Chapter 36: City Exploration (2)

“Brother! Next, this way!”

Pulling my brother’s hand, we paraded through the stalls.

Food skewers, crepe dough with vegetables and meat in between, something like grilled squid—there was even something that looked like shaved ice.

It all looked delicious.

Although the names and shapes of the ingredients were different, the taste of the food in this world was almost the same. In addition, there were many seasonings, so the food was delicious.

Ah…I want to drink alcohol.

I wanted to gulp down a cold beer.

“Charlotte, your face.”

Huh! I was drooling…!?!

I hurriedly wiped my mouth, but there was no drool.

That’s a relief.

It would be out of line for a Duke’s daughter to be caught drooling.

My brother smiled and laughed.

…Could it be that I was tricked?

I puffed up my cheeks.

Brother stroked my cheeks.

“Let’s eat something. What would you like?”

I won’t just get caught with food, you know!

“Over there, you can see some delicious looking sausages. Next to it, there are spare ribs.


I won’t get caught!

“If Charl won’t eat it, I guess I’ll just have to.”

“Oh, Brother! I want to eat the skewers!!”

In a panic, I forcefully pulled my brother’s arm and headed towards the food stall.

As I was on my way…



Someone bumped into me.

I was about to fall down, but my brother supported me.

“Are you okay? Charlotte.”

“…I’m fine. Thank you, Brother.”

With my brother’s support, I got back to my feet.

Who in the world…?

When I looked at the person who bumped into me, I saw that he was sitting on the street.

He was a small child, about the same size as me.

He was wearing a hood so tightly that I couldn’t see his expression.

…Huh? I feel like I’ve seen him before…

“Hey, kid. Are you okay?”

My brother reached out his hand towards the child.

The child looked up at him in surprise.

From where I was, I could finally see the child’s face.

White skin…and red eyes…?

The moment I tilted my head, my eyes met his.

We looked at each other for a few seconds.

“…I-I’m fine!”

The boy put his hood back on, shook away the offered hand, and ran off.

He was a little younger than I knew him to be, but…

That child was [Mira Boulangère].

Mira Boulangère

The Mira from the game was the same age as Charlotte, and was the second son of a Count family.

He had silvery-white hair that reached his shoulders and tucked behind his ears, and large reddish eyes along with a gender neutral appearance.

His albino skin was very white, which was something he was concerned about, so he only ever wore long sleeves even when it was hot. That is, until ‘she’ came.

After ‘she’ was summoned to this world.

After the heroine was summoned to this world, she and Mira met as classmates at the academy. After various experiences, they forgive each other.

If the player doesn’t choose the Mira route, they will still become best friends.

(***T/N: It’s sometimes a little hard to tell if Mira is a boy or girl from pictures/the translation, however, in the manga, Mira is a boy who is often mistaken as a girl, so I’m keeping it consistent until I am told otherwise)

…Why is Mira here…?

We weren’t supposed to meet until entering the academy.

I tried to ask him for an answer, but he had left, so I didn’t know.

I don’t know why things keeping popping up one after another.

I was naturally disappointed.

It seems that no one is chasing me, and it seems fine, so…it’s okay, right?

I didn’t want to get involved with Mira unless I chased after him. I wasn’t planning to get involved with Mira right now, because he was one of the people who would condemn me…

“Are you sure you’re okay?”

I had been in a daze for a while now, and my brother was looking at me.

“Yeah…I was just a little surprised!”

I smiled and tried to cover it up.

Brother gently stroked my head without saying anything.

…Yes, it’s alright. Things are alright.

I will not stray from my path.

So…it’s okay…I won’t be condemned.

I muttered that in my head over and over again.

Every time I meet a capture target, I remember the scene of my execution.

Even though I hadn’t actually experienced it, my legs still cower and I can’t stop shaking.

…I’m scared.

My brother stopped patting my head and then grabbed my right hand in both of his.

“I’m on your side, you know.”

Even though I didn’t even explain anything to him, I wondered if he could understand my feelings…

I felt tears welling up in my eyes at the way Brother was comforting me.

“It’s okay. I’m not alone.”

I bit my lip and held back my tears.

For me, my brother had become an indispensable and reliable person…like we were one and the same.

If my brother were to betray me my heart would probably shatter…

“Brother! I want to eat all the food from the stall!!”

I forced myself to smile and pulled back the hand that was holding mine.

“Eh? But we don’t even know if you’ll get fat?”

Brother was smiling.

He didn’t need to say anything else and just went along with me.

“Even if I get fat, you’ll be with me in the same boat!”

“Too bad. It’s a shame, but I have a constitution that doesn’t allow me to gain weight even if I eat a lot.”


Isn’t that unfair!?!

I stopped in my tracks.

“Well, I think Charlotte will still look cute and cuddly if she gets fat.”

“That’s irresponsible!!”

I puffed out my cheeks.

“Ahaha. See? You’re going to eat skewers, right? Let’s go.”

I puffed out my cheeks as my brother pulled me along.

While being tricked by my brother, I drank some Kuran juice I found on the way… (***T/N: I finally found out what the confusing “Crank-run” or “KuranKuran” meant from the last chapter. Kuran is actually a type of fruit from this world (so it doesn’t exist in real life). Kuran is like a cherry/cranberry I think, so please ignore the mistake from the last chapter until I go back and fix it. ‘KuranKuran/Crank-run’ was most likely just referring to something like Kuran Juice, which is like a cranberry juice)

In the end, I enjoyed the food from the stall to the fullest.

The Kuran juice, in the shape of a cherry, was sweet and sour, and very tasty!

Next time I want to try the alcohol!

After that…

I gained a little weight…so I decided to just chalk it up as my growth spurt.

It’s just my imagination that the stomach part of my dress is too tight…!!!

I repeated that same excuse in my mind.

Thank you, Brother.

It’s thanks to you, that I can laugh.


T/N: A new capture target, and more sis/bro feels. Plus I finally figured out the “Kuran” confusion from the last chapter–woo!

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