Chapter 43: The Long-Awaited (2)

“Hello. Lady Charlotte?”

The waiting Ricardo-sama was there, smiling.

“Ricardo-sama! I’ve been expecting you.”

I hurriedly lifted up the hem of my dress and gave a ladylike curtsey/

Ricardo smiled back at me.

“Are you alone, Ricardo-sama?”

I suddenly realized that when I looked around Ricardo-sama and myself, no one had been following me.

I honestly thought that my brother would be with me.

Well, I can never be too careful, because Brother is always on the prowl like a demon.

“Yes. I was told that you were in the garden, so I came alone. I remembered where it was.”

Ricardo-sama smiled.

Oh wow…it’s a feast for the eyes…I feel healed.

“What’s that?”

Ricardo-sama approached the table and stared at the bottle containing Sheelah and Suuri juices.

“The transparent one is Sheelah and the light pink one is Suuri.

“Wow…so this is it.”

Ricardo-sama, with his ears twitching and his tail wagging…how precious…!!!

I tried my best to hold back the nosebleed that was about to come out from him being too cute.

Charlotte. No nosebleeds! Not allowed!!!

I desperately reasoned with myself.

“May I taste it?”

Ricardo-sama tilted his head.

Kyaaa!!! I can’t believe it! Why are you so cute!?!?

Calm down…calm down! Charlotte!!!

I kept drawing the words “cold as ice” over and over in my mind.

Hang in there! Charlotte! Be ladylike!

“It’s a strong-tasting juice, so I’ll dilute it. Would you like it with the carbonated soda you had before, or diluted with just water?”

I asked calmly with a smile.

“Carbonated…? I think I prefer the carbonated one. It was interesting and delicious.”

Ricardo-sama smiled.

Yes! My pleasure!! I’ll make it right now!!!

I held out my hand over the pitcher of water.

I imagined a very weak lightning. Stirring the water in the pitcher so that it contained a lot of oxygen…



I muttered very quietly.

It flashed for a moment, and a tiny little lightning bolt fell into the pitcher.

Just like last time, after the lightning struck, the inside of the pitcher seemed to bubble.

The carbonated water was complete.

In the middle of the sequence of events. Ricardo-sama had been looking at me with sparkling eyes.

Uh…I feel awkward…

“After the tasting….let’s try it, shall we?”

“Yes. I’m looking forward to it.”

Ricardo-sama nodded widely.

I quickly made ice in a glass, poured in the undiluted Sheelah juice and soda water, and mixed the contents with a muddler.

“Here you go. Sheelah juice.”

I held it out in front of Ricardo-sama.

“Thank you.”

Ricardo immediately sipped the glass. He may have gotten used to the carbonation, but for a moment his tail stood up straight as if he was surprised, but after that it wagged from side to side as if satisfied.

…I’m glad. I patted my chest in relief.

“The Sheelah juice tastes good too.”

“Yes, the fresh sweetness of the sheelahs add a nice accent. Suuri juice is also delicious.”

I offered him some freshly made Suuri juice.”

“You’re right. This is also delicious.”

“Yes, its sweetness is addictive.”

Even though there were no seeds on the petals of the suuri, it tasted so much like strawberries that I could almost feel the seeds of the strawberries.

With that, the label, shellah, and suuri juices were perfected.

It seemed that I would be able to make some delicious sake after all.

“How was it?”

“Yes. It’s really good. I really want to make it a specialty of the Aker territory.”

…That’s good. Now I can be of use to Ricardo-sama.

“Then, let’s practice magic by making this for practical use.”

I pointed to the bottle of undiluted Sheelah juice.

“I wonder if I can really make this…”

“Don’t worry! I’ll make it work.”

I gave a small wink to Ricardo-sama, who looked worried.


Ricardo-sama turned bright red.

…Huh? Did he…did he have a fever?

Teehee~ I smiled and just went with it.


T/N: They are just so cute! It’s too bad Charlotte is denser than a black hole ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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