Chapter 79: The Golden Wolf Tribe and Black Cat Tribe Joining Forces

Ivan’s POV

While suppressing my heaving chest from the sudden and overly happy event, I rushed over towards my friends.

When I popped into the Platina class, I found my fellow first year beastmen friends all hanging out.

“Ivan. What’s up with you being in such a hurry?”

My childhood friend, Fredge, called out to me. (***T/N: Fredge’s name might sound similar to “Fred,” however, the name “Fredge” is actually the more accurate translation because the Japanese spelling for “Fred” is different from what is used here. For that reason, I chose to stick with “Fredge” as his name. Other name options also include “Frege” or “Fredge” or “Frej”)

Fredge was from the Gold Wolf tribe. He has good ears, so he probably knew I was coming.

(***NOTE: At first it was unclear to me whether Fredge was a boy or a girl. Based on some of the raw manga pictures and covers, Fredge kind of looks like a girl, but in japanese, he refers to himself using “boku” which is normally used by young boys. Because of that, I will be referring to him as a boy until learning otherwise!)

A friend of the Golden Wolf Tribe who was with Fredge and another who was from the Black Cat tribe, also looked at me with a puzzled look.

“A-Ah, I’ve been talking to Alice-sama in person…! And we’re going to be able to study together!!”

“What!? How did that happen all of a sudden?!”

It was understandable that Fredge was surprised. Normally, it was not every day that the Marquis family, who had no contact with Barons, would suddenly become close with us.

“No…I was watching to see if there was any chance to talk to her…but her aides didn’t like the way I was talking to her. I was glaring—no, I was just staring at her.”

“No, what were you doing!? What were you even doing there!?”

Fredge screamed and flattened his ears.

The rumors about Alice-sama that circulate in Platina class are not very good, such as her being arrogant or ruthless. No wonder he reacted the way he did.

Well, I didn’t think it was true though.

I had happened to see the smile she directed at her aides and friends at a close distance, and it was a very warm expression. On top of that, I didn’t smell the scent of a nasty person doing bad things, which was common among the nobility.

“Well, listen. At that moment, lo and behold, Alice-sama pulled a prank on me! At first I thought it was an aide who did it, so I raised my voice…”

Hearing my words, my fellow beastman screamed. I wonder if he was that scared of Alice-sama.

However, the words I continued to say changed his reaction.

“I was the one who was rude to her by giving her a rude look first, and yet…Alice-sama immediately apologized to me.  She was smiling and cute and…hehehe, but still, she was amazing and friendly!”

I spoke at once, excitedly. Fredge and the others heaved a sigh of relief as they put their twitching ears and tails back together.

“Haha. I’m glad she was more generous than the rumors say. So how did you end up deciding to study together?”

“Oh. Apparently, they thought I was watching what was going on because I wanted to join the study. She invited me to join her on the spot and also invited my friends to join…which means you guys are invited to join her too!”

I clenched my fists and spoke with my cheeks upturned.

I could see the rest of the guys in the class staring at me, but I couldn’t stop myself from speaking out loud in excitement. I was so surprised that my fellow students almost fell over at the content.

“Wha-what!? We are!? I’d be surprised if it was just Fredge and Ivan from the Evening Dormitory, but do you mean us from the Knight’s Dormitory too?!”

“Yes! Alice-sama said to invite my friends, and that means all of you. If you’re lucky, you might be picked as an aide to Alice-sama and her friends!”

When I said that, everyone stood up in unison and began to get excited.

“Whoa! Let’s go, let’s go!!”

“As expected of Ivan-sama!”

“Hey, go get the guys back in the dorms!”

“Hey man, don’t sleep around! Wake up!”

“Move out! It’s a career path! We’re getting closer to the Marquis!”

Each of my friends shouted like that and began to move around in a flurry of activity. Together with them, I triumphantly turned back to the schoolyard where Alice-sama was waiting and started running.

…Without even noticing a certain person who was staring at our backs.

[Original Author’s Note]: Ivan’s friends are now here. He was so excited that he didn’t even realize how much of a loud advertising billboard he was.


T/N: Hahaha, Alice is going to grow her own Beastmen Fanclub. Here is another picture of them from one of the book covers:

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  1. What the author probably by Frej was Frey. It’s probably because Freyr and Freya, the Norse god, is often depicted as a wolf-kin in manga/light novels.


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