Chapter 95: Two Days Before the Exam

Now then,

While I threw myself at Brother Will to take care of the things that the Golden Dawn members had brought for various purposes, to supervise the education of the members, and to find cooperative senior members, I also threw myself at Brother Will to do various tasks in the remaining time until the examination day.

…There seems to be a running gag of me throwing too much of work on Brother Will, but well, I guess it can’t be helped.

Part of me was asking him to do tis because he craved the job as the first aide, and the other part of me was just indulging him.

I’ve also told him to learn to use his subordinates and acquaintances during these occasions, so that’s how things came to be.

That’s why I was currently having a new party with Brother Will. This is what we were working on.

“<Feathers, wind, and pastures. Soar high like the birds to the heavens.>”

I chanted the spell and moved my fingers to disperse the magic power into the air…The messenger spirit appeared.

I entrusted a letter to the pair of wings that were absorbing my magic power, and then it flew away.

I could both send and receive letters from this spirit that carried them.

I repeated this frequently during my spare time while working on the eregular classes for the pre-winter break exams.

I was also working on a certain production project after school for some reason, doing activities for the Golden Dawn gang, and working on a self-enforced boot camp for myself…In any case, I was moving around like crazy and was ridiculously busy.

In the meantime, the day after the Kajikaji shock—today—was two days before the exam.

Today was a very important day for me.

“Now then, everyone. Please recite your safety promises!”

As usual, I gathered the early mentees, including the beast-children, in the study room I was renting out. As I uttered my voice, I got a good response all at once.

“No chasing, no biting, no clinging!”

“Yes, that’s perfect! And what is important to keep in mind?”

Amongst the little ones who were relieved to see me smiling, Ivan-sama’s aide, Eugene the Black Cat, and Fredge-sama’s aide, Volya the Golden Wolf, yelled ‘yes!’ and raised their hands.

“Be compassionate!”

“Be caring!

“And be hospitable! That’s it!”

As I nodded my head with approval, Brother Will, who was in his fidgety aide mode, called out to me.

“It think it’s fine if you’re being this careful…But are you really sure?”

“Yes, it’s okay. I think this will be essential for the exams. And above all…”

Just as I was about to finish my sentence…

Connie opened the door, and a figure with long, silky, shimmering white-green hair walked in.

“I thought this would be a wonderful experience for Brother Oluris. I couldn’t help but plan it.”

…I said as such to Brother Will while watching over Brother Oluris, who had entered the room wearing a little anxiety and a little anticipation.


T/N: Hooray! We finally got Oluris back after what feels like forever! Looks like we’ll be getting some more magic soon???? -crosses fingers-

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