Chapter 28: Unexpected… (4)

Ricardo-sama, who was currently sitting right next to me, was…behaving very suspiciously from my perspective.

He opened and closed his mouth several times, until…


What!? It was my nickname.

Ricardo-sama called me ‘Charl’!!!

I opened my eyes wide and looked at Ricardo-sama.

When I looked closely, I could see his ears were quivering.

I’m sorry Ricardo-sama, but you’re just so cute…

Why is he so cute??

When I glanced at my brother, he had a very impersonal smile on his face…He looks happy.

Even without asking, I think that the current situation is probably because of my brother.

He sacrificed Ricardo-sama in order to fix my mood…something like that?

And just as my brother wanted, I was now in a good mood just because Ricardo-sama called my name.

I can’t help it, I love Ricardo-sama.

But still…

Ricardo-sama is a very straightforward person.

At first glance, it’s hard to believe that he’s had a turbulent life.

As a minor character in the game, Ricardo-sama’s background was never really explained, and I had only learned about it after coming to this world, but…

What a surprise! Ricardo-sama was the heir to a ducal family.

He had said he was going to take over the family household, but that was about it.

Ricardo-sama’s mother was the only daughter of the Duke of Aker, and his father was a beastman and the eldest son of a poor Viscount.

His parents, who had been opposed in their marriage, apparently eloped and gave birth to Ricardo-sama. Ricardo-sama was technically a half-beastman. I heard that he could turn into a beast normally, though.

His parents died in an accident when he was ten years old, and until his grandfather, the Duke of Aker, took him in, Ricardo-sama had spent his life in the city, not knowing that he was of noble blood.

After losing his only daughter in the accident, the Duke adopted Ricardo as his own son.

I thought that the Duke would dislike the half-beastman Ricardo, but it was nothing like that at all, and he seemed to be a wonderful grandfather who was a fool for his grandson.

The reason why Ricardo-sama, who lost his parents at an early age, was growing up so gentle and calm was because of the love of his deceased parents and his grandfather. It was probably due to that love, as well as Ricardo-sama’s own efforts.

I love the Ricardo-sama I know now.

…I’m not a stalker, am I?!

“Ricardo-sama. Can I touch your tail?”

When asked suddenly, Ricardo-sama seemed to flinch.


“Is that no good?”

“The tail…is no good.”

With a troubled face, Ricardo-sama held onto his tail.

“…I see.”

Too bad. I really wanted to pet it.

When Ricardo-sama saw my eyes drop, he panicked.

“But if it’s the ears…it’s fine.”

While saying that, he stuck out his head.

Eh!? You’re okay with the ears?!?

“…Is that okay? If you don’t like it, I’ll stop immediately, so please let me know.”

Ugh…Ricardo-sama is so cute it hurts.

I wanted to hug him, so I had to utilize all of my reason to hold myself back.

“I’m gonna touch it, okay?”

With Ricardo-sama nodding his head in acquiescence, I touched his ears.


It’s so fluffy and smooth to the touch.

Ricardo-sama’s ears were much more pleasant to the touch than I had imagined.

The occasional twitching of his ears was also adorable.

Next, I gently touched his hair.

His thin, silky, silver-gray hair was as smooth as silk.

Nudge nudge. Soft. Stroke, stroke, stroke. Fluffy…Happiness on parade!!!

Ricardo-sama looked at me curiously as I was entranced.

“…Is it fun?”

“Yes! I’m very happy!”

“I hope it is…”

Ricardo-sama looked embarrassed, and his face turned a little red, but he let me touch his hair and ears as much as I wanted.

I’m so happy…I’m so glad I was reborn.

For a while, I enjoyed the real Ricardo-sama in the flesh.


“Thank you very much…Would you like to touch me too, Ricardo-sama?” I suggested in return…

“—Charl. You can’t just let someone touch you like that.”

Before Ricardo-sama could reply, my brother interrupted.

Ricardo-sama affirmed my brother’s words, nodding his head in agreement.

“…I didn’t know. It’s not good to ask a non-family member to pat my head?”


I nodded at the two overlapping voices.

“I wanted him to pat me on the head like my brother does, but I will give up.”

It’s a shame, but I guess it can’t be helped.

Well, at least Brother always strokes my head.

“What’s wrong…?”

My brother and Ricardo both looked very confused.

“No, it’s nothing.”

“Yes, it’s nothing. Nothing at all.”

The two of them shook their heads in unison.

The two of them were pretty weird.

I tilted my head.


T/N: Charl! You’re technically an adult still–how can you be so clueless???

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  1. It’s the romance genre, it tends to make the characters loose intelligence and or common sense. In order for the plot to go in certain directions, in my opinion, cause the author can’t or won’t take the time to develop the plot or characters.

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