Chapter 102: Fear of Losing Control

“Eh…? What is  this…?”

The narrow path in  the back of the school building was now a silver world all around, with particles of ice and powdery snow reflecting the glittering moonlight.

In particular, the ground was now a terrible, hard ice floor. It seemed to spread out from my feet as a starting point.

In an instant, I could sense that I seemed to have done something, but I couldn’t quite remember what I had been doing or what I was talking about just a moment ago.


Hearing that scared voice, I looked up in a daze, stunned, and saw that Kirche was desperately backing up with his face in a daze.

“Do-don’t come here…!”

His eyes and tone of voice were as if he was looking at a ghost.

Nicholas, beside him, was also staring at me with a pale face.

“Ah…oh, Co-Connie…”

With a huff, I turned to Connie and the others. I saw the stunned-looking beast-children holding back Connie,  who  seemed to have a clear consciousness.

I was truly relieved. Were her wounds shallow?

And although the entire area was covered in ice, no one was frozen…It seems that no harm had been done.

While confirming that, I moved my trembling legs and stood up.

It felt kind of awful. It seems that all of my body’s strength had been drained away at once.

As I was about to walk towards Connie and the others with a breath, I heard a small voice.

……It was Volya-kun.


Volya-kun covered his mouth as quickly as possible at the scream he made.

I felt a pain in my chest. However, this was a situation that one couldn’t help being scared.

This, no matter how I look at it…my magic power lost control, right?

In the past, when I first reported Rouge’s bad behavior to my father…At that time, too, the temperature had dropped sharply around him, and there was a cold air drifting across the floor of the room. Perhaps I had done something like that, but dozens of times worse.

I stopped my feet from walking towards the beast-children and Connie with a snap. I looked at my hands in a daze.

I was still kind of stunned, and I didn’t even understand what I did earlier.

But I vaguely remembered that I had been about to do something terribly dangerous.

I had cast some kind of spell…As I recall, an iceberg-like block of ice was created in front of me. It got bigger and bigger, sharper and sharper.

It had expanded like a sharp blade, as if it were absorbing my anger.

…Had I been trying to kill someone?

My body trembled.

It’s no wonder Volya-kun was so frightened. Even as an adult woman, I was unable to control my own emotions and went out of control to harm people. How could I?

My body suddenly started to quiver as I recognized the reality too late.

“Ah…oh, I…”

The tears began to well up inn my eyes.

I was confused about what to do.

No, I don’t know what to do. This is no time to cry actress…B-But, I can’t help it, my head is spinning. My mind is overwhelmed with things I’ve never experienced in my previous life.

The real harm…the real harm wasn’t actually done, right?

In that moment, I almost had a panic attack.

“It’s okay.”

With such a voice, I was suddenly wrapped softly in warmth and embraced by a soft body.

“It’s all right, Miss.”


Before I realized it, Connie, who had come to my side, was hugging me tightly.

“It’s okay. My wound is shallow, and the place where I got cut is on my shoulder. It’s just a graze…No one was hurt by your magic, either.”


“Yes, really, my lady.”

“Is it really okay?”

“It’s really okay.”

As we were asking and answering questions, I felt the edges of my clothes being squeezed.

When I jerked away, I saw Volya, Lucia and Faneer who had come up to me and were anxiously surrounding us.

“Alice-sama. Alice-sama. I’m sorry.”

The half-crying one was Volya.

“You were just trying to help me, weren’t you? And then I got angry because Connie was hurt…and yet, I…”

The one who poked and prodded Volya and opened her mouth was Lucia.

“That’s right, Volya, what’s the matter with you—you’ve got a tail a wrapped up and were freaked out! Alice-sama, you don’t have to worry about this guy’s reaction!”

I watched the exchange with a slight pout, and this time Faneer-kun chuckled.

“Thank you for coming to our rescue…That was a bit of a surprise, but no one is injured. It’s okay. We’re okay.”

When I heard that, I kind of lost my mind all at once.

After moaning like a child…I began crying very loudly.


T/N: Connie is love. Connie is life. o(TヘTo)

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