Chapter 87: Troubles of the New Aristocracy

Arthur-sama gently asked Shin-sama, who muttered that Gabriella and I were very different, to speak up.

“Is it possible that Shin-sama also…?”

“Yeah, no way…Damn, I’m not even sorry…!”


They have something in common with each other.

When I urged him to speak with my eyes, Shin-sama spoke up with a bitter face as if mocking himself.

“My family is not doing any large business now, but they were originally a wealthy merchant family from the great eastern country of Sinhalite. I heard that they were given a knighthood and the right to reside there permanently in recognition of their achievements. That’s why I was assigned to Diamante, where there were many new nobles who were high up in merchant status…Apparently, I wasn’t even recognized by them as being a part of the same nobility.


Hmmm. That is still…

“Well, perhaps. I’m sure you’ve heard of the unfair treatment in the “grouping” of people at the rose party hosted by Gabriella-sama…?”

“…I couldn’t even get join the group.”


This grouping referred to the class organization in the Noble Rose Society.

His Imperial Highness, the Prince, was a busy man. He could not interact with all the applicants equally, so the students were divided into groups according to their status, connections, and the ‘membership fee’ they paid. As a result, the amount of time they could spend together in the salon was limited.

According to the information, there are three groups: the first group, the second group, the third group, and then the ‘rose cadets’ who are placed below them. How much does she love roses…?


In short, Shin-sama was originally from a wealthy merchant family, but he was labeled as a cadet, and his pride was greatly hurt.

“However, that…Shin-sama’s house is a Viscount family, right? If you wanted to pay the membership fee, wouldn’t you be able to pay at least enough to join the third group?”

As I said this, Shin-sama’s face grew stiff, he stood up with a clatter and shouted.

“It’s obvious that the membership fees are flowing to the Lamina religion. You’re asking me to do something like funneling funds to Laminasism!?”


I jumped up a little, startled by the sudden angry voice. Then, Johann and Brother Will quickly stepped forward and separated me from Shin-sama.

“How dare you come barging in and then suddenly shout in anger in front of my Master? What is your intention?”

When Brother Will, who was in an irate mood, said that, Shin-sama apologized after a surprised look, and sat down hurriedly.

I also hurriedly restrained Johann and Brother Will.

“Yes, that was my lack of consideration for Shin-sama who is of a house from Sinhalite. Thank you for your concern, it’s okay.”

Right? I said quietly, and the two of them stepped back, although they looked somewhat disgruntled. However, the distance between us was closer than before.

As I thought, they are wary of the Diamante students…The impression of them is not good.

“I am very sorry, Alice-sama. I was distraught…It is just as you said earlier. Our Yuren family has roots in Sinhalite, so we follow the Hasta religion, not the Lamina religion. Therefore, I cannot pay the membership fees knowing that the money is going to flow to the Lamina faith.”

I see. So there is a fine line like that.

In short, the Yuren family is already a noble family of this country, so they do want to be close to the prince as a person of power. That’s why they wanted to talk in the salon. However, when money is involved, they cannot invest in a Laminasism-related association when it comes to their religion.

It seems difficult to be in such a delicate position. With a sigh, Arthur-sama opened his mouth this time.

“Jeez, actually I wasn’t…I am the same. My family also follows Hastasism. I am in the same Platina class as the prince, but he won’t even look at me because I am not a part of the Society.”

It seems that this was also an uncomfortable situation.

Everyone had some sort of problem, and all of them were serious issues that could not be left unattended.

So it’s class organization and membership fees…It’s a total pain in the ass.

But these things are important, so I just can’t ignore them. I just can’t do it.

I was about to go through fantasy withdrawal symptoms with my hands trembling…And yet I was far from done here.


T/N: Poor girl just wants to learn some magic, haha

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