Chapter 81: The Beast-Children Introduce Themselves

Brother Will, who collapsed, was mumbling with a disappointed forward slump saying, “The only other people I could count on are those guys and…no, he’s been busy lately, and that guy…is busy right now, and I don’t want to ask him to do it”—so I decided to leave it at that.

In the meantime, I turned to Laurier-sama and Letitia-sama.

My misleading words had led to this unexpected turn of events. If the two of them couldn’t concentrate on their studies because of this, it would be a disaster. I felt really sorry.

“Well, Laurier-sama, Leticia-sama…The environment in which you can concentrate on your studies…it will be prepared by me at……?”

When I looked over, the two of them were staring at the beast-children with fluffy and exuberant expressions on their faces.

Laurier-sama towards the Golden Wolf Tribe.

Letitia-sama towards the Black Cat Tribe.

……I see. They are divided into dog-loving and cat-loving groups.

Everyone is being more accepted—or rather welcomed, than I expected. If that’s the case, we’ll be studying together…for now, we should introduce ourselves.

“Ivan-sama, Fredge-sama. Would you please introduce everyone?”

They said ‘Yes!’ And with that cheerful reply, the introduction began.

“Everyone salute!”

As Ivan-sama said this, the Black Cat Tribe members all knelt down in unison with fluid movements.

“This is my aide, Eugene. Beside him are Tiza, Olga, Karina, Sage, Furuda and Nirufa.”

When they were introduced, they concluded by saying their names one after the other, saying that they were looking forward to working with us. They really were a diverse group.

Eugene was a boy with the twinkly eyes who was smug about his 31 points.

Tiza was a boy who raised his hand in an energetic manner. Beside him was Olga, an equally energetic girl with a curly perm.

Karina had brown hair, Sage had her long hair tied up together, and Furuda and Nirufa were twin girls who were white cats. By the way, these fluffy twins were the ones who forgot to write their names on the test.

…It’s going to take me a while to remember all of them. I’ll take a note of it later.

Following that, the Golden Wolf Tribe knelt down at Fredge-sama’s voice.

“This is my aide, Volya. Next to him are Judith, Lucia, Faneer, and Lansley.”

‘We also look forward to working with you!’—they said energetically.

So Volya is the boy with droopy ears, Judith is the cheerful girl with the exceptionally bushy tail, Lucia is the child who scored the highest with 47 points, Faneer is the boy who always looks sleepy, and Lansley is the boy with the, uh…A child with the…

Eugene (top) and Volya (bottom)

I’m not sure why they were looking at me with such expectant eyes, but I’d be sure to give them my regards. When I looked back at Brother Will, who seemed to have finally recovered, he cleared his throat and began speaking me.

“Well, our goal is not just to study, but to make sure that they all pass the pre-winter vacation test in all subjects, so that they can be exempted from classes next term…However, it might be better for them to take classes for the whole year and study and review after school to solidify the basics rather than cramming too quickly.”

The first half is for them and the second half is for me. It was a perfectly legitimate opinion.

Laurier-sama and Letitia-sama seemed happy to see the beast-children and were itching to play with them.

And because I had been asked by Headmistress Ortensia to enlighten others, I wanted to take care of them. I wanted to take care of those who were not good at studying. However, it seemed impossible for me to prepare them for everything at such a high speed.

But even so, the beast-children seemed to want to join our circle. Their tails were swishing and wagging around.

Yup. Let’s go with that route.

“I agree with you. In that case, I think their teacher should be different from Brother Will who is in charge of preparation. Please go and find someone suitable for the role.”

Smiling, Brother Will coughed for a moment and then reverently said, “Leave it to me.”

I’m sorry, Brother Will. I’m counting on you!


T/N: Here’s a picture I found from the manga. Some more of the beast-children:

Such fluffiness~

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