Chapter 34: Dungeon (2-4)

Dungeon 2 part 4

I placed my brother and Howard inside the super-strong barrier, before exiting it myself.

As a precaution, I put the same barrier around my body the moment I left.

With this, I’m safe. No attack will work on me!

Hurray for cheats!

As I began to walk alone, the ‘Killer Plants (Revised)’ started to swarm around me.

“Will you please step aside?”

I smiled at the Killer Plants (Revised) and they all began to shake before backing away.

…What’s with that?

Just like Moses of the Ten Commandments***, I passed right through the killer plants (revised). I moved in this way and arrived at the vanguard where Fathers and the others were. (***T/N: the Ten Commandments part is referring to the story of when Moses crossed the sea after it split in two)

It seemed that nobody was injured, because they were fighting with a good amount of barriers and defenses. I was glad to see that.

It was a good thing that they were not injured, because a cut or other injuries could have killed them.


When I called out to him from behind, I could see that all the members of the Leah were visibly frightened.

Wh-What is it? Ch-Charlotte, you can just rest in the back, okay?”

“Pandora…the box—it’s going to open!”

My father and the Leah were in a panic.

Don’t call me Pandora’s Box!!!

“You broke your promise, didn’t you?”

My father’s face, which was looking at me, was gradually turning pale.

“N-no…this is…I was planning to finish it the moment you came!”

“I don’t want to hear your excuses. I want you to reflect on what you’ve done, okay?”

I smiled.


My father was saying something, but I ignored it.

I let an image build up in my mind.

“Ah, please calm down!! Charlotte! L-Lucas…help—!”

I pictured it in my head. The frigid North Pole (the Arctic).

An image of a raging blizzard, and so extremely cold that everything freezes in place. A world where death awaited just around the corner.

“…[Blizzard]” The image solidified, and I held up my right hand and muttered the spell.

-Bwoooooo! Hyooooooooo!!!-

In an instant, the sixth dungeon level turned into a world of ice.

A blizzard blew in, and the Killer Plants (Revised), which were moving all about the dungeon floor, froze in the blink of an eye.

Apparently, plant demon beasts are weak against ice as well.

Ice statues of the Killer Plants (Revised) were scattered here and there.

Oh…it’s so cold!! Ch-Char-Charlotte!!”

“L-La…Lady Charlotte!!”

Father and the others were freezing, all covered in snow, shivering and chattering.

It was only a matter of time before Father and the others became ice statues.

“Have your heads cooled down enough?”

The adults nodded their heads up and down.

Their hair, eyelashes, and even their runny noses were icy.

…That’s gross.

I lowered my right hand to release the blizzard.

While the adults we’re relieved to be out of the cold, I began imaging my next magic spell.

Next would be wind. A strong wind that gusted out from below.


I muttered out the spell, and at the same time, a strong wind blew up from below.

The strong wind easily lifted the ‘killer plant (revised)’ ice statues.

All of the ice statues were lifted up to the ceiling level.

When they were several dozen meters high, the wind magic deactivated. Then, the ice statues, which were no longer supported by the wind, could not withstand the gravity and fell one after another.

-Crash! Smash!-

The Killer Plants (Revised) were all crushed and shattered by the fall.

My father and the other adults just stared at this scene in amazement.

Do you understand now what I was trying to do?

“If you don’t want this to happen again, will you please learn to do better?”

I tilted my head to the side and smiled.

“I’m very sorry!!!!”

The adults all got down on their knees at the same time.

There was no point in them getting down on their knees if they did not reflect on it.

“Don’t ever do this again, okay?”


How could the adults even get angry with a child? It was because of these adults, that we were only able to get two floors done in a day.

I exhaled a deep sigh.

That’s enough. Let’s just clean up and go home.

“[Fire]” I muttered, and vaporized the ice chunks and pieces of the Killer Plants (Revised).

All that remained were numerous yellow-green magic stones.

I left it to Father and the others to pick them up.

When I turned my heels and returned back, my brother and Howard were approaching.

“Thanks for the hard work. You did a great job today.”

“I’m really tired…”


“Lady Charlotte’s power is…off the charts, isn’t it?”

Howard was stiff as if he was afraid.

According to my brother, Howard, who had been watching my attack, was stunned and dumbfounded the entire time, and all he could say was things like, ‘That’s impossible,’ or ‘Seriously…’ or ‘How terrifying…’

“Shall we make it a competition?”

“Ah, no, no, no, it’s fine!!”

When I tried to make a suggestion, he rejected it with all his might.


I wonder if this means that he won’t get involved with me anymore than he has to.

“Is that okay? You were so insistent and concerned about my strength before.”

“I’m sorry! Please forget all about it!!”

Even Howard was about to get down on his knees.


I did it! Howard has been avoided!!!

“…Brother Howard?”

I was going to play with Howard as much as I could to get back at him for everything he had done.


Kukuku, he’s in a panic.

“Howard-sama said he wanted me to call him that, didn’t he?”

I looked upwards and deliberately made a sad face.

“Charlotte-sama! I’m so sorry!”


Eh? Isn’t this going in a strange direction?

“I apologize for everything I’ve done so far! So…please! Please………Make me your disciple!!”

Howard got down on his knees with both hands on the ground.


“No! I can’t do that!”

“Don’t say that!”

Howard clings to my knees and squirms around.

“No, no no!”

I shake him off and start running.

“Please!! Master!!”

Howard was chasing after me with all his might.

“Don’t follow me!”

Howard and I were running around the dungeon on the sixth dungeon level while the adults were impatiently collecting the magic stones.

“Charlotte is a dummy.” My brother chuckled happily.


…I’m almost at the end of my strength.

I’m being overtaken!

“No way!!!”

How did this happen!?!

I truly regretted my carelessness today.

As I thought, I still hate Howard!

Thus ended my second dungeon investigation.


T/N: Hahaha, between Chris, and Howard, Charlotte now has a doting older brother (pending) and a worshipful disciple (pending?). Add in sis-con Lucas and Ricardo, and we’ll have the whole box set.

Here’s a picture I found from the manga (〃^▽^〃)

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  1. “In an instant, the sixth dungeon level turned into a world of ice.”

    I thought from the previous chapter they were on the seventh dungeon level?


    1. Yeah, I was confused about that too, but I’ve checked multiple times and it is not a translation error. Roku = 6 and Nana = 7, so it might be a slight mistake by the author, or it might be that way for a reason we don’t know about yet.

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