Chapter 97: Ritual (2)


“But are you really sure about this…?”

Ivan-sama sniffled languidly and Fredge-sama asked with tears in his eyes.

“It’s fine. Rather, it’s my request that we be good friends with this.”

When I smiled and said that, there were some lovely crying and joyful voices.

I understood what Fredge-sama meant. I knew that it was risky for me to make a physical ‘membership card’ of sorts, as well.

This was something that could be thought of as having the beastmen in my pocket, or showing favoritism towards them.

However, I didn’t mind if people thought that to a certain extent, and I had already gotten my father and mother’s approval.


…They were the first ones at the school to take a liking to me without worrying about all the rumors.

Seeing the reactions of the beast-children with flushed cheeks and tears in their trembling eyes, I breathed a little sigh of relief. I was glad I planned it.

I looked at Brother Oluris with an ‘okay.’

“Well then…let’s get started right away.”

The atmosphere of Brother Oluris, who smiled softly as he said that, changed slightly in the next moment.

Then he quietly walked over to the tools that he had prepared and laid out on the work table.

“First, let me show you an example of how it’s done.”

After saying it, Brother Oluris took a slow, deep breath once more, and closed his eyes.

The air around him was quickly changing. The change was palpable to all those in the room, and everything all at once became serious and quiet.

…His weak yet gentle aura all of sudden became dignified and taut.

In the blink of an eye, the passive atmosphere of concern for the surroundings was instantly switched to…a dominant aura that would give instructions to the spirits.

I had seen Brother Oluris in ‘magician mode’ a few times back at home, and it was always a fascinating change to see.

His gaze was dignified, and the expression on his face was so sharp that one could feel the coldness in his eyes…To be honest, it was so freaking cool. Wasn’t it like a gap moe?

Brother Oluris was usually a fluffy and timid character, but he was also a handsome capture target from the Golden Rose game…and he was making us keenly aware of it.

Currently on the desk were some spirit herbs, a candle, a water basin, and a parchment with a magic circle drawn on it.

After placing the potpourri on top of the magic circle, Brother Oluris began to cast a spell as if he were singing a poem.

“<The unity of disparate things, and the spiritual power that resides within>”

Along with his quiet voice, the magic power overflowed into the space as it melted away from Brother Oluris, illuminating the magic circle.

At that moment, the surroundings felt darker around me, as if I was separated from the rest of the world.

I wasn’t sure if it was because I was attracted to the phenomenon in front of me, or if my isolation was actually the case. But either way I was strongly attracted.

The light of the magic circle, which rose up in a pale white light, even appeared to be the only light source in this world, just at this moment.

“<O’ world, why do you not open your mouth? What is not unified, must become the source of great unity>”

Brother spun the spell in a low, beautiful voice as he spoke to me.

With a flowing motion, he raised a bundle of spirit herbs above the candlelight, and then they disintegrated like smoke by something that wasn’t the power of fire. They disappeared in a flurry.

Then he pulled out his own Athame, which was kept at his waist, and held it upright like a knight in front of the magic circle.

“<East wind blowing to the north. The water that turns to the south. That which is destroyed with fire, also rises among the stars…and shall determine the fate of those who move you>”

The moment Brother Oluris said that strongly, I felt my body quiver with a buzz.

I couldn’t describe it well, but…I felt as if something was being rewritten before my eyes, something different from its original nature.

At the same time I felt that, I noticed that the water was disappearing from the water basin.

I blinked at it as if there had never been anything there in the first place, and this time the parchment with the magic circle on it burned.

The flames disappeared before I could even scream.

The next thing I junket know, the extinguished candle and the potpourri amulet were the only things left the table.

“It’s done.”

Surprised at the soft voice, I looked up and saw that the study room was back to its usual bright atmosphere.

[Original Author’s Note] It was the cool Oluris-sama and his magic~! The story hasn’t moved forward that much, but I wanted to write something like this.


T/N: I mean, it’s nice that we got some magic in this chapter–Woo!

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One thought on “Chapter 97: Ritual (2)

  1. Heh, I read someone in the reviews that said that the author vegan to veer off in tangents that had nothing to do with the premise til after chapter 100 or something, that reviewer said something along the lines that even the author apologized in twitter (I think, or some other public forum) because she went waaaay off course.

    I personally don’t mind, it’s interesting, even if a bit slow.

    Thanks for the chapter!!

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