Chapter 90: The Scent of Lyuke and Tea

[~Previously on the Last Installment~

I inadvertently mentioned the name of the occult group from my previous life, and the people around me became very interested.

~End of Synopsis~]

That was a joke, but I had been blind-sided by the most intense ‘glitter beam’ ever.

Among them, there were the two people who looked particularly strange.

“…Su, su, sususu”

“Br-Brother Will?”

“Sa, sa, sasasa”


I backed away, freaked out by Brother and Johann, who repeated a single phrase like a broken robot back and forth! Then the two of them looked up and exclaimed things like “Wonderful!” and “That’s amazing!”

“Perfectly deserving of a group led by Alice—!! Those lovely round honey-gold eyes are the color of the sun at dawn. It is the dawn that represents the enlightenment that will bring us to tomorrow…And there is a further personal reason! Alice, who helped Brother Oluris, restored peace to our home and is truly a symbol of the dawn—! The Golden Dawn…is here!!!”

Hey now…

I wanted a name for the mysterious phenomenon that was making Brother Will resemble my father lately.

Without having enough time to be scared by the momentum of the mystery, Johann, who continued to look at the heavens, shouted out.

“Like the Knights of the Round Table and the Knights of the Holy Temple…!! At last, at last—!!! I’ve joined a “[insert name] group” like from the stories…! And the master I respect is the leader of that group. It even has a cool name!!!”

Oh……This guy is someone who’s always wanted to join some sort of a super squadron. That’s right, I guess he is at an age where one would long for a secret group.

Congratulations, as of today, you can be Super Squadron Blue.

I was temporarily overwhelmed by the tension from the two boys, but the rest of the boys started to get into it too.

Surprisingly, the girls seemed to like it as well.

“The Golden Dawn Gang. Sounds suitable for Alice-sama and us…!”

“That’s right! It sounds kind of beautiful!”

Oh no. Now it’s too late for me to stop it by saying that the name was derived from a strange and creepy occult group…!!!

“The Golden Dawn Gang…Yes, I think it’s very good! Even in our clan, the dawn is considered precious and seems to be a good omen.”

“Fredge is right! That name is cool…We can call ourselves proudly!”

Fredge-sama and Ivan-sama were also wagging their tails with their ears raised up. Even the beast-children were cheerful and positive as they shouted “Golden!”

When I was growing even more impatient at the flow of decisions, Yusef-sama and Legion-sama patted me on the shoulder.

“It’s decided, isn’t it?”

“He has a point…There’s no stopping these little beastmen once they’ve become like that.”


I was unable to say no, so I had to take responsibility for my careless remark.


While my eyes were rolling backwards at the flow of such rage, there was a knock on the door of my room.

At the sound, the eyes of the little ones all turned to the door at the same time due to the lovely scent that wafted in.

Under the concentrated fire of those gazes, someone entered the room with a voice saying ‘pardon me.’

She had pale blonde hair and gentle brown eyes. Lovely freckles, and an aura of idyllic healing.

…And a squishy smile that was just the cutest thing, my home…



That’s right.

The most popular person who had come into the room with the white cat twins and other greedy beast-children, was my personal maid, Connie!

“Today’s snack is Alice’s Fluffy Fried Lyuke and Singhala tea. Now then, please take a seat everyone~!” (***T/N: ‘Lyuke’ is a type of white hard bread from this world, but Alice created yeast many chapters ago to make it fluffy. ‘Melan’ is a black hard bread from this world.)

With that said, Connie had the little ones sit down with her wonderful skills and had them quickly put away their study tools.

Actually, not long ago. Connie, who apparently had too much time on her hands and was lonely just to be away at the mansion, had stormed into the school.

“My Ladyyyyyy! Connie was, C-Connie was—!!” (***T/N: Connie was talking in third person here)

Connie had jumped in with the force of a tackle on me as I was practicing my magic in the schoolyard, snot and tears dripping down her nose while crying profusely.

When I finally managed to calm her down, she told me that I hadn’t been to the house since the first weekend I’d been back, and it had been quite hard for her.

No, actually I had been quite sad, but there were a lot of problems going on…

It was because of the Loli-ha—the Headmistress…You get the idea…


T/N: I support Connie x Alice fluffiness. Also, a big congrats to Johann–or rather, Super Squadron Blue, lmao

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  1. “Oh no. Now it’s too late for me to stop it by saying that the name was derived from a strange and creepy occult group…!!!”

    Hahahaha!! thanks for the chapter!


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