Chapter 75: Ray-sensei’s Gesture Game

I recalled when the pre-winter break tests were announced…


“The Headmistress’ new policy was recently approved at a three-school conference. As a result, beginning with the new school year, some classes will be exempted and special research activities will be encouraged. The outlines will be distributed in the future, so those of you who don’t want to be late should study hard! We’re going to give tests to anyone who wants them before the winter break, so depending on the results of those tests, you’ll each have a different schedule from the spring.”

I received a paper with a test outline on it and read it.

About the Pre-Winter Break Exam

  • The five major subjects are literature, history, arithmetic, music and magic.
  • The scope of each subject is for one year of each grade.
  • Most of the classes are exempted, but some content is required regardless of the test’s success or failure.
  • Other information about the exam is strictly confidential.


Eh, that’s it?

I wondered about how long it would take, and the testing times for each subject, and so on. There were other things we needed to know, right? That’s the secret.

It seems that I wasn’t the only one who thought that, and the classroom was buzzing.

Even Ray-sensei, who had been vaguely enthused until a moment ago, had a look of ‘oh, that’s right~’ on his face after seeing the reaction. I couldn’t help but raise my hand.

“Archelaus, you are permitted to speak.”

I didn’t like the look on his face with that smirk that seemed to say, “I knew you’d come,” but I’d just ask the question first.

“There is nothing in detail about the test date or anything else…”

“…I can’t answer that question.”

Eh? Don’t tell me this even counts as ‘top secret’??

I didn’t get it.

Ray-sensei was squeezing his eyes shut and making an X around his mouth with both hands. It was a little cute…no wait, this guy is a grown man who dresses up as a woman…

Hmmm. I wonder why…

I’m sure that the school is starting to encourage students to improve their academic performance, in other words, research activities? Why did they implement such an incomprehensible tied-up play, as if the goal was to make this exam fail…?

At any rate, I wasn’t blamed for asking the question itself, so I decided to ask some more questions to determine what could and couldn’t be answered.

“The exam period is…”

“I can’t answer that question.”

“What you need to bring for the exam is…”

“I can’t answer that question.”

“The exam…”

“The answer—cough- cough-

Ray-sensei cleared his throat awkwardly as he refused to say anything yet.

But for some reason, Ray-sensei made a ‘continue’ and a one-handed ‘come on, more’ gesture.

Huh? So then just I’ll ask the questions anyway.

“Um…do we need a quill pen?”

“I can’t answer that question. -cough cough-

“………I see. On what date will the exam take place?”

“I can’t answer that question. -ehem-

“Will the test take a few days?”

“I can’t answer that question. -cough cough-

“…Will there be any practical skills?”

“I can’t answer that question. -cough cough cough cough-”

…Apparently, he couldn’t answer clearly, but he could barely answer yes or no with a tilt of his head.

I didn’t know what that meant, but it didn’t seem to be a joke because the teacher was desperate.

Even the children of Aurum class, who were baffled by the bizarre scene, had an aristocratic instinct that something was going on here.

They all began to face Ray-sensei’s amusing gestures seriously.

“Do I need to prepare my own materials for the practical skills?”

-distressing noises-”

“Is it herbs?”

-After much deliberation, pretending not to know-

“Is it a magic stone?”

-cough cough-

“So what about music? Do we need any practical skills?”

-cough cough cough cough-

Oh…… Yes, there’s usually a practical skills portion, isn’t there?

“Do you use an instrument for your music practicals?”

-Pretending not to know-

“Hmm…do you use vocal music?”

-cough cough-

I see, I didn’t know about the instrument, but there was a good chance that there would be a singing test.

“At the very least, is there anything else I need to ask you about?”

“….-after much though, pretending not to know-”

“Thank you, Ray-sensei.”

When I thanked him and sat down, Ray-sensei also opened his mouth with an exhale.

The students also huffed out their breaths that had been stuffed with the sudden information warfare.


Ray-sensei seemed to want us to pass properly, and he even wanted us to take a lot of elective classes in the first place.

But it was as if something was watching us…as if we were being sabotaged. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been communicating in such a nonsensical way.

Those things didn’t make sense at that moment, but…

Now I had one theory about it.


T/N: Okay, who else here loves Ray-sensei?…..-cough cough cough cough- 。゚(TヮT)゚。

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