Chapter 44: Forest of Poison (3)

It was no wonder that Galt was a beautiful town that ad always been popular as a recreational area. A large lake surrounded by green forests, rich emerald waters, and inns with red roofs and peach-colored walls looked like something out of a picture book.

The houses in this area were all characterized by their peach-colored walls.

In the mountains of the Count of Chevali’s estate, there was a unique red-colored soil stratum that insects disliked, and when this soil was crushed and dissolved in the water and applied to the wooden walls, it would repel the insects. That was the reason for the peach-colored walls.

The main people who came to this resort were wealthy commoners or aristocrats, and the town had a quiet atmosphere, perhaps because there were many elderly people in terms of age.

In the inn where one can rent a horse, we were provided with horses for the number of people. We were going to move out from here as a base.

In a small inn, one cannot rent out five horses at once, so we had another nearby innkeeper also recruited.

The women’s and men’s lodgings were close by, but we ended up staying in separate inns. Both innkeepers provided us with horses. It was everyone’s wish to stay in a moderate inn with good food.

 The Dairoku thought that we could move the grass and book an inn before we left, but it was Judy who said she wanted to look around and decide for herself. We were told that it was not a busy time of year for innkeepers, so we decided to make our decision after we arrived. There would be more people as the temperature dropped and the leaves began to change color in the forest.

Judy stressed the importance of gathering information while choosing an inn. It was soon time for autumn to come now.

Since there was a lot of publicity when hearing that a group of magicians are coming to a place like this, we decided to label it as a trip for students who were attending the noble academy. The roles of the two male members of the Third Order were set up to be accompanied by their older brother because it would be dangerous if they were only female students.

If we wanted to search for a missing person, we would have to come discreetly, because if the Count of Chevali’s side knew that the magicians were sent from the castle, other territories would ask unnecessary questions.

I was sure that if a request for help in searching for a missing nobleman came directly from the royal castle to Chevali territory, it couldn’t be refused.

In any case, Judy’s fake older brother was Wilt-san and Helena’s fake brother was Hemmings-san. So the names they wrote at the inn were Judy Wilt and Helena Hemmings.

They both had written their names in the innkeeper’s log with a subtle expression on their faces. I told them that I wanted them to be set up as the other two’s older brothers, since my own hair color was completely different and it felt strange to call them brother and sister.

This time, we weren’t invited by the Count, and, and since we would stand out in the magic division uniforms, we were borrowing modest commoner-style clothing from the Dairoku’s warehouse. Various magic was also granted to it, and just like a uniform, it protected the body. I would have to return it when we returned because it was a borrowed item. It was clothing that had been used by various members so far, so they were well-worn.

However, there was still a problem with my outfit. I’m a small person, so I didn’t have one in the right size.

“Because you’re petite, there doesn’t seem to be a good fit among the disguise clothes prepared for the members of the magic division, which is mostly full of well-built people. Bring your own suitable clothes. I’ll give them magic so you can bring clothes as they are.”

Cerezo, who happened to be there, had told me that when he brought the commoner clothes from when he had gone out to the city on the day. He immediately imbued the magic.

It wasn’t not often that one got a chance to receive a magical gift from Cerezo for free. It could be said that this was a win-win situation.

Normally, if one choose an outfit that suited them from the Dairoku’s clothing warehouse and took it to the magic granting department, they would provide the necessary defensive magic in less than an hour.

Speaking of which, instead of an ID card, the emblem of the magic division was magically burned on the back of the hand. If one let their magic power pass through it, it was designed to glow blue and float out. This time, I wasn’t going with the uniform, so I was using this format. Of course, I’d bee able to disarm it later, and even though it slightly burned, there was no pain. It was like when you put your hand on a special magic tool, the crest of the magic division instantly becomes a blue light and is sucked into the back of your hand.

After that, I had the Dairoku transfer me to Galt with a magic circle, and when I arrived there, the two men and three women separated into our respective inns. First, we were going to leave our luggage in the inn and gather some information about Galt’s atmosphere and current state. After that, we were going to prepare to head out.

“It’s a beautiful place. It looks like something out of a story.”

“Yeah. To tell you the truth, this is the place that my mother used as a model for her family’s hot spring resort. It’s my first time coming here, but I think it’s definitely a place that I would want to use as a model.”

“Oh, I see. That’s a good point.”

Judy replied to my words, and Helena nodded. That being said, I could feel that the atmosphere was somehow similar to the hot spring resort from Count Dantrow’s territory.

I had been taken there once when I went to Helena and Judy’s homes for a visit.

“I heard that Galt is famous for its local chicken dishes. Especially when the chicken is cut into small pieces on a baking stone and grilled with the vegetables. I heard they also use the meat of the parent chicken (older chicken). How about having that for lunch? It’s chewy and delicious according to what the innkeeper’s aunt told me.”

That’s what Judy said. It seems that she had gotten that information right away.

Aristocrats rarely eat the parent chicken because the meat is so tough. That’s why people in Elementia think of it as food for the commoners. I used to buy it at the butcher’s because it was cheap. Judy was an aristocrat so she had probably never eaten it before. It was cheap, high in protein, and the meat of the commoners.

“Well, Judy, why don’t we enjoy that after this?”

Before Helena could scold me, I said that in passing.

“No, no, we’ve got work to do now, so we have to be diligent.”

No, actually, I’m ready to eat.

“What are you talking about? Judy’s always in top form no matter what. We were going to have a quick lunch and then go to Count Chevali’s in the daytime, then we were going to have a quick lunch at the inn. I thought we had arranged a time with the two men of the Third Division.”

Yup, I was still scolded.

“No. It can’t be helped. Well then, the innkeeper’s lunch will be at the ‘big brother’s’ inn, not ours.”


Helena said, tilting her head at what Judy had suddenly said. Yeah, I didn’t get it either.

“I just heard that the lunch at the inn over there is roasted chicken. They have the chicken thighs grilled on a large skewer. That’s good enough.”

Yeah, I get it. Judy really wants to eat the chicken.

Judy is using the fake ‘big brother’ right away, but when did she even ask about the meal at the inn over there in the first place? She worked really quickly.

“Helena, then let’s do that, eating with our ‘brothers’ will save us a lot of time.”

“…Well, I guess we can do that.”


Helena broke at her words and Judy was in a good mood.

It was chicken roast, but it was a pretty tough meat. It was basically like a parent chicken roast.

However, it seemed to have been grilled in the grated flesh of a local fruit called Popol, a sweet and sour orange fruit. It had been marinated for a while, so it was somewhat sweet and had a bit of a fruity aroma, and it wasn’t as hard as it should have been. I suppose it was due to the reaction of enzymes, but the idea of enzymes did not exist in this world. The people of Galt probably didn’t know why, and it probably started by them accidentally finding out that doing this would make the meat softer.

Just like bandits, the five of us struggled with the meat. It was easier to eat because it was cut in advance. As we gobbled and chewed the meat, we enjoyed the real pleasure of the parent chicken. But my jaw felt sluggish.

The skin was crispy and the firm chicken flavor was delicious.

“This makes me crave ale.”

Wilt-san nodded at Hemmings-san’s words. The meat was simply seasoned with salt and pepper, but our teeth and jaws seemed to be strong enough for all of us to finish it well.

Hot vegetables such as root vegetables were also served in a large wooden bowl. I heard that they were free to have a second helping. The steamed Jajaimo potatoes were extremely popular. The best thing about this dish was the simplicity of it—you just had to take the hot, steaming, somewhat ugly potato, take it off with a cloth, peel it, sprinkle salt on it and eat it.

The proprietor of the restaurant told me to take a dry cloth from the side of the wooden table, peel the potato and eat it, and I did so. The way the thin skin peeled off was very pleasant in an interesting way. Then, I picked up the salt on a small plate with my fingertips and sprinkled it on.

“I can touch it now—Ouch!”

Judy’s pink blonde repels with the movement of her body.

“Hohoo.  Thih ih, dewishush (This is delicious).”

I thought I was full from the meat alone, but I still grabbed one.

“Huh, it’s definitely hot and delicious.”

Helena was also enjoying her food.

“You guys are very expressive and really intense. I’m scared to death.”

—is what Wilt-san said. Hemmings-san was also nodding, though he stayed silent.

“Well, ‘big brother’, what do you mean by that, Ohoho?”

Judy replied as if she were giving a good-natured reply.

After this, we were going to travel by horse to the Count’s house. I had been told that it would take about forty minutes on horseback. Although the seasonally lingering summer heat was severe, this was a cooler and more comfortable time than in royal capital. It’s a good thing that the clothes had also been granted magic to regulate body temperature.

The Count was not able to meet with us due to his health condition, but an official of the royal castle had arranged a schedule to talk with the acting lord.

Helena and I were sharing the responsibility of cleansing the five of us, so the other three were happy that things were easier than usual because they didn’t have to worry about the dirt. After riding our horses, I cleansed everyone’s entire body before the Count’s home, just in case.

 There was an armed guard at the main gate of the lord’s house, and there was some trouble. We had all come in, dressed like commoners, and telling them they were from the Magic Division. They didn’t seem to like it, but this was unavoidable. They told us to enter the territory discreetly.

He looked at me as if I were a very suspicious person, and even asked me to show him proof that I was a member of the magic division.

“You girl, why is there a commoner in the magic division? You can’t fool me!”

This time, one of the guards came over and pointed a finger at me and said as such. Well, no matter how you look at it, I did have a commoner’s hair color.

It was not even winter so it would have been even more suspicious to wear a robe, which is why I did things normally.

The uniform of the magic division must be intimidating to people just by one wearing it. This was the first time I had ever been told something like this.

I still believe that appearances are important.

“She is the daughter of a Marquis. Her hair color is brown for a reason, so there’s no need to pry. I will show you the sigil of the Magic Division.”

Five people gathered at the sound of Wilt-san’s voice.

He took off his leather gloves held out the back of his hand to reveal a crest to the five people. This was something that a person without magic power could not do.

“U-Um. I’m sorry. I’m sure I heard that the magicians would be coming today.”

One of the guards awkwardly said this.

“We had been instructed by the Count Chevali’s people to keep a low profile, so we did not wear the uniform of the magic division.”

“I see, I understand. Then, please head to the front door.”

The guards opened the gate, coughing deliberately, and the five of us mounted our horses and rode through to the main entrance.

Judy went by with a scowl on her face, glaring at the guard who had told me that I was a commoner.

“It’s okay Judy, you don’t have to worry about my hair color. I don’t care.”

“But it was kind of on purpose, wasn’t it? It was obvious that he was going to say something sarcastic. The soldiers in this mansion give off a bad vibe.”

“Yeah. Maybe they don’t like the idea of a group of wizards coming to their territory, as if their territory is under suspicion in some way. I’ve heard that the Fortes family has inquired about it several times and people have been dispatched to it, so perhaps the story of the disappearance has become a rumor in the territory?”

I walked in to the front door, saying such things.

“If anyone ever says anything to me again about my hair color, I’ll show them the purification power of the Fiaragent and they won’t be able to say anything.”

“No, no, no, it’s a waste to show it to them for free. It’s the power of a saint.”

Hemmings-san’s words were met with a funny look from Wilt-san.

“Please stop saying I’m a saint, you’re making me sweat weirdly.”

I didn’t think there was a word that could make me feel more uncomfortable than the word ‘Saint.’

I wondered what part of me was like a Saint. I was a normal person by all appearances.

“Really? Fiaragent really doesn’t know much about her worth.”

“But that’s also one of the best things about Fiara.”

“That’s right.”

While talking about such things, we met with a guide to go to the entrance of the Count’s home, and were led directly to the guest room. However, the atmosphere of the mansion itself felt kind of dark and unpleasant. I could sense a stagnation in the air.

With that in mind, Helena sent me a signal with her eyes. As expected, she was also a purifier, so she had immediately sensed something unusual.

I could sense that there was something unholy in this mansion. The deeper we went, the heavier and more unpleasant the air is felt.

This sensation tingling on the skin was an unmistakable sign of miasma.

Each of the five of us looked around to make sure that the people in the Chevali Household were not aware of the miasma.


T/N: That soldier’s gonna have a heart attack once he learn’s more about Fiara, mwahahaha

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