Chapter 88: The Golden…

Alright then.

Despite all the hassle, the end of the semester was approaching, and we were in the final push as the test was finally three days away.

“<Respond to my voice, O light, and move forward>”

Hold up the Athame, concentrate, and pour my power into it.

Not too much, not too little. I sensed the amount of magic the spell was asking for and poured it in smoothly with the required timing.

When the spell was completed, the room was softly illuminated by a gentle light.

This luminescence spell was something I was used to, and it was easy enough to make the light suitable for life in a dark room past dusk.

“Huh…Alice-sama is also very good at magic, isn’t she?”

“Thank you. It’s because I like these things…”

I laughed at Letitia-sama’s words of praise.

In my case, it’s not a matter of squeezing out less magic, but rather a very small amount of magic, so it’s easy to adjust once getting used to it. I guess it’s kind of like…a faucet?

Once learning it, it doesn’t take too much energy.

“Hmmm…! “<Amidst the snow, white steel>! Shape it here and now!!”


The head of Ivan-sama, who was meditating and clutching his Athame with all his strength, fell down and got wet with sleet.


The startled Ivan-sama twitched and shook his head, shaking off the ice.

“Oh my. You’re putting too much pressure on it, Ivan-sama.”

Ivan-sama, who had failed to specify the coordinates of the magic and had recreated the scene from a while ago by himself, was despondent.

When I wiped his head with a handkerchief, Ivan-sama looked up with a complicated, happy and frustrated face.

“Kuu…I’m also increasing my spells to increase my success rate, but it’s not working as well as Alice-sama. Why is that…”

His ears were flat. However, even with this, he was still able to create objects (***T/N: physical magic objects like the ice), and was rather good at it amongst the beast-children)

I was currently practicing simple magic, other than the flame system types, which I could do indoors, and I had found that most beast-children were similar in the magic of creating an ‘object.’

It was relatively easy to produce things like light, wind, and other fluids that were easily mixed with magic power as an image.

However, the types of magic that were often pictured with things like size, hardness, temperature and coordinates, were still a heavy burden for the beastmen, especially amongst the children…

Even now, I think the ice magic that Father displayed in the duel was amazing.

“Well, if it’s spiritual magic (Origin Slots), it’s still easy to teach them how to handle the catalyst and so on, but Anima Slots, which rely on the senses and magic power for everything other than the spells, are harder to teach to people.”

“That’s right. Beastmen in particular are not good at that kind of magic using an Athame…but this group of first year students are relatively well-made.”

Yusef-sama, the Beastmen’s instructor, countered Brother Will.

Yes, Beastmen are especially bad at using their Athames, but thanks to this special training, the beast-children in this self-study group seemed to be able to manage it.

“If you practice the ‘internal circulation’ method advocated by Alice-sama, it’s quite easy!”

Johann had a smug face and a small wind around his dagger.

That thing with the chuunibyō*** name, the ‘internal circulation’ thing, was something I had used in my first class on the luminescence spell. (***T/N: Chuunibyō is a Japanese term used to describe kids who have large delusions, desperately want to stand out, and have convinced themselves that they might hidden knowledge or secret powers. Alice is basically saying the name is is embarrassing because it sounds like something a deluded kid would say about themself or that it’s making her method sound more special than it actually is)

It seemed difficult to be aware of it in this world of undeveloped medicine, but I was having the group practice with this method which was effective (…more than I ever imagined) from my own experience.

Turn it counter-clockwise with the flow of blood and be aware of the Athame as if it were one of your own limbs. By doing so, this makes it much easier to control…said the seniors who acted as instructors.

While practicing diligently every day, the majority of the little ones were able to practice one of the beginner elementary spells of light, wind, ice, fire, lightning, water, and earth.

“Fufu…that one is starting to take shape too.”

The door suddenly opened with a clatter and Legion-sama, one of the instructors, came in, wiping sweat off his face.

I thanked him for his hard work and asked for some details.

“There are a few problematic children, but for the most part they are about average.”

Legion-sama was in charge of the students who from Aurum, Platina, and Diamante who joined later on.

The number of students was larger than the initial group, but since they had joined later, we didn’t expect all of them to pass all the subjects. Therefore, we were using a group lecture format for now.

It seemed that the more ambitious students were aiming for the whole class to pass, so we might have to reconsider the structure of the class again.

By the way, I wasn’t trying to compete with Gabriella, but…this self-study group also had a name.

It was the “Golden Dawn Gang.” (***T/N: Other similar translations could be group or squad, but ‘Golden Dawn Gang’ had a special ring to it, you know?)

Guuuu…It’s embarrassing and unnerving and itchy! So itchy!!!

There was a reason why this name…had become a laughing stock to the people who were in the know.

…No, seriously, I will die of embarrassment if I don’t explain that this wasn’t my fault or anything. It’s really a matter of life and death.


T/N: Nobody messes with the “Golden Dawn!” (つ≧▽≦)つ

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