Chapter 38: Idiot and Genius… (2)

We were at the center of the parlor.

My brother and I were sitting side by side on the sofa, and Mira was sitting alone on the opposite sofa.

Marianna had left after serving us tea.

I had been sprinkling laughter for a while now.

My brother was the same as usual.

Mira was elegantly dressed in a charcoal gray suit with a top and bottom set.

His silvery-white hair had not yet grown to his shoulders, and was cropped below his ears. His large reddish eyes were hidden by long bangs.

Mira is here…

I couldn’t just say that

First and foremost, Mira bowed his head towards us.

“I am truly sorry about all of this. Does Charlotte-sama have any symptoms such as an injury of poor physical condition from that time?”

The bangs are annoying!!

If you want to apologize, cut your bangs!!

T/N: I agree, I want to cut those bangs too!!

I was taking my frustration out on him in my mind.

“Thank you for your polite apology. My sister is fine, as you can see, so please don’t worry.”

My brother replied with a smile.

His eyes, of course, were not smiling at all.

“So? What are you going to say now that the heartless apology is over?”

Brother’s eyes narrowed.

“I have been looking into you.”

Mira’s shoulders shook with fear.

“I have heard that you are about to be kicked out of the Count’s house.”


I mean…Brother, he…investigated this before I was even aware…


I couldn’t see it, but I could imagine that Mira’s large reddish eyes were widening as much as possible.

“You’re not good at scheming are you? As far as I’m concerned, I don’t want you to get close to my sister again. But…what should I do? Charlotte?”

“Brother…is that…?”

Wait a minute…I don’t understand any of this.

Why didn’t my brother tell me about this first!?!

He just said that Mira was about to be kicked out of the house…


Mira is a young genius with a promising future who will be developing more and more new magical tools, right?


In the distant future, right?

“Please! I…I need your help!!”

Mira stood up from the sofa and began kneeling down on the ground.

In case you were wondering, ‘Mira’ was his first name.

“Even if you say that, this doesn’t really concern us, you know?”

Brother was not intimidated by Mira getting down on his knees, so he crossed his legs comfortably and continued with his salty attitude.

“I’m aware that this is impudent, and it’s true that I almost destroyed half of my house…but the only thing I can do is research! That’s the only thing worth living for!! So please…help me!!”

Mira lowered his head to the floor.

‘Almost destroyed half the house’

…I remembered now.

I think that was the incident that led to Mira becoming a member of the guild.

Mira, the second son of the Count family, was in a complicated position.

Despite being considered a genius, Mira was sandwiched between his capable older brother, the family’s heir, and his bright and innocent younger brother, who was an incredible swordsman. However, because of Mira’s appearance, he was neglected by the family.

As long as the Count family already had two talented sons, they could feel safe.

With no place to stay at home, Mira became absorbed in researching the development of magical tools which he happened to come across, and was increasingly treated as a nuisance in the family.

When he was 13 years old, he was disowned by his family for endangering the lives of the family members by destroying half of the Count’s mansion in an experiment with a magical tool.

In other words, he was kicked out.

Kicked out of his home, Mira headed to the guild all alone. He had wanted to negotiate with the guild, which had been interested in him for a long time, in order to get them to back him up.

He was able to receive the guild’s backing on the condition that he submit research data on a regular basis, and that the guild could sell the rights to his research and the magical tools he invented.

Since then, Mira’s talent had continued to blossom, and he had developed a variety of magical tools.

I think the guild master had been worried about Mira who was so absorbed in research that he didn’t even take his meals, so he ended up throwing him into the academy in order to give him a general education.

The seemingly rough conditions were probably just a measure to prevent his family from taking advantage of him later.

So why did Mira come to the Avi family instead of the guild?

I tilted my head.

If he had gone to the Guild, he would have been free to do his own research.

Or did he decide to go to the guild after being rejected here?

“Why….did you come to the Avi family?”

I decided to ask the question.

“The Guild could protect you, right?”

When I asked, Mira looked up and saw me.

“Because there are a lot of magic stones here…”

As expected, I knew it was about the magic stones…

“Besides, I was interested in Lucas-sama and the others who were investigating the dungeon on their own even though they were from the Duke’s family.”

His red eyes glittered through the gaps in his bangs.

“The most important reason was you, Charlotte-sama!”


‘You captivated me from the first moment I saw you!!”

Mira scooped up my hands and wrapped them up in his own.

He was small, but his hands were definitely a boy’s hands…

I began to escape from reality.

Because that line sounded just like a confession!

It’s impossible!!!!

“I want to know the secret of Charlotte-sama’s extraordinary amount of magic! Would you be willing to be my guinea pig for my experiments!?!”

You see?!?

Mira really was this type of person.

I’m still a Duke’s daughter, you know!

“Sister,” “Master,” “Guinea Pig”…

What’s wrong with these capture targets!?

I wonder what the remaining capture target, Silas Myuuhen, will call me…

What if it’s something like “pet”???

I don’t want to…I will never meet him!!!

I didn’t think that this was purely an in-game world if things had already come this far.

Well, we still seemed to be following the flow of the storyline, so I wouldn’t let my guard down.

Especially with the ‘stampede’ that might happen next year.

The characters were changing so much…but would things really be okay?

With these characters, could the world really be saved?


T/N: So Charl receives her new moniker–“Guinea Pig.” Any bets on what Silas will call her?

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  1. You can legitimately kill that idiotic stupid, you know~?

    Treating you like a guinea pig is an insult to you and your family~


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