Chapter 84: The Noble Rose Society

“Now then, what important matters*** brought you here?” (***T/N: Another translation for the words ‘important matters’ or ‘reasons’ in this chapter is ‘requirements.’)

After prompting the three somewhat fidgety and frightened visitors to speak, Maria-sama of the Cluster Margrave family, the highest ranked among them, opened her mouth.

“Um, Alice-sama…Actually, we didn’t come together, we just happened to visit at the same time. So, I think that each of us has different reasons…First of all, I would like to tell you that—and I’m sorry for the delay—but I’d really like me and my friends to…j-join in your self-study group…

Maria, whose face turned even paler, said as such in a slightly trembling whisper.

I was thinking of the ‘worst pattern’ because she looked so scared…If that’s the requirement, then that’s nothing.

I smiled, feeling relieved.

“I’m happy to hear it. I’d love to study with you!”

When I smiled and said that, the trio, including Maria, said “What?!” in a surprised voice.

Aww. Apparently, the trio really was a trio, and I had been imagining the ‘worst pattern’ the whole time.

…So just what was this “worst pattern” that I have been repeating for a while now?

It was the pattern where ‘the Aurum, Platina, and most of Diamante’s first year students sided with Gabriella and the second prince who she was rubbing up against.’

And if there was a worst possible thing that could happen to these three visitors, it would be that they would be rejected by me, even though they had clearly chosen me by coming here and not to Gabriella.

…Under normal circumstances, it was almost impossible for the students of the Aurum class, mainly the old nobility, to side with Gabriella, the opposing force.

However, Gabriella had the prince attached to her. This was very large without having to think about it.

If one was approaching the emperor’s family for power, connections, and money, then approaching Gabriella was currently a safe shortcut.

And just what had been going on with Gabriella’s side recently?

Surprisingly, it was very much in line with the situation…probably due to some adult guidance.

I had expected her to create a self-study group to oppose me, but to my surprise, the constitution of that group did not really go against the doctrine of the ‘Lamina religion’ that was growing in power in this country.

[Children should honestly help the family business in line with their heavenly destiny and avoid excessive education.]

…Such was the doctrine of Laminasism, a doctrine originally intended for peasants that was somehow spread ‘without nobility.’

How did they scrape together the action of ‘forming a self-study group’ that conflicted with the doctrine of Laminasism?

It was obvious when looking at Gabriella’s advertisement.

[Please gather in the salon, ladies and gentlemen! Let us socialize and enjoy beautiful things. Let us wear beautiful clothes and listen to beautiful music. Let us experience the splendor of our country’s culture and the blessings of peace that His Majesty has given us, and cultivate a heart of gratitude and love!]

Another example went like this:

[Let us revere the interactions of sophisticated people. Let us exchange beautiful poems and songs, and cultivate one another. We shall form a circle to coordinate our efforts in the case of emergencies. Let us do our duty so that we will not be ashamed to admit we were born into a noble family!]

…What these pleasant and aristocratic words meant, in essence, was “Let’s drink tea in the salon, revere beauty and art, worship the emperor, and interact and unite with him.”

Of course, none of these things were wrong. As a nobleman, building connections and cultivating culture was one of the things we had to do.

However, I believe that poetry, songs, paintings, and beautiful dresses were not enough to make one a nobleman.

That’s what I believed from my memories of my past life, and even the people of this world should understand that if they were levelheaded.

However, that sense of danger disappears in the haze when in front of the absolute sense of security that comes from being in the same group as the prince who was most likely to be the next emperor.

What’s more, everyone was sent to the academy being told things like “get along with someone more powerful,” rather than being praised by their parents for doing what they should be doing! That’s how I feel.

…Well, due to that, more than a few of the students of the Aurum class were also interested in Gabriella’s new group, the “Noble Rose Society.”

Although they would not join due to things like the connections of their parents’ family, I would agree that they couldn’t ignore it in order to get closer to the Prince.

In such a situation, it also showed that it was risky to be conspicuously friendly with the opposing Heimer faction, the Archelaus family…a.k.a. me.

That’s why I hadn’t made any noteworthy friends other than Laurier-sama and Letitia-sama, and Ivan-sama and Fredge-sama. I had a lot of acquaintances and classmate peers to say hello to, though.

“Alice-sama, as the first aide, I have something to ask.”

“What is it?”

Brother Will’s voice brought me back to reality.

With a pitch-black smile on his face, Brother Will opened his mouth as he looked at the anxious trio.

“Speaking of the Cluster Margrave family, it is a middle-class family in the Heimer faction…despite this, you have been opportunistic and have only greeted Alice-sama since your enrollment until now…I’m sure you’re in a very difficult situation. Wouldn’t it be better for us to hear why?”

A-Ahh. Don’t skip too far ahead, Brother Will.

An excuse…huh?

I was slightly freaked out by his anger, but the fact that the Cluster family hadn’t taken the initiative to approach me, despite being the middle of the same faction, was certainly unnatural.

Even with the past rumors of ‘Alice Archelaus is a rootless, sickly, useless young lady,’ it was unusual since they had seen the real me in class.

Certainly, even without the influence of the Noble Rose Society, I can imagine that there was something going on.

So, just what was it? I looked at Maria and saw that she was trembling as if she was about to collapse.

“That’s right, your aide is correct…As a mid-ranked member of the Heimer faction, I was supposed to take the lead in organizing the lower-ranking members who would not normally be directly approached by Alice-sama, the high-ranking aristocrat…”

……Ah, umm. I guess that’s true.

Aristocrats sure are troublesome.

If I, as a high-ranking aristocrat from an established family, desperately went around asking people, “Let’s be friends! “Let’s be allies!” —I would be seen as impatient and lacking in popularity, and others might think it  disgraceful.

It really was troublesome.

In front of me, who was thinking about such a situation, Maria-sama was slumped over in front of me.

I clenched my hand tightly and opened my mouth once again.


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  1. Oooooh politics!… hahaha, I wonder where the author is going with all this, what’s gonna happen to the prince faction? she basically swiped out most of the neutral faction and recovered the reigns of her faction (after a whole lot of being herself)

    Is the other reincarnator just kind of… annoying???? (Gabriela is the other one right? being a while since I heard her name) hahaha

    Thanks for the chapter!!!!

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