Chapter 35: City Exploration (1)

It was the day after the second dungeon investigation.

I’m was out with my brother.

We were riding in a carriage, headed to a town in the Avi territory.

I had told him that it would be fine if I went alone, but he insisted on coming with me.

My brother was a worrier.

I glanced over at him sitting across from me.

He was quietly reading.


The title of the book is…“How to Keep a Cat?

Is Brother planning to get a cat?

I tilted my head.

…If he’s going to get one, I’d prefer a kitten.


I imagined  putting a red ribbon around the neck of a black kitten.

Ah, but I can’t ignore puppies either…

A Shiba would be really cute…

Izumi’s memories flew by me.

My landlord had owned a Shiba named ‘Yoshimune’ in his apartment.

It was a cute dog with a white pattern above its eyes that looked like eyebrows.


Speaking of dogs, there was the ‘muscle dog’ of this world…

Yesterday had been a disaster…

After that incident, I had to run all around the dungeon until I ran out of energy. Howard’s persistent refusal to give up disgusted me from the bottom of my heart. After endless pushing and shoving. I cried out to my brother. He had said, “Oh my,” and admonished Howard.

Howard reluctantly backed down. But he had an expression that said he was definitely not going to give up.

I guess he was afraid of the demon Lucas, so he backed off.

I had a feeling that he’d come rushing in three days after the dungeon investigation started. Chris-sama would join us, too.

It’s too troublesome…why don’t I just shoot him back?

Would the shock cause him to lose his memory?

Ah! That might be a good idea!!

Next time he comes, let’s blow him up with <Aero>!

It’s worth a try, right?

“Charlotte. That’s a crime, isn’t it?”

…A crime? Why don’t I just do it without getting caught?

Let’s go for it! The perfect crime!!!

“Do you want to be sent to the executioner block?”

I don’t want to be on the executioner’s block!!!


My brother who was sitting across from me, was giggling.

Could it be…?

“Did I…say that all out loud?”

“Yes. All of it.”

Are you serious!?

“If you’re going to commit the perfect crime, you have to have a perfect alibi and leave no traces behind, right?”

My brother smiled happily.

…So you’re saying that it’s okay as long as I don’t get caught?

“Brother…will you help me?”

I asked fearfully.


My brother narrowed his eyes and smiled.

It’s Demon Lord Lucas-sama!


With this, I’ll be able to get rid of that guy (Howard)!

“But what if Ricardo finds out?”


“Yeah. Howard is a friend of Ricardo’s, too.”


He’s friends with Ricardo-sama?!?!

Kuu…no…I can’t…I can’t do that.

I can’t do that and make Ricardo-sama sad…


What kind of a farce is this!?

“Brother…Please don’t tell Ricardo-sama anything.”

“Haha. You’ve been found out.”

He stuck out his tongue.

“Well, I’m sure Howard is harmless enough, so you can leave him alone.”

“If he does any harm though…can I kill him?”

“W-Well, in that case…It can’t be helped then, can it?”

My brother smiled bitterly.

Good! I’ve got his word!

While we were talking about such disturbing things, we seemed to have arrived at our destination.

The moving carriage stopped.

“Have we arrived?”

“Yes, I think so.”

My brother opened a small window to check outside.

“Lucas-sama, Charlotte-sama. We have arrived.”

The young coachman smiled and opened the door for us.

“Let’s go. Charlotte.”

My brother took me by the hand and helped me out of the carriage.

“I will be back to pick you up before dusk. I hope you have a wonderful time.”

“Yes. Thank you. Take care.”

Leaving us behind, the carriage drove away.

Once the carriage was gone, we quickly blended into the city.

It was partly because we were on a secret mission, but my brother and I were both dressed in simple clothes.

And in case one was wondering, my prominent vertical hair rolls were in pigtails.

“Well then. Where do you want to go, Charl?”

“I want to walk around and look at the food stalls!”

I wanted to see how people lived in the city. I also wanted to see what people ate and drank, and maybe I’d even discover a local liquor that wasn’t a crank-run (***T/N: I couldn’t’ figure out what this word meant for the life of me, sorry!)!

EDIT: (***T/N: Kuran is a cherry/cranberry like fruit from this world, so “crank-run/kurankuran” is most likely referring to something like a cherry/cranberry juice of this world)


I excitedly took my brother’s proffered hand.


T/N: Lol, poor Howard. He has no idea that Charl is plotting his demise.

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3 thoughts on “Chapter 35: City Exploration (1)

  1. The true question, of the three which is the way the brother hears her
    1) physically she is muttering rather then being silent
    2) she is so obvious in body language and occasionally mutters
    3) obvious body language and he is a mind reader


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