Chapter 93: Alice’s Recipes

As soon as the curry bread was unveiled, Connie instantly corrupted the headmistress of the school at an amazing rate and earned a side job.

It seems that she had already prepared for it when she stormed in, and the next day she packed up all her belongings and had moved into the school.

From that day on, the food at the school changed little by little.

I also worked with my business partner who sold me the method and yeast to create it, and we used the modified lyuke as a staple food for the school.

We reduced the use of spices and emphasized the taste and flavor of the ingredients in their cooking.

We also taught them how to think about nutrients and hygiene, and how to eat healthier. It was like food education.

Incidentally, the book I gave to the head chef, which was a compilation of all these cooking philosophies and modern knowledge about cooking that I could remember, was called “Alice’s Recipes.”

With my name as it was, I would have said, ‘How can a young lady who probably never even stepped in a kitchen have such knowledge? I can’t believe it!’ It was possible that this could be the case.

That’s why the fictional super cook, Alice-san (which soudned like a superhuman with both a medical license and a cooking license), who was set to have contact only with Archelaus’ family and Connie, was born.

 Just as I was about to turn the tables on this after-the-fact decision, Connie had successfully won a culinary slugfest with the head chef of the school based on Alice-san’s recipes. And so, from the very start, she had truly earned her position as a cooking instructor, and not just a title that was  handed to her.

As for the students’ reactions, some of them, who were used to the strong seasoning, seemed to feel uncomfortable with it.

But for the most part, these were kids who were in the prime of their eating. If it was delicious and they could eat a lot, they had few complaints.

Deliciousness is justice. And justice will prevail.

School food, or the school cafeteria, was naturally geared toward the aristocracy, so I was very happy to see this change.

Things like, ‘the common people, who have the luxury of eating even salt and pepper rice, can’t possibly be eating the same food as us, can they? Oh?’ This was because the basic menu of the school cafeteria was a special spice menu that started with vanity and ended with vanity.

I was sad to say that in a fantasy otome game world, where the technology and living standards of the 13th-18th century were jumbled together, why was it that the food situation was so medieval?…I wasn’t sure if it was because it was  something where magic could not intervene.

Of course, it wasn’t too awful because the cooks in this world worked hard to take things seriously, but still…

Recalling that, I crisply ate the Singhala tea and fried lyuke that Connie had brought over.

“Mmm…frying lyuke is a bizarre idea, but it’s still good.”

“That’s right. It has a nice aroma and a crunchy texture. It seems to have a good effect on  the stomach.”

Yusef-sama usually defaults to a frown, but his fuzzy tail was wagging while he was munching and eating at high speed.

Even Legion-sama, who giggled at that, was nibbling on the lyuke while groaning.

By the way, this was just an ordinary fried bread.

It was that nostalgic fried bread from the good old days.

The idea of frying bread, which was normally very hard and tasteless, had never occurred to people. I hadn’t eaten it in a long time, so I suggested it and it became rather popular.

It was a dish we could make because of our fluffy, fragrant white bread.

While I tasted the nostalgic flavor of fried bread, I drank a cup of Singhala Tea, a fresh green tea, to refresh my mouth.

This is truly Japanese soul food…or is it soul tea? It is green tea after all.

The flavor was slightly different from Japanese green tea, but it could be used as almost the same thing. As you can imagine from the name, this was not the tea of our country’s origin.

This tea was from Sinhalite, the home country of Shin Yuren-sama

Because it was fried bread, I thought it would be nice to eat it with some milk, but the Singhala Tea that Shin-sama brought in as a sign of familiarity had become a little fad amongst the Golden Dawn Gang, so I decided to use this tea.

I’m sure Shin-sama is in the other room, cheering with his hands in the air.

What can I say, their taste in souvenirs seems just like that of a wealthy merchant family.

And as we were drinking tea and chatting about how relieved we were, Lansley, one of the Golden Wolf Tribe’s beast-children, stood up.

“Alice-sama! It’s my turn today~!”

He raised his hand with a snap and said as such, then he came running with a package.

Seeing that Shin-sama’s souvenirs were a big hit with me, the other children began to show me the prized items they had brought from home that they were proud of in their own territory.

The items varied, from fine local products to the beautiful pebbles that were synonymous with children’s treasures. It was quite the veritable jumble.

However, it was one of my favorite parts of the day because they all did their best to show off their treasures. It was so cute.

It was a fierce battle over who would show something to me first for praise, so I was limited to only one per day for now.

“It’s dangerous to run, Lansley-kun. What are you going to show me today?”

When I asked him with a laugh as I wiped the crumbs from his mouth, Lansley-kun opened the package with embarrassment.

When I saw what was in there, I was astonished…

Perhaps it was inevitable.


T/N: Any bets on what Alice received? Something amazing? Something awful? Something unknown? Or the author is just exaggerating?? I’m betting on something edible.

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  1. Alice hater: “if you join Alice group, you must make tribute to her with the best thing you have, every single day. Look at that depressing kid? He can’t make the tribute today.”


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