Chapter 103: It’s Too Late for That

When you are being comforted, regardless of your own emotions…do you find yourself unable to start crying? I had been trying to stay calm, but was touched by kindness.

…That’s kind of the situation I was in right now.

“It’s okay, it’s okay, Miss.”

“Alice-sama, Alice-sama.”

[Connie and the Beast-children’s Kindness Attack! 99+ damage to Alice!]

-Hic- -sniff-

I was sniffling and wondering why I was crying, and then I remembered that, yes, I had been about to harm someone until I was calmed.

What happened to Nicholas and Kirche, those idiots? When I quietly turned my head in that direction, I saw Kirche, who was still pace-faced, and Nicholas, who for some reason looked stunned and soulless, both standing there.


Aside from Kirche, what was that dumb face on Nicholas? The moment I made eye contact with him while sniffing, Nicholas turned away as if he was being played.


Hmm? Before I could even think, a tremendous impact hit me on the head with a scowl.


“Oh, whoa, Miss!?”

What’s going on? I looked at the object that had hit my head before falling to the ground…it was the Yuda stone I had seen some time ago.

It was emitting a strong light, as if it had taken a lot of magical power with it when it hit me.

“Alice!!!! I knew it was you!!!!”

“Is everyone safe!?”


I was surprised to hear Ray-sensei’s shout following the stone along with the voice of the Headmistress of the Lovaine… I turned around to find the two of them together running towards me at breakneck speed.

I was surprised by the uncanny momentum and jumped up with Connie, and then Ray-sensei, who came running up to me, firmly grabbed me by both shoulders.

“Are you okay!? I mean—what a mess!! What the hell is this!?”


As I was in a state of confusion under the tremendous momentum of worry and anger, the beast-children pointed to Nicholas and the others and responded, “It was them, sir! It’s their fault that we’re in this mess!”

However…the place was empty.

“Huh? When??”

The headmistress was scurrying around. Ray-sensei also looked around, but they were no longer there in shadow or shape.

“Ahhhh….well, Ray-sensei…Two members of Gabriella’s entourage had been bullying our kids badly. I mean, lynching and stealing. So I ran in, and we got into an argument, and the other guy got upset and…knives came out, so I accidentally lost my temper and went out of control…”


Ray-sensei was speechless for a moment at my statement, and the next moment he shouted, “You idiot!!”

“Why didn’t you call an adult right away!? It would be dangerous to be with those who are attacking in such a place, so why didn’t you run away!?!”

“Uh…but the beast-kids…”

“That’s why! Think about your position and your abilities, idiot!…tch. Anyway, you’re all going to the infirmary.”

With that, Ray-sensei removed his hand from mine and began to check everyone’s wounds.

…The momentum was overwhelming, but I was convinced as bitterness flowed out of me.

If you ask me, it was certainly true. Faneer was injured, and if he had time to upset the others by arguing in vain, he should have called an adult or taken everyone away as soon as possible.

…I intended to be cool with it at first…but the truth is, I wasn’t cool with it from the start.

What’s with those kids? I couldn’t do anything about it, but rather, I put them in danger.

I almost fell into a terrible self-loathing, but then my vision suddenly surfaced and I panicked.

To my surprise, I was being carried by Ray-sensei like a sack.


“Let’s go.”

Yup, Ray-sensei was so pissed off that he was talking like a man, and the way he carried himself was so bold…was everything okay?

And what’s with this situation…!?!

…I was left confused and taken to the doctor’s office, along with the others.


T/N: Lol, Ray-sensei finally lost it.

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2 thoughts on “Chapter 103: It’s Too Late for That

  1. Too bad Alice, no princess carry for someone who do unprincess(?) unlady(?) like thing…lol
    Eventhough you do no wrong IMO


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