Chapter 40: Ruthless (1)

On that day, we were planning to do another dungeon investigation.

However, my brother and I did not participate in the investigation in order to welcome Mira’s visit.

And now Mira was to stay with the Avi family for a while. When the research facility in the mountains behind the house was completed, she would move there. Until then, he would be staying in the mansion.

The Avi family has no research equipment, so Mira had not been able to develop or research magic tools…but she seemed to be spending her time happily looking at the dozens of magic stones that my father gave her.

I’m glad. That’s good.

Speaking of my father…was it because of the flag I raised…?

I heard that he had been unable to defeat the demon beasts on the eighth dungeon level and came back.

Thanks to the early retreat, it seems that all of the members of the Leah were only slightly injured.

Thank goodness…I’m sorry for raising the flag.

The demon beasts that caused my father and the others to retreat were demon beasts that didn’t have physical bodies like ghosts, called [Illusion Wraiths].

In order to fight a demon beast that doesn’t have a physical form, one needed a variety of special items and equipment.

That’s why Father and the others had a difficult time and had to retreat.

They were now preparing for a revenge match.

Ghosts, huh? It’s a lot better than the spiders.

Bring it on!!!

The next dungeon survey would take place in a week.

In the meantime, I decided that I might as well prepare my own holy water.

It should be powerful enough to make them disappear in an instant.

Then we wouldn’t have any trouble!

That’s right. That’s what I’ll do. It’s decided.


Tomorrow was the long-awaited day that Ricardo-sama would be coming to see me.

I was in my room choosing a dress.

Perhaps I’ll go with a light purple dress that matches the color of my eyes…? I can’t ignore the pale blue one either…

When Ricardo-sama arrives…I must teach him how to use magic, step by step.

And then…if I’m lucky, he’ll let me touch his ears again!!!!

Fufufu. I grinned…

“…Charlotte-sama. There’s something weird about the way you’re smiling…it’s ruining the dress you’re wearing.”

I heard a voice from the supposedly empty room.

What? I was the only one in this room, right…?

I looked back at the direction of the voice feeling so awkward I could almost hear it.

For some reason, Mira was standing right near the entrance door.

“Mira…sama? Why are you here?”

When did you come in!?

“I knocked and entered as usual.”

No, no, no, no! Don’t just come in if I didn’t answer!

“…What is it for?”

“I wanted to have a little of Charlotte-sama’s magic power flow into this.”

He approached me and held out a yellow-green stone that looked like a peridot. This was a magic stone from a killer plant.

“…Why do you have this?”

I tilted my head.

“I’m sure I can create something interesting if I make a magic tool with magic power infused into the stone. So please give me your magic power.”

Mira forced me to hold the magic stone in one hand and smiled at me.

I didn’t know Mira was such a forceful person…

That…is it because magic tools are involved?

“Mira-sama…Mira. You and I are the same age, so let’s talk normally, okay? You can just call me ‘Charlotte.’”

I let out a single sigh, smiled, and held out the hand that was not holding the magic stone.

Mira was wearing a cotton white shirt and charcoal gray slacks. His silvery-white hair was trimmed below his ears, and his bangs were still long enough to cover his eyes.

“Uh…sure, I understand…Charlotte?”

Mira said and touched my hand.

I put all my energy into my hand and shook it…

…and then grabbed Mira so he couldn’t escape.




It’s easy to catch Mira, who is no taller than me.

I pulled him to the front of a nearby chair and had him sit there.


I’m not going to let you go even if you flail around like that.

I quickly formulated an image of being ‘tied up.’


When I whispered this, Mira’s limbs stopped moving, even though I wasn’t holding them down.


Mira was frightened and tried to pull back.

He was still able to move his mouth and speak normally.

As I watched the stuck mira, I went to the desk to pick something up.

It was, of course…


I had always wanted to do this ever since I first saw Mira!!!

“H-Hey, Charlotte! Talk to me so I can understand!”

The frightened Mira was as cute as a chihuahua.

“Don’t worry. I won’t hurt you…so just stay calm, okay?”

I raised up my scissors and made an ecstatic expression.

Here we go!


Mira’s annoyingly long bangs fell to the floor.

“Wow! Mira’s bangs!”

Mira’s scream echoed throughout the mansion.


T/N: RIP Mira. Now we know why the chapter where the chapter got its title from, lol.

Texas Chainsaw Scissors Massacre–Ver. Charlotte

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