Chapter 29: Unexpected… (5)

Brother coughed lightly and cleared his throat

“The Labelle juice was delicious, but did you have something else on your mind?”

He changed the subject.

I didn’t have any objections, so I decided not to comment.

“Yes, I do. I’m thinking of using Sheelah and Suuri flowers to make other juices in the same way.”

Sheelah, a white flower that tastes like apples, and Suuri, which tastes like strawberries. Both flowers were as sweet and delicious as the Labelles.

“Hmm…Sheelah and Suuri. I used to eat those flowers a lot when I was little.”

Ricardo-sama seemed to be interested.

“Ultimately, I want to make liquor with the Labelle, Sheelah and Suuri flowers.”

My brother nodded his head in agreement with my words, as if convinced.

“I’m sure there will be plenty of demand for liquor with the flavor of this Labelle juice. The ladies in particular would love it.”

What I want to do is to spread the word about the alcohol that I find delicious.

I want to make it something that can be enjoyed by all kinds of people, not just the nobility.

“New juices and liquors…”

Ricardo-sama put his hand on his chin and muttered to himself.

“What is it?”

“I was wondering if I could borrow Lady Charlotte’s help in making the best use of the many Sheelahs that grow in the Aker territory.”

Oh, he changed my name back from ‘Charl’ to ‘Lady Charlotte.’

It’s a shame, of course, but…

“Ricardo’s territory is famous for candied Sheelah, right?” (Lucas)

“Yes, but sales have been declining. I’ve been trying to think of something else we can make.”

“I see. Well, it’s the same with the Avi family.”

It seems that every heir has their own problems.

“…I’m always willing to help if you’d like.” I tell my brother and Ricardo-sama.

If both the Duchy of Avi and the Duchy of Aker can prosper together, then that’s the best thing…can I be useful?

“Then, Ricardo’s territory could be in charge of Sheelah juice and liquor production methods and rights. And the Avi territory could be in charge of the Labelle/Suuri juice and liquor production  methods and rights.”

Ricardo-sama nodded widely at Brother’s suggestion.

“Charlotte. Can you give us the rights?”

I nodded widely at his words.

“Oh, wait a minute!”

“What’s wrong?”

“I haven’t tried the Sheelah and Suuri juice yet, it is really okay to decide before we taste it?”

Taste is important, isn’t it?

“Hmm, I wasn’t worried about that part.”

My brother smiled.


“Charl wouldn’t compromise when it comes to alcohol, right?”

My brother’s eyes narrowed as he smiled.

As expected of my brother. He understands me. There is no doubt that I would want to make something delicious.

But is this really okay…?

I feel like I’ve been put under a lot of pressure…

That aside…

“What about you, Ricardo-sama? Do you want to try the Sheelah juice? I can prepare it for you.”

“No, I think I’m fine as well. I mean, I hope you’ll let me have some the next time we meet.”

Ricardo-sama smiled softly and gently.

Next time!!!

Ricardo-sama promised me the ‘next’ time!!!

The sound of trumpets echoed in my head.

I mentally replayed Ricardo-sama’s words over and over again and rejoiced.

I remained silent and held back my happiness.

“…Huh? You were going to teach me how to use magic, right?”

Ricardo-sama started to look confused.

Ah…I’ve embarrassed myself.

“I’m sorry. I was just so happy…”

I poked my tongue out, looking up at him.


Ricardo-sama froze and turned bright red.


“Charl is such a tease, isn’t she?”

My brother was chuckling.

Am I being coy?

When I tilted my head to the side, Ricardo-sama became even redder.

“Too much…it’s too cute…”

Ricardo-sama muttered to himself while holding his mouth, but I couldn’t hear what it was.


“What is it, Brother?”

Brother beckoned to me, so I got up from my chair and went to the front seat.

“Sit here?”

He smiled and pointed to the top of his lap.


In front of Ricardo-sama?

Like such a child—!!

“Do you hate it?”

His eyes narrowed as he smiled.

Brother…That face is so scary.

I gave up and sat sideways on my brother’s lap.

“It’s probably heavy.”

“Charl is not heavy.”

In that moment, I felt him hug me tightly around my waist.

…Huh? Is it my imagination?


Brother was looking at Ricardo-sama with a smile.

Ricardo-sama just laughed without saying anything.

Huh? What’s with this atmosphere…?

I tilted my head.

“Lady Charlotte. What are your plans in a week from now?”

Ricardo-sama stood up from his chair as he asked that.

“I will be investigating the dungeon again starting tomorrow so…I think I’ll be free at that time if nothing comes up.”

“In that case, I’ll be back on that day…I look forward to seeing you again.”

Ricardo-sama said that as he gently patted my head.


He looked at me as I turned bright red.

“See you later, Lucas.”

With that, Ricardo-sama left as he was.

My brother and I were left behind.

Ricardo-sama patted my head!!!

He said he would come back in a week!

I hugged my brother in high spirits.

“Brother! Thank you so much for letting me see Ricardo-sama today.”

“Yeah. I’m glad that Charl was happy.”

He gently stroked my head again and again as he said that.

Even so, I would still regret this day.

At that time, I did not realize it as I was hugging him. I had no knowledge of what kind of expression my brother had on his face…

No, I should have noticed—!

I would have to stopped him with all my might.

If I had done so back then…then it wouldn’t have happened…

On this day, the strongest Demon Lord Lucas had descended.


T/N: Okay, Big Brother is getting a little bit too overprotective, isn’t he? Hahaha

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