Chapter 91: -Sniff Sniff-

(***T/N: The title is actually translated as ‘-kun kun-‘ but that is normally used as a whimpering or sniffing sound from a dog)

“Hmm? What’s going on here?”

When Connie hugged me and I was at a loss as to what to do, the ‘loli’ voice that I had been hearing so much lately approached me.

“Ah! Headmistress! Hello!!”


The little one announced her identity with a cheery greeting…Oof, I’ve got my hands full with Connie right now…!!

“Oh, Headmaster. Hello.”

“Well, hello. I see you are making good progress. By the way, Alice, what is the matter with the person?”

The headmistress of the school, who was walking up to us, shaking her shiny white hair, pointed at Connie and asked. Then Connie lifted her tear-stained face with a tremendous flop and started crying even more.

“Uh! Oh, you’re a friend of the young lady…? Oh, excuse me, sniff, I’m Connie.”

…No, this situation already kind of weird. Also, the headmistress certainly looks the same age as me, but we are not actually friends.

For the time being, I grabbed a handkerchief and wiped her face while giving a brief explanation to the headmistress.

Then, the headmistress let out a sound of understanding.

“Life at the school is also about social networking, so it is forbidden to keep housemaids with the exception of those students who have no aides of their own. I’m sorry to say this, but you’ll have to give up.”

“N…N-No waa-aaaaayy”

Connie had a look of despair on her face when she heard the Headmistress’ words. I felt sorry for her, but I was wondering how I would manage to comfort her and get her home…

“Wow…-sniff sniff- It smells good~”

Before I realized it, Faneer of the Golden Wolf Tribe was silently crouching beside Connie.

He was always looking sleepy, but now he was nearing Connie’s nape and sniffing with his nose as if he was about to rub against her neck.

“Whaaat!? Hey, Faneer, don’t just sniff the lady!”

Faneer-kun, who was grabbed at the scruff by a panicked Yusef-sama, let out a wistful voice while hanging in midair.

“But this person smells so good!”

Faneer, who fluffed his gold curls and twitched his doggy ears as he sleepily spoke, was still staring at Connie.

“Huh, am I…?”

For some reason, Connie fluttered with blushing cheeks.

However, the true identity of the scent was immediately discovered by the headmaster.

“Hmm, it definitely smells good. That girl…it’s coming from the basket she’s holding.”


—that’s how it is. Thank goodness things didn’t take a suspicious turn!!

“Huh? Ah! That’s right, I brought this to share!!”

The headmistress’ words brought Connie back to herself and she opened the basket, turning red as she wandered around.

Then the scent of freshly baked, fragrant bread and butter spread around the room.

“Oh, oh—!! How delicious it looks…!!”

The headmistress’ eyes instantly sparkled. Her gaze was glued to the basket.

Of course, what was in there was not the normal ‘melan’ (hard black bread) that was used as a substitute for a plate. It was a special fermented ‘lyuke’ (white bread) that had been further improved since it was unveiled at my birthday party. (***T/N: It’s fluffy because Alice invented the yeast)

“Connie, this…!”

I pointed to one of them with a trembling hand.

“Fufufu…that’s right Miss. The reason I am here today is because of this food that was finally finished!”

Connie, who had a smug look on her face, was not looking at the basket of baked apple danishes or cute shaped walnut bread.

She pulled out a package of paper that gave off a devilishly tempting scent.

[Original Author’s Note] I’m sorry for showing in my complete hobby.  I like the idea of a sister who is at the mercy of a shota who might turn out to be a handsome man in the future…I’m sorry if this is not your cup of tea.


T/N: Sorry it’s just a short chapter today! And yet another cliffhanger, hehehe. Any guesses as to what the snack is?

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