Chapter 44: The Long-Awaited (3)

I prepared about ten Sheelah flowers.

I cut five half of the Sheelah petals into strips and placed them in a jar.

Then I prepared the other half by placing them in another jar.

The first batch would be made by Ricardo-sama with my guidance, and the second batch would be made by Ricardo-sama alone.

Now then…

“Let’s give it a try, shall we?”

I sat down in front of Ricardo-sama.

“Ricardo-sama. Please hold your right hand over the bottle.”

“Here…like this?”

Ricardo-sama did as I asked and placed his right hand on the bottle.

Next was the imaging.

“First, freeze the Sheelah flowers. Imagine freezing the petals and say the spell out loud.”

“The image of freezing…Yes. I’ll try it.”

Ricardo-sama closed his eyes.

Even with his eyes closed, he was still handsome…

I wanted to touch his twitching ears…

In a short while, the wrinkles between Ricardo-sama’s refreshing eyebrows began to crease.

Oh, that’s not good. Have my evil thoughts been seen through…??

I was impatient, but that didn’t seem to be the case.


When Ricardo-sama cast the spell, the sheelahs at the tip of his right hand did not freeze.

“It’s no good…”

Ricardo-sama slumped his shoulders.

Both his ears and and tail fell down!!!

Ricardo-sama is so cute…

…I just can’t

“Ricardo-sama. Please try again.”


When I asked, Ricardo-sama held out his hand again and closed his eyes.

I reached out my hand from the front of Ricardo-sama and placed it on his hand.

I’m not just thinking that it’s big and smooth or that I want to touch it more, okay?!?

I’m letting go of my evil thoughts!!!…Half of them!


Ricardo-sama widened his eyes and seemed to get impatient.

“Ricardo-sama. Please stay calm and concentrate. I’ll try to channel my magic power into you.”

“Please concentrate” I said, putting myself to the side and trying to act like an adult.


Ricardo-sama closes his eyes as he’s prompted. After seeing that, I also closed my eyes.

I let my magic flow into Ricardo-sama.

The image was of [Synchronization].


I let out a small murmur that may or may not have been heard.

Then, I began to search for the magic power inside of Ricardo-sama. There must be some in him.

I continued to channel my own magic power into him.

…I found it.

After a bit of searching, I found a locked box of magic power deep inside of Ricardo-sama’s body. If I could break the lock, he should be able to use the magic.

I focused my attention on the keyhole.

I don’t want to break it, I just want to open it.

Open it…open it!

As I continued to concentrate my magic, the lock opened with a click.

It’s opened!!!

From that moment, magic power began to circulate throughout Ricardo-sama’s body.


Perhaps sensing the magic power, Ricardo-sama muttered to himself.

When I opened my eyes and looked at the bottle, I saw the sheelah petals freeze in an instant.



Ricardo-sama was looking at the bottle in a daze.

“This is…?”

“Ricardo-sama did it.”

“…It wasn’t you?”

“Yes. I only pushed my magic inside of Ricardo-sama, so I didn’t freeze the Sheelah.”

“Then I…”

Ricardo-sama was looking at his right hand in a daze.

Yes. It’s a good thing. I’m happy for you.

I almost cried as I was watching.

You’ve done something you couldn’t do before, something you thought you couldn’t do!

It’s inspiring.

“Thank you…Charlotte.”

Riccardo-sama looked at me with a heartfelt smile on his face that I had never seen before.


My heart was shot through the chest by something.

Moreover…he called me Charlotte!!!

Will he do me a favor? I wonder if he’ll consent to it now!

Ah, but…now is not the time.

I had to finish this properly.

“Ricardo-sama. Let’s move on.”


“Imagine crushing a frozen Sheelah and squeezing out its clear juice.”

“I understand.”

Ricardo-sama nodded, held out his right hand and closed his eyes again.

I could see the pale light coming from his right hand, and the sheelah flower petals crumbling into pieces and compressing into one.


He muttered the same incantation that I used to himself, and the inside of the bottle was covered in light.

After the light disappeared, there was a clear liquid in the bottle.

“So, is it done?”

Ricardo-sama lifted the bottle and brought the clear liquid to his mouth. In that moment, his eyes widened.

Those eyes told me that the technique was successful.

“Ricardo-sama. Let’s try it again before we forget.”

I smiled and held out the other bottle.


T/N: So our favorite fluffy-boi has learned magic. It might come in handy in the future when fending off the overprotective Demon Lord Lucas…

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