Chapter 42: The Long-Awaited (1)

Today was finally the day of the long awaited visit from Ricardo-sama!

I had been messing around with Mira so much that I forgot to pick out a dress…well, a lot of things had happened so I wasn’t not getting enough sleep, but I couldn’t say that.

Ricardo-sama is coming, so I can’t skimp on my appearance, can I?

It was currently around 8am.

Ricardo-sama would be here around ten o’clock.

The day before, a messenger had brought me a letter from Ricardo-sama.


I will visit you tomorrow at ten o’clock. Lady Charlotte, I look forward to seeing you once again.

—Ricardo Aker.


I mean—!!!

This letter is a lifetime treasure, isn’t it!?!

On the letterhead, there was a lovely white sheelah flower, a specialty of the Akers. Written on it were beautiful, polite and slightly peculiar letters.

And above all, it smelled like Ricardo-sama! A fresh, gentle scent, like the sheelahs.

A Ziploc!!

I want a Ziploc!!!

I’m going to trap this scent and make it an heirloom!!!!

Can’t I make it with Cheat-san?

Or will I have to consult the genius Mira?

If there is a treasure chest that prevents fading and can preserve things in their current state, I can put something else in it!

Okay, let’s charge in later.


“Charlotte-sama, I know you’re happy, but your face is disappointing.”

Oh, no! I wasn’t alone.

I could see Marianna through the mirror, her eyebrows lowered with a troubled look on her face.

I don’t know why I’m so careless…

I wanted to dig a hole and climb in.

She was sitting in front of my dresser, combing and braiding my hair into a fine bun.

It was funny how my stubborn vertical hair rolls became docile in Marianna’s hands.

My honey-colored hair was braided together with a light purple ribbon and swept to the side in a single piece.

As always, she was very skillful.

I also checked the back of my head in the hand mirror that was handed to me.

“How is it?”

“Yes! It’s perfect! Thank you!”

I stood up and hugged Marianna tightly.

“Oh dear, you’ll ruin your hair, won’t you?”

Marianna giggled.

“Here. If you don’t get ready soon, Aker-sama will arrive, right?”

Ah, that’s right! I can’t have that.

I hurriedly changed into the dress I had prepared.

I wasn’t sure what to wear, but I decided on a light purple dress.

It matched the ribbon in my hair.

It was a knee-length dress with a round collar and a lot of lace all over the dress without being too flamboyant.

Since we were going outside today, I had to remember to wear short white lace socks and shoes of the same color as the dress.

“Okay. That’s it.”

Finally, Marianna tied the large ribbon at my waist into a tight knot.

As I spun around in front of the large mirror, the hem of my dress fluttered.

Oh…that looks good.

Charlotte may not have the best impression, but she has a good face, so it suits her well.

With this, I’ll be fine no matter when Ricardo-sama comes!

……Oh, I forgot—!!!

I had to prepare the sheelah juice that Ricardo-sama wanted to drink the next time he came.

“Marianna, I’m sorry, but if Ricardo-sama arrives, will you show him to the garden?”

It was easier to prepare in that usual place rather than in the mansion. I would be ready and waiting.


Marianna smiled and walked out of the room.

“Well then, let’s get ready and head out.”

I grabbed the bottles, glasses,nand other necessary things and headed for the garden.


“Hmmm. It’s always great to be here!”

When I came to a corner of the garden, I placed my belongings on a nearby table, stretched out, and took a deep breath.

Theere were also cookies prepared by Marianna today.

I couldn’t prepare them today because of my sleeplessness, but next time I wanted to bake them myself.

Even so, I could bake at least a few cookies. I wanted Ricardo-sama to eat them too.

Now, it was time to get started…

I wanted to make undiluted sheelah juice before Ricardo-sama arrived.

I went to the flower bed where the Sheelah flowers were and picked about twenty white flowers. Sheelah was a flower with a taste similar to apples. It also smelled as sweet as apples.

I also decided to pick some of the suuri flowers that were blooming next to them. Suuri was a flower that tasted like strawberry. The petals were pink and very pretty.

I came back to the table with the flowers I had picked.

Then I cut the petals of each flower and put them in the jar I prepared.

I started with the Sheelahs first.

Holding out my right hand over the jar containing the sheelah, I froze the flowers with ice…crushed and compressed them…and imagine squeezing out only the sweet parts.


I murmured slowly, and at the same time, a soft light spread around me. The light disappeared after a few dozen seconds, leaving only a clear liquid in the bottle.

I poured a little bit of it into a small glass and tried to drink it. As I tilted the glass, the scent of apples tickles my nose.

-Gulp- When I swallowed, I could taste the rich apple flavor.

It’s a success.

Next up was the Suuri flowers.

Like with the sheelahs, I held out my right hand to the bottle of Suuris and let the image expand before muttering the incantation.

In the suuri’s bottle, a light pink liquid was produced. I did the same thing and took a sample, and a sweetness like ripe strawberries spread in my mouth.

Yup. Another success.

I put the glass back on the table and smiled.

Then I noticed the sound of rustling footsteps and looked over to see the person waiting for me.

“Hello. Lady Charlotte?”


T/N: Sorry it’s been taking me a little longer to post! Like I’ve mentioned in the other novel, I am in between moving apartments/houses and also getting ready for a brain surgery in our family, so things have been quite hectic. I promise to post as fast as I can though, so I appreciate everyone’s patience with me!

Next chapter will be our favorite fluff-boi Ricardo!


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