Chapter 89: Magic Society

The ‘Golden Dawn Gang.’

That was the name of a magical society that existed in the nineteenth century in the previous world.

It was a regular contributor to my beloved magazine, ‘Fierce Occult!’

I’m sure you might want to refer to the Great Teacher of Wiki***ia for more information, but I would like to explain it myself…Basically, it is an occult magical worship group for adults by adults.

It was a real organization with well known magicians including Aleister Crowley and McGregor Mathers, among others.

It is said that there was a hierarchical relationship based off of the Kabbalah Tree of Life, with the higher-ups supervising the newcomers and conducting exams for promotion. (***T/N: According to the ‘Great Teacher of Wiki***ia,’ Kabbalah is an esoteric method, discipline, and school of thought in Jewish mysticism)

Why did I decide to borrow the name of such a clumsy subculture group?

Well, it was the result of a combination of the usual outbursts by the little ones and my own carelessness…


“Hey, Alice-sama, Alice-sama! Why does that scary crowd of people have their own name, but not ours?”

“That’s what I was thinking too! Why haven’t you been able to do it?”

I was finally able to get Furuda and Nirufa, two of the most animalistic and natural white cat twins among the beastmen, to learn to write their names on their answer sheets, and while they were a little sluggish, I was patting them on the head and praising them.

The team of instructors responded to such a simple question.

“It’s true that a lot of people who had been waiting to see what would happen have joined, and we’ve become a large group. It would be unnatural if we didn’t have one.” (***T/N: Will says this in a way that is slightly negative towards the people who were only waiting to see the situation before joining the group)

“Hey, Wilhelm…you’re the first aide of the House of Archelaus, so it’s fine, but there are some count and margrave families that are superior to you in the situations you’re talking about…”

Brother Will, who was still pissed off at the newly joined latecomers, was advised by a pale-faced Yusef-sama. While smiling at that, Legion-sama also nodded and opened his mouth.

“The children of the Verandel family use the second prince as their portable shrine, and the group is called the Noble Rose Society. I wonder where the name “Rose” comes from?”

Legion-sama tilted his head, and Yusef-sama waved his tail in the air before answering.

“Whenever I see the daughter of thee Verandel family, she is always wearing rose motif dresses. Isn’t that where it comes from?…When you think about it, it’s funny how there is zero influence from the prince that they’re so proud of.”

While returning a wry smile to the laughing instructors, I told them that I thought it would be inconvenient if we didn’t have a group name.

Then Johann, who I had thought was studying seriously, looked up and made a proposal with sparkling eyes.

“How about the Super Magical Holy Knights!?!”


An indescribable silence fell onto the group. It turns out that Johann was suffering from a hidden and serious disease—The Chuunibyo disease (T/N: see last chapter for more)

No, I don’t think this is just the Chuunibyo disease… It’s more like an elementary student’s sense of humor, like getting addicted to that Super Sentai stuff (***T/N: Super Sentai is like Japanese Power Rangers). I can see that Johann named the group the ‘Knights’ because he thought it was kind of cool.

Before the delicate atmosphere settled and the poor thing became pathetic, I quickly smiled and nodded to Johann and kicked off the silence with my all-powerful spell, “Oh, I see.”

I continued by asking Letitia-sama and Laurier-sama, who were studying closest to me, if they had any ideas.

“Well, um, how about ‘Team Sweet Bread’?”

“That’s something you want to eat, Letitia-sama…But let’s have a snack tomorrow.”


Yeah, she’s cute.

“…The ‘Alice-sama is Precious Today’ Group.”

“…Laurier-sama, while I’m happy you feel that way, wee would probably be perceived as a group with a weirdly biased ideology.”


I was a little heartbroken because she really looked disappointed, but as expected, I just couldn’t create a group of people that sounded like the name of some Otaku club…I’m also not going to mention that I have experience in that.

Brother Will, who was beside me, also looked very disappointed. Could he have been in favor of that name too…?

“The ‘Cutie Prep Squad’…”

“Cutie Pie Gang…”

Woah, Matilda and Yulena are in the same frame of mind. I’m tempted to adopt them because they’re both so cute with their blushing cheeks, but I can’t get carried away…!!

“Hmm, The Fluffy Gang!”

“Team Tails!”


“Um, uh, Team fish!”

“The Howlers!”

The beast-children were raising up options as fast as they could come up with. There were a lot of food-related names, so I wondered if they were hungry.

“Holy Demon Aurora Magician Group…”

Johann blurted out. You really haven’t given up yet…

Somehow, being in that group sounded like you’d be able to get the Eternal Force Blizzard in real life.

“Alice is Precious Today’ Group…”

Why don’t you give up on that, Brother Will?

“Candied apples!”

“The Bearded Gang!”

“I’m hungry.”

“The Ultimate Dark Sword…”

“Napping Squad!”

“Hmmm, what about the ‘Alice is Pretty Today’ Group…”

At that time, each person raised up their favorite names as they wished, and the place had descended into chaos.

It was Fredge-sama who raised his hand in a shy manner.

“Th-There seems to be a lot of “[insert name] Group/Gangs,” so how about adding a characteristics of Alice-sama, and then add the ‘Gang’ at the end?”


The place that had been in turmoil had regained its direction.

“When I think about Alice-sama’s color, I think of the color of her beautiful silver hair and golden eyes.”

Everyone nodded in agreement at Matilda’s words. Well, it was true that my colors were rather sparkly after my reincarnation.

“If I were to talk about the characteristics of this group, I would say that we are…working hard on our studies and planing to start independent research in the new semester…Well, I guess you could say that we are working hard towards something new.”

Brother Will said as such, putting his hand on his chin, while thinking. It was certainly true.


“Something new…working hard…”


While everyone was seriously twisting their heads, but not coming up with any good ideas, I suddenly remembered.

Nostalgic…come to think of it, there was that group of magicians who looked golden, worked hard on their research, and were full of hope in name only…That group of really strange and creepy old uncles…

“Golden Dawn…”

I believe that was what they were called.

As I was nodding my head in nostalgia, I was too late to notice the high-intensity sparkling eyes directed at me from all the people around me…

[Original Author’s Note]: Alice’s carelessness has caused everyone to bite into the name of a certain famous magic society. For the record, there is no relationship between this work and the author of this work and the actual group or idea.


T/N: I looked it up, and there is actually was a magic society called the “Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn” in case anyone wanted to look into it, hahaha.

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  1. I searched “Golden Dawn Gang” and got a bunch of news about Greece that seem a bit too heavy to discuss here hahaha

    But I also looked for the people she named and they seem like a bunch of wackos… so I guess it balances out???

    Thanks for the chapter!!!

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  2. Little correction: the Power Rangers are THE american Super Sentai. Not the other way around.
    Saban buys the japanese Sentai series and adapts them in the great old american way. Then releases them to the world and earn tons of cash, at the expense of the original japanese studios.
    Ahhh, capitalism…


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