Chapter 92: Scent of the West

[Original Author’s Note] Thank you very much for your patience with this update! I have been wanting to promote the food culture revolution recently…and somehow this happened.


“Th-This is…!!”

With a solemn hand, I took the paper package with glittering effects and opened it gently.

What emerged from inside was a wheat-colored snack, clad in a crispy, fried batter. And even more amazing was the mouthwatering, spicy, rich aroma.

“This is it—!!!”

As I swooned and struck a small cheering pose, Brother Will popped up from the side and guessed the name of the snack.

“Oh, you finished it! The curry bread.”


Everyone tilted their heads in confusion.

Fufufufufu…That’s right!!!

I could feel the pressure from something saying, ‘There’s so much more knowledge you should be bringing to this world.’

I had recreated curry bread in this world using my previous life cheat…-smug expression-

It all started with a letter from my mother, who was making sweets in collaboration with the Virgil family as a practical hobby. It had a small amount of curry powder (called malay powder in this world, apparently) attached to it.

[I ordered some unusual spices from the west. But the smell is too strong to be used in sweets. Do you happen to have any good ideas? -cute troubled face emoji-] In that moment, I sniffed the malay powder that was sent along with the message.

I instantly became a curry lover.

I had become a person who could not be satisfied until I ate curry.

…It was too bad that my character became that way. However, it was inevitable because Japanese people grow up surrounded by curry rice, curry udon, curry noodle, and curry bread in their school lunches.

Now that I’ve remembered it once more, I was certain that if I didn’t eat it regularly, I would experience withdrawal symptoms…I’ll admit to any objections.

Also, the question  of “It’s similar, but why is it called ‘curry’ when it’s ‘malay’ powder?” had come up from Brother Will, however…

“This is curry bread. It has to be called curry bread. It’s just a feeling.”

“Oh, is that so? But isn’t it confusing?”

“Hmmm, I guess you have a point…Okay. Then let’s make it ‘Malay’ bread—Brother Malay~”

“Brother Malay!? Why does it feel like we can’t get back on track unless we accept the curry!?!”

…And so it was named ‘curry bread’ after that whole fiasco.

Then I sent Connie and our home cook a rough recipe and detailed requests, and after some trial and error, they were able to make it. I’d really love to have curry rice as well, but we don’t have anything close to Japanese rice, so I decided to try making curry bread first.

“This is the result of the blood, sweat, and tears of the cooks in the mansion. Please enjoy your freshly made meal, young lady!”

“Well, that analogy is a bit…”

Nodding to Connie who had an expectant look on her face, I tried to look around for a bench in the schoolyard while receiving a look from Brother Will.

However, what jumped into view was a shimmering purple color at super close range.

It was the eyes of the school headmistress, shining with anticipation.

“That’s…what is that!? Such a fragrant scent…!!” 

“E-Eh…it’s called curry bread…Would you like to try it?”

By the way, the school headmistress nodded vigorously. Somehow, she was huffing and puffing with great vigor.

It seems that our loli-hag has a curry attribute…

I managed to calm down the headmistress who was clinging to me, and sat down on the bench and offered her half of it.

I felt the greedy eyes of the little ones who were jealous of the headmistress, and while I felt a bit sorry for them, I took a bite of the bread.



Before I could enjoy the fragrant aroma and deliciousness of the curry bread, I was startled by the headmistress, who moaned loudly and made a strange sound.

Did she choke on it!?! Is her old body okay!?! When I hurriedly called out to her, the headmistress stared into a void as she muttered to herself, her hands quivering.


Oh, it was just delicious?

As I breathed a sigh of relief, the headmistress took my hand at an uncharacteristically rapid pace, and approached me with her eyes popping out.

“I want the maker of this to come to my home! Please ask them!”

“Eh!? I can’t do that, Headmistress. Both the cook and Connie are important to me, and I can’t let them go!”

Yes, they were important.

The head chef and I had formed a united front at my birthday party and had been growing fermented white bread yeast together (Although, I had made him stay up all night observing and managing the yeast, so I felt sorry that the united front was not exactly equal…)

And not only the head chef, but also the other chefs and Connie, who had been instrumental in prototype production, taste-testing and coming up with ideas.

Furthermore, I had given them homework assignments to recreate things using ingredients and equipment from this world, using a collection of cooking basics and recipes that I had written roughly.

I had established such a trusting relationship with my family chefs that I was able to do such things.

“Alice, Alice…!”

“You can’t just look like a little girl with such troubled eyes, Headmistress. Hmm, what should I do…”

If it was just a recipe or knowledge from my previous life, I could give it to the headmistress, but it was a whole different thing to actually make food with ingredients from this world. That’s why I needed a cook who was accustomed to my instructions.

However, I couldn’t just use a cook hired by my father and mother without permission. I couldn’t just suddenly tell everyone to go to the school’s kitchen…I’m sure there would be friction within the existing chefs, so it was impossible unless you they were mentally tough person.

As I was worried about what to do, Fredge, who was watching the situation, opened his mouth.

“Connie-san has expressed a desire to be by Alice-sama’s side…so how about Connie-san recreates the recipe made by the Marquis’ chefs in the kitchen?”

“You’re right, Fredge, that’s it! Alice-sama, why don’t you let Miss Connie work at both the Marquis’ home and the school?”

“That’s it!”

“Double work!”

The beast-children agreed with Fredge-sama and Ivan-sama’s suggestion.

Dual employment…I see. I couldn’t have her by my side as a maid, so why not try hiring her in the kitchen as a chef?

However, being a chef is a pretty lowly job in this world. Connie-chan would be considered a high-ranked servant as the personal maid of the next Marquis. Is this really okay…?

When I looked over to Connie with that in mind, she still had the best smile ever—gah! She gave a thumbs up. I couldn’t help but blink my eyes.

“Well, are you sure, Connie? Going to the kitchen means you’re going to be doing the dirty work like food prep and cleaning, you know?”

“It’s no problem at all, Miss!! Rather, let’s take this opportunity to spread your recipes to the school!”

“Oh! Then I can have curry bread any time I want! Okay, you’re hired!”

Before I could even stop them, the conversation was wrapped up, and before I knew it, Connie had gone back to pack her luggage.

As I was still frozen, the headmistress patted me on the shoulder.

“Don’t worry, Alice. We’ll give her the title of ‘temporary cooking instructor.’ A title of a senior position, not just a normal cook, would keep Connie and your family in line, wouldn’t it?”

“Um, ah, well, I guess…”

In other words, although she was my exclusive employee, I could not allow her to work as a servant without consulting with my father and mother. I needed to write a letter to them as soon as possible.

…While I was being swept away by the flow of requests from all sides, Connie had successfully earned her place in the school.

[Original Author’s Note] As a result of the reaction between curry bread, Connie and the headmistress of the school, a big explosion may occur…in the school’s food situation.


T/N: Connie has returned! And now I have to go and get some curry bread because I’m hungry… (っ˘ڡ˘ς)

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    1. I love curry! Indian curry is a personal favorite, but Japanese/Asian curry is the absolute best with rice/in bread. Thai curry uses a lot of coconut milk, so it’s not my favorite, but a lot of people like it.


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