Chapter 45: Reward

Chapter 45 of “As A Result Of Breaking An Otome Game, The Villainess Young Lady Becomes A Cheat! (Part 1: Charlotte 12 Years Old)”

Ricardo-sama was able to successfully create sheelah juice in the other bottle.

“Congratulations! This is how to make the undiluted Sheelah juice. After that, you can process it as you like, Ricardo-sama.”

I smiled.

The rights to make Sheelah juice belonged to Ricardo-sama, as promised.

“As for the Sheelah liquor…you may mix it with the KuranKuran. Creating the sheelah liquor will have to wait.” (***T/N: KuranKuran was that cranberry juice like alcohol that was introduced a few chapters back. Kuran is a cherry flavored fruit)

KuranKuran and Sheelah wouldn’t overpower each other in taste, so they could be mixed.

I wanted to teach him how to make the sheelah liquor once it was in a properly finished state.

I didn’t like the idea of teaching something that I wasn’t satisfied with. I guess I was just very particular.

“I understand.”

Ricardo-sama, who understood my intentions, nodded widely. Then he stood up and walked towards me.


Ricardo approached and knelt down while taking my hand.

I was in a little state of panic at his unexpected behavior.

“Lady Charlotte, I will never forget this favor.”

He took my hand and placed his lips to my palm.


I can’t believe my favorite handsome guy is kneeling before me!!!

…No. It’s just too unreal…I’m about to fall over.

I bit my lip tightly and endured it.

“What can I do to repay you…?”

Ricardo-sama said as such with a troubled face.

“I-In that case…can you just call me ‘Charlotte’?”


“Yes. That alone would make me happy.”

It makes me happy to have the person I love call me by my name.

But I can’t just say that!

“…Thank you.”

You’re too cute, Ricardo-sama!!!

What are you doing to make me so crazy about you!?!?

“Ricardo-sama…your clothing will get dirty. This way, please.”

I held back my grin and patted the seat next to me.

Ricardo-sama slowly stood up and sat down on the seat next to me.

…I was embarrassed to admit that I led him to me.

Ricardo-sama’s long tail tickled around my back.

When I moved around, I saw that Ricardo-sama seemed surprised.

“I’m sorry!”

Ricardo-sama had a bright red face and tail.

“…What’s wrong?…Can I touch your tail today?”

I tried to ask him with no luck.


Ricardo-sama froze.

Did I mess up?

“Ah, I-I’m sorry—!!”

I was in a hurry to correct myself, but Ricardo-sama’s words were faster than mine.

“—If it’s just at the end…”


“Is it okay?”

When I glanced at Ricardo-sama, he seemed to have a very complicated expression on his face. He looked embarrassed but happy.

“Here you go.”

“…I’ll treat it carefully.”

I took the tail that was handed to me with great care.

It’s fluffy, so fluffy, and fluffy……

The fluffy and gentle fur was the same as his ears. The velvety smoothness of the touch deprived me of thinking about other unnecessary emotions.

When I sniffed it, it smelled like Ricardo-sama.

It was a gentle scent, similar to a fresh Sheelah flower.

There was no animal scent at all!

“You look like you’re having fun, just like you did with the ears.”

Ricardo-sama was smiling as if he’s trying to hold back a tickle.

“I’m happy…”

I hugged his tail, expressing my true feelings from the bottom of my heart.

“…It’s just too cute…”

Ricardo-sama’s voice was blocked by his hands, and I couldn’t quite hear what he said.

At that moment, his tail slipped out.


I hurriedly reached for it, but couldn’t get it.

The silver-gray tail was swaying from side to side in front of my eyes.

Can I touch it?

I could hear the temptation.

…I want to touch it.

Giving in to temptation, I reached out to touch the long tail.

When I gently touched it, the tail stopped moving for a moment.

I tried to catch it with both hands, but it was difficult to reach the tip of the tail, which wagged dexterously away.

As I chased after it madly, a giggle came out of me.

My cheeks puffed out again, and I glanced up to see clear blue-gray eyes looking down at me.

That gentle gaze made me nervous to the point I couldn’t move.

“Aren’t you going to pet it?”

Ricardo-sama’s sex appeal is not half bad…

As if enjoying my reaction, the tail tickled my cheek.

Now! I reached out with both hands to catch it.

“…I got caught.”

Ricardo-sama stuck out his tongue like a mischievous child.

…I’m the one who got caught!

I buried my face in his tail.

Being very gentle, I hugged the tail firmly.

“I’m happy too.”

Ricardo-sama gently stroked my head again and again.

It was a happy reward.

And then…

“It looks like the two of you are having fun side by side, aren’t you?”

It sent chills down my spine…I heard a happy voice.


T/N: This chapter is strong on the Ricardo x Charlotte (Ricarlotte? Charlado?? Ricotta???)

Anyway, due to different requests and some thoughts, I will now be adding the series name and chapters to the beginning of all my posts from here on out. It’s basically gonna be the same thing as what is on the “latest posts” section, but I hope this makes things easier for everybody! As always, I love your input. Thanks so much for reading guys! (*^‿^*)

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