Chapter 82: ‘Good Child, Good Child’ Reward

(***T/N: The term used in the title is ‘īkoīko’ which means “good child, good child”—like a phrase you would say when patting someone’s head to praise them. Translation also calls it a ‘good child, good child’ special, but it’s really more like a ‘good child, good child’ reward which makes more sense in english)

It’s been two weeks since I accepted the beast-children.

-Crunch, crunch-…

“Here’s how to do this…and this is the application of this…”

“Hmmmmm, Hmmm. Oh, I get it!”

-Snore…drool drool-

-Crunch, munch, crunch-

The study room was filled with a wide variety of sounds.

Some of the sounds…were not from studying—or rather, sounds of eating and sleeping were mixed in, but the little ones were generally studying diligently.

The whispering voices of the beastman Yusef-sama and the human Legion-sama, friends of Brother Will who came to help instruct us, echoed about along with Brother Will’s voice.

Legion (left) and Yusef (right)

I was overseeing Leticia-sama’s mock exams while I completed my own self-imposed boot camp assignment.

“……Okay! Alice-sama, I’m done!”

Leticia-sama, who looked over at me with a smile on her face, made a cheer.

“Good job! Now then, I will score it.”

I received the answer sheets and scored them against the answer sheets I had prepared.

The percentage of correct answers was in the 70% range.

“It’s amazing, Leticia-sama. It’s only been two weeks since we started preparing for the test, and you’ve already gotten so many correct answers.”

When I praised her, Leticia-sama’s cheeks flushed and she giggled.

“I’m sure it’s because Alice-sama’s teaching skills are very good! I’ve never made such progress in my studies before.”

“No, no, it is due to Letitia-sama’s hard work. You are especially good at literature, music and history. You are also getting better at arithmetic, which you had trouble with before.”

In fact, Letitia-sama was quite good at those subjects. Perhaps she specialized in liberal arts.

On the contrary, she seems to be bad at arithmetic, but after I remembered the arithmetic lessons from my previous life and rearranged and retaught her from addition and subtraction, she was able to over half of them correct.

Originally, this test was only at the first grade level. There was not as much to learn as in modern Japan, and if one worked as if they were in an intensive cram school course, they should be able to manage their goal.


I gently stroked Letitia-sama’s head on her cherry-colored hair and praised her. Letitia-sama giggled and fluttered like a little squirrel. It was really cute.

When I felt eyes on me and looked to the side, I saw Laurier-sama staring at me with cool eyes.

Hmm? When I tilted my head at her, Laurier-sama, who was expressionless, slid her own self-graded mock test paper over to me.

“Wow! Laurier-sama, a score of 90 is amazing!”

When Leticia-sama saw Laurier-sama’s score, she widened her eyes and exclaimed in admiration. I also smiled and clapped my hands with a smile.

“Amazing, Laurier-sama! History was your most difficult subject, but almost all of your answers are correct!”

I praised her for doing so, but Laurier-sama kept on staring at me without moving.

This is, without a doubt……You’re waiting for it, aren’t you?

When I gently reached out and stroked Laurier-sama’s head, her cheeks turned pink.

…This is where I would fall in love with if I were a man. It’s the perfect example of gap moe.

As I was enjoying the harem of young girls, I heard a thump and kick from a chair of someone getting up. Ivan-sama was approaching me.

He had an answer sheet in hand and was looking at me with sparkling obsidian eyes, however, his score was…

50 points. Umm…

“Ivan-sama, your score has increased!”

I was a little torn, but I decided to smile and praise him.

It was still pretty far from a passing score, but I was an advocate of positive reinforcement. (***T/N: Translation was something like “advocate of praise and development” but I felt that “positive reinforcement” was better)

When I patted Ivan-sama’s head (and also his cat ears in doing so), he started to turn red and made a mysterious “fu-nyuu~” sound while his expression melted.

Ufufu…I’ve been petting all sorts of cats from my previous life for 20 years. Just watch what my golden hands can do.

While I was fangirling over the flustered Ivan-sama, I became startled at multiple loud voices yelling “Ahhhhh!!” and my hand stopped in surprise.

What’s going on?! When I turned around, I saw that some beast-children stood up in unison and began to run towards me.

“Ivan-sama, how sneaky! Me too! I want to get stroked too!”

“Me too!”

“That’s not fair.”

“What is it? Snacks?”

“Pet me too.”

“Oh, okay—hyaa, awawah!”

As soon as I said ‘okay,’ the rest of the children who had been sitting there, stood up and began rushing in.

“Haha, Alice is completely buried.”

“She’s incredibly popular…”

Brother Will was casually observing the situation, and Legion-sama was looking at me as if he was impressed by something.

“Hey, go back to your seats, you guys!”

Only the flustered Yusef-sama was trying to stop the beast-children. However, even though I was being smooshed and flattened, I told him that it was okay because I welcomed this harem of fluffiness.

“It’s fine, Yusef-sama. Well~, all of these wonderful children who work hard at their studies are such ‘good good children!’” (***T/N: The term used here is ‘īkoīkodesu’ from the chapter title)

I spread out my arms with gusto and stroked them all together from one side to the other. The beast-children all squealed and I squirmed with glee.

“Fufu, ufufufu…this is heaven…”

Oh, I’m so happy. -nosebleed-

But I still haven’t treated the other people I love.

“Matilda, Yulena, Johann.”

When I called out to them, my team of aides who had been studying diligently, responded instantly.

Fufufu. My aides! They have been acting calmly, but I can tell that they’ve been listening in.

I beckoned them to come closer and gave them all a ‘good child, good child’ reward as they shuffled in.

“Oh, ufufu ,Alice-sama.”

“Haha, that tickles, ahaha.”

Yulena twisted herself to escape my hands and Matilda giggled. Johann hid his bright red face with his hands, but remained motionless in my embrace.

Bliss. That’s all I can say.

Perhaps it was just the motherly feelings from the adult woman in me, but the little ones had taken to me so well that every day was a joy.

Moreover, I was not stressed out about teaching them either. There were very few children who were selfish, so I had been teaching them patiently and they were making progress little by little.

Some of the children got bored with the difficult problems and fell asleep, but I was able to wake them up, and then they would resume their studies. Perhaps beast-children were more obedient by nature.

The enjoyment of my post-reincarnated life would only increase.

…As I was enjoying the pleasure of such happy, flustered friends, I heard a noise.

A hard knocking sound from thee door echoed in the study room.


T/N: Alice and her harem of fluffiness~ ( ´ ▽ ` ).。o♡

♡\( ̄▽ ̄)/♡

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