Chapter 30: You’ve Got it All Wrong!!

Hello. I’m Charlotte Avi.

The official way to pronounce the ‘Vi’ in Avi is to bite your tongue a little before you say it.

Now try it, everyone…


Were you able to say it?

Then let’s try it again…!


Let’s try saying it slowly this time!


“…What are you doing? Charlotte.”

What do you mean….escaping from reality–Huh? Brother?

“I was just thinking about something.”

It was a complete change from yesterday’s happy time with Ricardo-sama.

“Are you okay with going into the dungeon from now on?”

It’s your fault for standing next to me!!

…I wanted to shout that out loud.

Why are you here? Howard.

“Because His Highness Chris is on official business today, I will be taking his place.”

No, no, no! You should go be on official business with Chris-sama!

I kept shouting outrageous things in my mind that I could not express outwardly.

I kept them in my mind because…after all, I was still a Duke’s daughter…

Sometimes…or rather, more often than not, I usually forget that.

I used to be able to do it quite well both outside and inside, but after I got my memories of ‘Izumi,’ I started to lose my control.

I’ve been spending more and more time with my brother, and it’s my fault for not stopping unless he says ‘stop…’

I’m not sure if it’s my fault or my brother’s fault for leaving me alone…

I was disappointed from the bottom of my heart at Howard’s glaring and combative spirit.

Things would be so peaceful without Howard…

“Thank you very much. Howard-sama, can you please talk to me normally like you would talk to my brother?”

I pushed down my disgusted feelings with a smile.

…I wasn’t comfortable with overly polite language.

“Yeah? That would be helpful.”

Howard smiled back at me.

It appears that his fresh knightly facade had come off.


It’s better if you just smile honestly like that.

About the ‘muscle dog’ thing from the game, Howard was a foolishly simple character. He was energetic and affectionate, and in times of need, he would put his body on the line to help out. He was the son of the knight captain, and he continued to work hard to improve himself even under the strict scrutiny of his seniors.

That was where Howard’s popularity came from.

There was also a cute gap between the Howard who was foolishly simple, and the Howard who had a serious face when undergoing troubles. He was a refreshingly handsome guy (tentatively).

I didn’t hate him when I was ‘Izumi.’


Howard had the role of taking Charlotte to the top of the execution stand during the time of her condemnation.

With that in mind, I naturally wanted to refrain from approaching him…

I haven’t had anything to do with him up until it now.

…And I won’t in the future, okay?

When someone sees a policeman, they feel like they want to run away even if they haven’t done anything…I think it’s something like that.

“Lady Charlotte. Let’s compete to see how many demon beasts we can defeat!”

Hey! Hold on a second, you ‘muscle dog’!!!

“Howard-sama. We are here on a research mission, aren’t we?”

“Yes. Can’t we do that while we investigate?”

“I am not a vanguard, but a rearguard for back-up aid, you know?”

“You can fight from the rearguard!”

“I don’t generally get involved in combat, do I?”

“Don’t worry. I’ll protect you!”

…I can’t take it anymore. This idiot.

Why are you so persistent!?!

I should have never let him take off his knightly facade!

“Big Brother!!”

I cried out to my brother and hid behind his back.

Do something about this idiot.

“Howard, calm down.” My brother said with a bitter smile.

“Let’s compete, Lucas!”

Howard remained giddy and excited.

Listen to him!!

“Howard. I’ll tell Commander Kyle if you don’t.”

Big Brother smiled happily.

I felt chills run down my spine.

Oh…D-Did Brother finally snap?

“It was my and my father’s intent to keep Charlotte in the rearguard as back-up. If you ignore that and try to put Charlotte in danger…”

With a cold smile, Demon Lord Lucas had descended!!!

Demon Lord Lucas! You’re so cool!!

“I understand…I’m sorry! Don’t be angry!”

Howard raised the white flag.

Demon Lord Lucas, you’re the best!

“Don’t apologize to me, apologize to Charlotte.”

“I understand, so just stop making that face!”

When I glanced up at my brother behind my back, I was met with his kind eyes.

“It’s okay now.”

With that said, he patted me on the head.


“I love you, Big Brother.”

I clung to him tightly.

After looking surprised for a moment, Brother softened and smiled a devastatingly sweet smile.

…!!! A handsome man attack!?!

I, who was not immune to this, turned bright red.

“Hey…The idiot siblings over there.”

What do you mean ‘idiot siblings’!?

You’re just a ‘muscle dog’!!

I looked at Howard with a dumbfounded expression on my face and glared at him.

“I’m not trying to get in between you siblings. I mean…I’m sorry. It’s a bad habit of mine to lose sight of my surroundings.”

Howard bowed his head and apologized.

“…It’s okay. I accept your apology.”

I couldn’t say anything back when he was apologizing so honestly.

“Since Father and the others seem to be ready, let’s start the investigation. Today we’ll be starting from the 6th dungeon level, so it might be dangerous. Let’s look after each other.”

With that, I let out a sigh and held out my hand to Howard.

It was my biggest concession.

A handshake of reconciliation.

“Lady Charlotte…”

Howard gazed at my hand and his eyes teared up as if he was impressed.


Did I trigger some kind of weird switch…?

Howard clasped my outstretched my hand with both of his…

“…Pl-Please be my little sister!”

He shouted that out with tears streaming down his face.

What the hell!?!


T/N: Lmao, is this story gonna end up as a sis-con harem? Other than Ricardo of course!

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