Chapter 46: After the Reward…

Chapter 46 of “As A Result Of Breaking An Otome Game, The Villainess Young Lady Becomes A Cheat! (Part 1)”

Here he comes, Brother the Demon Lord.

…Yeah. He didn’t miss a thing -tears-

Ricardo-sama may not have been expecting it, but his ears and tail were up on end, and his eyes were widened.

It seems that he was quite surprised.

“…Brother. Please stop standing behind me like that.”

Even so, I was still surprised by it too, you know!?

What kind of person doesn’t have any footsteps or show any signs of life until they start talking!?

“Isn’t it because you’re doing something that would get you in trouble that I came out of nowhere?”

My brother tilted his head with a smiling face.

“Well, I haven’t done that!”

I was just having fluffing Ricardo-sama’s tail and having him pet my head!

It’s normal!!


My older brother was staring at Ricardo-sama

His eyes were not smiling at all.

Ricardo-sama turned away from his line of sight.


Is it possible that Ricardo-sama is having a guilty conscience…?

When he saw me looking at the two of them, my brother seemed to have come to some understanding.

“I see…”

I don’t know what it is…?

“How much do you understand about beastman culture, Charlotte?”

Beastman culture???

In the game, there were no beastman characters to capture, so I didn’t know the common sense of this world. If it wasn’t about the capture targets, the game wouldn’t explain anything in detail.

Even for Charlotte’s, Ricardo-sama was her first encounter with a beastman.

“Umm. I don’t seem to understand it very well.”

Brother had a bitter smile.

Ricardo-sama had the same face as my brother.


I didn’t understand what that meant.

There are other more important things so…I’ll look into it later!

“Well, hang in there. I won’t be cheering you on though.”


Ricardo-sama laughed in a complicated way as my brother tapped him on the shoulder.


“So? What did you do today? Can Ricardo use magic?”

We sat back down on the table set in the corner of the garden.

My brother was sitting next to me, as a matter of course.

I glanced at him and he returned my gaze with a face that said, ‘Do you have a problem with it?’

…Not at all.

Ricardo-sama was sitting across from me in the opposite seat.

Ricardo-sama is so far away.

I wish I could have sat with him more…

My brother’s KY… (***T/N: KY is a japanese slang short for ‘Kuuki Yomenai.’ It basically means being unable to read the mood/situation)

Nope! It’s nothing at all!

“I was making undiluted Sheelah and Suuri juice in here first, and when it was ready, Ricardo-sama was there…so I asked him to taste it.”


My brother pointed to the liquid in the bottle.

“Yes. The clear one is Sheelah and the light pink one is Suuri. I made them.”

He moved the bottle as I explained.

“And these two are the undiluted Sheelah juice that Ricardo-sama made.”

“Wow. You were able to make it properly?”

“Yes. It was thanks to Charlotte, though.”

Brother glanced at me meaningfully.

…Yes, yes.

He can now call me ‘Charlotte’!

“It was thanks to Charl?”

“Yes. At first I gave up, but then Charlotte channeled magic power into me, and strangely enough, I was able to use magic!”

Ricardo-sama explained excitedly, his cheeks flushed with excitement.

It’s cute, but…

“Explain it to me? Charlotte.”

The pressure coming from my brother is really heavy…

“…I circulated my magic powers inside Ricardo-sama to find out why his magic wasn’t working. At that time, I found something deep inside Ricardo-sama’s body that looked like a box where magic was trapped…When I unlocked the box, magic began to circulate inside Ricardo-sama’s body.”

“…How did Charl come up with such an outlandish idea such as channeling her own magic power into someone else?”

Brother had a dumbfounded face.

It was a method I tried out based on information from games and novels when I was alive as Izumi, but it seems to be a way of using magic that didn’t exist in this world.

<<Why can’t beastmen use magic?>>

I had come up with a hypothesis this time.

The ancestors of the beastmen might have thought that ‘using magic’ meant ‘degenerating.’

That’s why beastmen couldn’t use magic.

A life that relied on magic dulled one’s natural instincts and natural talent as a beast. That’s why they built into their genes a box that prevented them from using magic. That was what I thought.

This was just an idea I had, so it may not be true.

I couldn’t draw any conclusions until I had seen many other beasts and ordinary people who couldn’t use magic.

But is Ricardo-sama okay?…Speaking of which, he was half human and half beastman.

He should be able to combine the best parts of the two species and still be able to use magic.

Above all, Ricardo-sama wanted to use magic!

If you have the ability to do so, it is love that will make it happen!!!

If it the bell doesn’t ring, I’ll make it ring.

Great job, Cheat-san! Well done!!

Of course, I’ll do my best to follow you if anything goes wrong!

“So, this…does it taste good?”

I quickly prepared it for my brother who wanted to taste it.

The one that Ricardo-sama made was to be taken home, so I would use the undiluted one that I made.

If I was going to use it for business, I would have to get Lord Aker to taste it.

I took out the ice and add the undiluted liquid. After adding some carbonatde water, I had the Sheelah and Suuri juice in no time.

My brother also chose the carbonated one!


He chose Suuri juice first.


Mmhmm. My brother’s reaction was good.

“Next is Sheelah.”

I handed the Sheelah juice to Ricardo-sama along with my brother.

“Thank you.”

Ricardo smiled at me, and I smiled back.

“It’s my pleasure.”


Riccardo-sama, you’re wonderful!

“Sheelah juice is delicious too.”

Once again, my brother’s reaction was good.

Feeling good about it, I began to present my next product.

“I think I can make sorbet with this.”


T/N: Next chapter is called ‘Ice Cream.’ I wonder what that’s gonna be about?

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