued to make ice for all three drinking glasses.

I wanted Ricardo-sama to say how delicious the drink was!

The conversation continued beside and in front of me.

“So then, Beastmen are unable to use magic?” My brother asked.

“I don’t think we can. At the very least, I am unable to use it.”

Ricardo-sama’s fluffy ears were twitching.

…I want to pet them.

“If it’s okay with you…I can teach you sometime.”

“…Is that really okay?”

Ricardo’s face became brighter.

Agh…My brother’s staring eyes were piercing through me.

…I’m sorry. Becoming air was simply too much for me.

Because I wanted to see him more. I wanted to be useful.

“…Isn’t it okay? Big Brother?” I looked up at my brother and asked him.

The two of us, Ricardo-sama and I, continued to stare at him for several minutes…

…Geez. I can’t tell which one of you is asking…but fine.”

My brother let out a sigh as if he had given up.


I looked at Ricardo-sama while laughing, and he quickly averted his gaze.


My heart ached from the shock of having his eyes turn away from me.

…Perhaps I looked so unladylike that he wanted to look away…

That’s so depressing (cries)

—I regained my composure and filled the three glasses with the undiluted Labelle juice and soda water in the pitcher, one after the other.

Finally, I used a muddler to stir up the inside a bit…

“…It’s finished. Please enjoy it while it’s cold.”

I placed the finished Labelle juice in front of the two of them.

Both my brother and Ricardo looked at the glass intently, as if they had never seen a juice with such a beautiful light purple color before.

Both of them brought the glasses to their mouths with an air of trepidation.

The moment they put it in their mouths…

“This is—!”


My brother’s eyes widened. Ricardo-sama’s ears and tail were upright.

“Oh—!!…It’s delicious..”

“I was surprised at the fizzing in my mouth, but it’s delicious!”

I received a ‘delicious’ from the both of them!

I did it!!

They must have liked it, because they both gulped it all down.

“Lady Charlotte. What is this…?”

Ricardo-sama pointed to the light purple bottle.

“This is a concentrated liquid from the Labelle flowers.”

“Labelle? So they can be liquefied like this?”

“Yes. I tested it and it worked.”

I smiled, and Ricardo-sama smiled back.”

…I’m happy.

The pain in my chest that I had been faking earlier has eased.

“What is this fizzy stuff?”

It’s about the carbonated water, huh?

“Have you ever had a drink like this before?”

“No, I haven’t. How about you, Ricardo?”

“Hmmm. I’ve never had one like it either. It’s different from ale.”


So Ricardo has had ale?

I had some before, but the ale in this world was only fermented and barely carbonated.

Was there no such thing as “carbonation” in this world?

“How did you make this?”

My brother asked me, so I gave him a very simple explanation on how to make carbonated water.

The two people in front of me froze.

…Was it the way I explained it?

I explained that “I dropped a mini thunderbolt into the water.”

“Uh…yeah. Well, I guess it is Charlotte, after all.”

“Oh, I see. So that’s how you made it.”

Huh? Their reaction is a little off, isn’t it?

My brother was laughing wryly along with Ricardo-sama.


Could it be that…I’ve been classified as a stupid child?

And not just by my brother, but even Ricardo-sama—!?”

“I won’t let you guys drink anymore!”

I puffed out my cheeks and turned away with a pout.


I continued to look away from them.

After a while…I heard them whispering to each other behind my back.

What are you guys talking about?

I tried to listen carefully, but I couldn’t hear them.

When I glanced at them, I saw that the one who was supposed to be next to me had now moved to the opposite side of me.

For some reason, right next to me was…Ricardo-sama.


I was so shocked that I thought my heart would stop.

…Ricardo-sama is so close to me.

I forgot that I had been upset and couldn’t stop staring at him.

Even up close, he’s good looking…

I don’t care if it’s a little too much!

I might not ever be able to get this close to him again!!

I continued to stare at Ricardo-sama for a while longer.


T/N: Lol, it’s all over now that they know Charl’s weakness–the fluff!!

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