Chapter 98: The Golden Ribbon


That’s so……

Ahhhhh that’s so—!!!!

“““That’s so cool!!!”””

Just as I was about to scream for joy, I came to my senses when I unexpectedly heard screams other than my own.

Looking to the side, my aides, Laurier-sama and Leticia-sama, and the beast-children…in other words, everyone here, was trembling with a excitement.

“First of all, the lines were so cool.”

Come on, Johann, they aren’t lines. It was a spell, a spell.

“His face is cool…”

Matilda, that has nothing to do with magic.

“It was all so…”

Brother Will!?!

I looked over at Brother Oluris while mentally giving responses to each of the others’ reactions. He was scratching his cheeks as if embarrassed. Ehehehe, how cute.

“Eh, well…that one was done my own way, so it’s a little different than having everyone else do it, but…when you use magic, it’s like that…”

He tried his best to explain, but it was hard to endure the enthusiastic gazes of everyone who was a bit too focused on him.

He hid himself, shuffling behind me, and began to squirm with a red face, “Alice…”

Brother Oluris, think about the height difference—the height difference! You’re not hiding well at all. You’re just being cute!!!

I mumbled and took over the explanation.

“Um, I think all of the beastmen are not the best at magic, but…if you work hard at it, it will be cool just like that, so let’s all do our best here!”

“That doesn’t explain it at all Alice!?”

……I was so excited that I couldn’t explain it either.


After settling in for the time being, Brother Oluris and I gave detailed instructions on how to do the spell, and handed out spell cards.

By the way, as beginners, we needed about twice as many spells as Brother Oluris did. Only Brother Oluris, who had cheat-like abilities, could use such a poetic, short spell with minimal tools and in such a short amount of time.

What he did was just a demonstration to get us more interested in magic.

The little ones made mistakes in the flow of the ritual, had too much or too little magic power, and were troubled by the long spells, but they still managed to take things step by step and all of them managed to finish the magic.

And thus, the stun grenades were completed in this way.

………That’s a mistake. I meant the amulets.

“This is a magic amulet that, when it builds up a certain amount of magical power, emits a strong light and wind that can blind the opponent. It is prohibited to bring in magic tools for the magic practical test, but other than that, please keep them with you.”

As I said this, I went around tying ribbons onto everyone’s amulet to make the finishing touch.

The color of the ribbon was gold.

In case you were wondering, we were calling ourselves the Golden Dawn gang.

Phew, I’ve done it… And then I looked around.

…I could see everyone hugging the amulet and rubbing them against their cheeks with an inexplicably happy expression.

I had been extremely busy, but I was glad I had done my best.

I sniffed and felt a sense of contentment.

[Original Author’s Note] It was a bit short, but that was the punchline to the story of making the group membership cards. I love the heartwarming flirting between the young men and women, so I can’t help but add Brother Oluris to Alice’s group.


T/N: Yes author-san! I agree to adding Oluris to Alice’s fluffy harem of friendship, lol.

I apologize that updates have been slower lately. The truth is, I’ve been moving apartments and my parents are also moving at the same time, so things have been suuuuuper hectic lately. I’ll still make sure to update as regularly as I can though, so I appreciate everyone’s understanding 🙂

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  1. Stun grenades? Flashbang?
    I don’t know the actual difference, only touch it at counterstrike at years ago


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