Chapter 37: Idiot and Genius… (1)

Today was a dungeon investigation day.

However, my brother and I were staying home within the Avi territory.

By the way, besides my brother and I, the other members of the team were on their way to investigate.

So why were my brother and I not going with investigation team?

It was because of something that happened in the city two days ago.

On that day, I had accidentally bumped into Mira Boulangère, the second son of the Count Boulangère family, in the city.

Mira was hiding his figures with a hood, and we were dressed so simply that I didn’t think he would notice our position…

The Boulangère family formally wished to apologize to Charlotte, the Duke’s daughter, for any disrespect they might have caused.

…How did Mira find out about me?

I think it was probably because of my brother.

It was probably Brother’s beauty, which could not be hidden by simple clothes alone!

Also, aside from what I really thought…

My brother was apparently quite famous.

Well, I guess he is the legitimate son of the Avi family, the next in line to the royal family, after all. And he has that face, you know?

He was currently the No. 2 person for those wanted to get married.

Of course, Chris-sama was the number one.

I don’t think so, though!!!!

And, well, I hand’t been wearing any special disguises, so people who knew about me might have noticed.

Mira of the Boulangère family was coming over to apologize, but the patriarch of the Avi family, our father, had already gone to the dungeon.

This was because of father’s insistence that there would be no problem as long as Charlotte, the witness, and Lucas, the future head of the Avi family, were both present.

…You chose the dungeon over your own daughter, didn’t you?

It was fine though. I didn’t mind.

I was more worried about the fact that those adults went to investigate the dungeon alone.

I knew that they were good and powerful, but they just didn’t know when to back off.

I hope that they don’t concentrate too much on collecting magic stones and end up in trouble…

I tried to raise a flag. (T/N: like a ‘doom flag’)


Since they were adults, they should take responsibility for their own actions, right?

Well…perhaps it was because he wanted the children to make peace with each other rather than having the current head of the family get involved. Aristocracy is a class society, after all.


I should have just pretended that I didn’t notice what was going on…I wish I had done everything in my power to make it so.


I fell down and put my head on the lap of my brother who was sitting next to me.

Fufufu. It’s my brother’s lap pillow.


Immediately, Marianna, a maid, intervened.


I stretched out the wrinkles in my dress and sat back down in a well-behaved manner.

Even if I didn’t want to, I couldn’t wear a wrinkled dress when we had guests coming over.

Currently, my brother and I were in the parlor waiting for Mira to come and visit us.

My brother was drinking a cup of tea by himself with a cool face.


When I let out a deep sigh, my brother patted my head.

I put my head on his shoulder.

This seemed to be okay from Marianna’s point of view.

To be honest, if I didn’t know Mira from the game, I wouldn’t have even noticed him. “Albino coloring is rare”—that’s all that would have happened.

So why would he come here to apologize?

If it weren’t for me, my brother wouldn’t even have noticed that he was the second son of Count Boulangère!

Even now…can you please just pretend that you didn’t notice me…?

If you’re shy, just stay away from my villainous face.

It’s for both our sakes!

And so….why?

Why was the shy Mira appearing in front of us, even if it was just to apologize?

Mira hated his appearance, so there was no way he would take part in a situation where he couldn’t’ hide herself in a formal apology.

Do you really want to apologize for bumping into me that badly?


Was it just a coincidence that we in the first place?

Could it be that he was following me?

If so, that would explain why he was in a place that wasn’t even near his territory.

But then that meant there was a reason why he wanted to get closer to the Avi family, right…?

Was it not just shyness, but a guilty conscience that caused you to run away after your eyes met mine?

…No way.

Because it’s Mira, the research idiot and invention genius, right!?!

There is nothing in the Avi family that would make a shy person like him be attracted to…

—There is!!!!!

I wanted to hold my head.

I knew why Mira was acting this way.

Mira wanted the magic stones.

Currently, the magic stones collected in the dungeon were kept by the guild and the Avi family.

What if Mira wanted them for his research on magic tools?

It all made sense.

As expected of Mira…

Was he an idiot or a genius…?

I couldn’t help but have a bad feeling about Mira’s visit today.

Hah~…I don’t want to see him.

Just as I let out another sigh, I was told that Mira was arriving.


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