Chapter 101: The Song that Overflowed

-Shwaaaa-…I felt the wind start to blow.

At the same time, the hidden heat that had been trapped inside of my body was released and rushed out into the air like a burst of heat.

I lost my strength and fell to my knees on the ground with a thump.

I felt engulfed by a sense of freedom.

What is this? What is this feeling? I looked around loosely.

The ground, the walls, and my entire field of vision were covered in shimmering ice.

The chilled air that came down cooled my agitated heart. The glittering ice crystals were slowly falling all around me, and it was so beautiful.

…How pleasant this feels.

When I looked ahead with such fluffy and vague thoughts, I noticed some wriggling things.

What is it?


They were my important ones, and the ones I disliked.

Even my dazed mind understood that much.

I felt like the important ones were scared of me. Was this pleasant state of mind really a bad state of mind?

I felt like the disliked ones were yelling something in a hurry. They are too loud, I have to shut them up.

As that thought occurred to me, the words suddenly came out of my mouth.

“<The ones who threaten tirelessly. Those who listen to the words of the dead…the mire, frozen, surrendering the flow of time…>”

What is this? The words flew out of my mouth like a song.

Words that I knew, yet didn’t seem to know. What was this?

The ice in my field of vision changed shape in response to the words I dreamily mumbled.

The ice around me gathered in front of my eyes, making a small sound with a snap.

The small pieces flew through the air like diamond dust, and the gathered pieces took shape. With a loud bang, they gradually formed a huge block of ice.

…Ah, how beautiful it is!

Things that moved at will were obedient and beautiful and wonderful.

At that time, I had been engulfed by such thoughts and was almost taken over by them.

“I thought I felt a great deal of magic being spread around here…Jeez.”

I suddenly heard a deep, low, glossy, and beautiful voice.

My vision, which was enamored by the fantastic scene was suddenly covered by a large palm, and my vision went completely dark.

Even my body, which didn’t like it and tried to escape, was hugged from behind by powerful arms, making it impossible to escape.

Future ML-san–is that you????

“Calm down.”

Who are you to tell me what to do?

I shook my head no, but the large hands remain tightly bound and blocked my vision and body.

Do not interrupt me. I need to punish the person who hurt my loved ones.

“You will regret it.”

Why? Who are you? Do not touch me!

With such a repulsive feeling, the mysterious words once again overflowed from my mouth.

However, the owner of the large palm spoke up to interrupt them.

“<Blessed we are. The snow of summer, the short nights of winter. Now carry away all of these mistakes>”

When that lurching bass sound echoed in my ears, something that had felt infinite a moment ago—the expansion of my magical power—was suddenly squeezed in.

Along with the bitterness, reality struck me.

“Gehh, a-ah…?’’

The hands that had been covering my upset suddenly separated. and their warmth suddenly released their restraints.




What was I trying to do just now? I don’t know what I was thinking.

I didn’t know what that was. I was confused.

And then, I realized that whoever had been holding me was nowhere to be found.


……In this place that was turned into ice all around.

The only thing I noticed was that I was left with multiple frightened eyes staring at me.


T/N: Looks like things are finally starting to get a little more interesting!

Also, I went back to chapter 100 and added manga pictures I found of Nicholas and Kirche (Gabriella’s aides). Feel free to go back in case you were interested!

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