Chapter 33: Dungeon (2-3)

Dungeon 2 part 3

The current location was the seventh dungeon level.

“Looks like the two of you have gotten really close during the time I was away, huh?”

My brother was staring at me. Specifically, he was staring at my hand.

Howard and I were holding hands.

“Lady Charlotte said that it was okay to call me ‘big brother’ sometimes!”

Howard was rejoicing in high spirits.

The dislike I had felt towards Howard had mysteriously disappeared. Rather, his likability was now increasing.

“Charl…did you really say that?”

“Yes. I am very grateful to Howard-sama for his help, so I’m willing to do at least this much if it makes him happy.” I said with a smile.

My brother still had a strange, uncertain look on his face.


“What is it?”

“In that case, can I tell Ricardo about this?”

My brother pointed to my and Howards’ hands which were still connected.

“Why…? We are like brother and sister so…


But aren’t Howard and I like strangers…?


It’s weird that we’re holding hands!

I quickly shake off Howard’s hand.

“Oh, Brother! It’s a misunderstanding! Ricardo-sama doesn’t have to—!”

I was in a panic.

I’m glad. I’m glad he woke me up from that strange dream…

My brother finally smiled like usual.

“Huh? Is there a problem, Lady Charlotte?”

Howard raised his eyebrows in confusion.

“I guess she woke up. That sure was a fleeting dream you had, huh Howard?”

My brother narrowed his eyes and twisted his mouth as he hit Howard on the shoulder.

I really don’t know what got into me…

If it wasn’t for Brother…I feel like I would have made a lot more mistakes.

I thought about it for a while, and then I remembered something.

Ah…I see.

It was the ‘suspension bridge effect.’

A psychological effect that makes it easier to develop romantic feelings for someone who has experienced fear or anxiety along with you.

I didn’t have any romantic feelings for Howard, but I did instantly forgive him for what he did to me.

…That was a close one. I could have been fooled.

I hugged my brother.

“Brother. Thank you for waking me up!”

“It’s because it wasn’t normal for Charlotte to be so obedient with Howard.”

Out of the corner of my eye, I could see a shocked Howard…but I decided not to worry about it.

I don’t know if the suspension bridge effect was still in effect, but there was no feeling of disgust or rejection.

Still, I just don’t want to get close to him, so I won’t. That’s all.


“Well…now that Charlotte is back to normal, it time to get back to reality.”


We were currently surrounded by a super strong barrier.

I’ll say it once more, because it’s important.

“Our surroundings are protected by a super-powerful barrier.”

Why is that?


I yelled loudly.

What is this scene that looks the same as the fifth dungeon level!?

It was like that time when the number of enemies kept increasing, and carnivorous plants were dancing around our barrier.

Right in front of me was a “Killer Plant (Revised)” (***T/N: The “Revised” part can also mean “modified” or the “new version.” Kind of like how we would name something Version “2.0”)

I wonder who named it “Revised”…?

It’s a name that made it sound like some kind of robot.

Painful adults can really be fond everywhere…

—But that’s not the point!

The Killer Plant (Revised) was the evolution of the Killer Plant.

Killer Plants were nasty demon beasts that swallowed their prey and dissolved them in their own digestive juices. They used a seed machine gun and if they were attacked poorly, they would split up and start moving.

When they evolved and got the “Revised” added to their name, the killer plants, which had once moved individually, would suddenly become as intelligent as infants and begin acting in groups. They would also begin to use magic such as ‘confusion’ and ‘hallucination,’ making them even more troublesome.

Right before my eyes, a surreal scene was unfolding, as ‘killer plants (revised)’ began dancing around like some kind of pantomime.

The increase in the number of Killer Plants (Revised) was, once again, the work of Father and the others.

This time, they had let us know in advance that they wanted to collect magic stones, probably because of my previous punishment.

My brother and I had agreed to it.

…But that was on the condition that they would not go overboard and practice in moderation.

This was even more than last time…it was beyond that time on the jungle level.

They couldn’t even endure it for one week!!

Did they not even reflect on their actions!?

Do you want to be scorched again?

…Or would you rather be baked and seared?


Or even better, do you want me to drop down a meteorite on it and make everything disappear in an unpredictable natural phenomenon?

“…Charlotte. Your face is scary.”

“Lucas…there are two Lucas’s!”

It’s Demon Lord Lucas!!

His face is scary to begin with!

It was all because of the adults.

“Brother. I’m nearly at the end of my patience…”

Adults who never learn.

No…even if they do learn, it might still end up the same.

“Yeah. I thought so.”

“Can I kill them?”

“No, don’t kill them. Just do enough to keep them alive.”

My older brother’s eyes were not smiling as he happily cautioned me.

“The rearguard…Lady Charlotte is going to attack?”

Howard’s eyes sparkled with happiness as he looked at me.

“Yes, since I don’t have any other choice.”

I smiled and nodded.

As I was doing this, the killer plant (revised) started to play ‘Daruma-san ga Koronda’*** (***T/N: This is basically a japanese version of the game ‘red light green light’ with a few minor differences)

“I cut it!—Not!”

The killer plant (revised) ran away in pieces.

I thought it was a little cute…

However…I decided to close my heart and eradicate it!

It may look cute, but it’s still a dangerous demon beast.

How should I attack this time?

It was a plant-based demon beast, so I could probably use the same flames as last time.

But doing that wouldn’t punish Father and the others, would it?

Yeah. Doing the same thing is boring.

I would have to make them reflect on their actions.

Okay…let’s go with that this time!

I smirked.


T/N: Pandora’s box is about to be opened!

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