Chapter 72: In the Aides’ Room (2)

Yulena’s POV

I let out a breath of relief when I heard Matilda begin to breathe calmly in her sleep in the bottom bunk.

Lately, Matilda has been looking somewhat distressed.

This tendency has been observed for about six months since we had become aides and began to practice with Wilhelm.

More often than not, when I thought she was watching my movements and behavior, she would drop her gaze to her own palms and make a dark face.

But even when I asked her about it, she wouldn’t confide in me.

In the year since we started working together as aides, I have benefited a lot from Matilda’s leadership and her attention to detail.

That was why I was so worried about Matilda’s problems.

…No, it’s not just Matilda.

In fact, the same can be said for Johann and Wilhelm.

Johann has a strong personality and doesn’t like to show weakness when he is with us.

Even when Wilhelm knocks him down during training, he stands up silently.

However, there are times when he looks along blankly with a sad expression

And then there’s Wilhelm.

He has barely even lived twice as long as we have, yet due to the influence of the Virgil family, he is very knowledgeable about magic materials, and is a strong swordsman.

But even though he has such a competence as an escort aide, he sometimes gets a certain look…somewhat regretful, as if he is not convinced of something.

Is it about competence, or is it the difference in time spent in contact as an aide?…Or was he imagining someone else as a role model?

In any case, he was looking for something more to do as an aide.

I reported this to Alice-sama and discussed it with her.

Then, Alice-sama seemed to have grasped the situation. She seemed to be convinced by what she heard and was thinking about how to deal with it.

…I have spent the past year in close proximity to Alice-sama, and I have learned that she truly cares and looks out for us.

She understands our situations and has a brilliant mind to think of how to handle them.


Matilda, Johann and Wilhelm.

I’m sure it will all be okay.

With that in mind, I pulled the covers back up and went to sleep.


T/N: Yes, have sweet dreams you adorable child ( ´ ▽ ` ).。o♡

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