Chapter 108: History

Chapter 108 of “Mastering Magic in an Otome Game Part 3 (Magic Academy)”

“Then, we will now begin the history exam…Start!”

The examiner’s voice causes the sound of quill pens to start echoing all at once.

Since I couldn’t pay attention to my surroundings during the exam, I concentrated on the problem in front of me.

…Yup. It’s a proper first grade level question.

After a quick review of the whole thing, I solve the problem. After all, there are precedents that do not make sense. It’s just like the headmistress said.

The name of the founding emperor, the full name of the country, the current calendar, and the name of the country nearby…Yup. It’s mostly about filling in the blanks on basic first-grade level knowledge.

I stop my quill at the ‘Four Princes’ that appeared in it.

[Write down the names of the Four Princes]

I wrote the names on my answer sheet.

‘Orlean Zwet. Katura Blanc. Ignis Noir. Nyx Viera.’

These are the names of the four princes in history.

Incidentally, Orlean was the ancestor of the current emperor’s family. And it is said that Nyx-sama was the ancestor from whom the Heimer family descended.

Orlean was the only one of the four princes who can be said to have a direct lineage, and who has retained the blood of his entire family name.

I’m not sure how he ended up, but it is commonly believed that the other four princes’ families faded away and disappeared.

While I was thinking about this, I solved the history exam in a swift manner.

After a while, I met up with my aides and headed to the large dining room with Laurier-sama and Leticia-sama.

“Haa, haaa~”

“…Calm down, Letitia-sama.”

Laurier-sama walks by leading Leticia-sama’s hand, who is constantly trepidatious.

“You shouldn’t be so nervous about it, Leticia-sama…Lately, you’ve been scoring over 90 points a lot of times. Why are you so anxious?”

When I peeked in to see what was wrong, Leticia-sama looked up at me with her jewel-like blue eyes moistening with lucidity.

“Hah…because…because Alice-sama, if I mess up, Alice-sama, th-the prince’s, on the prince’s shoes…you’ll be forced to ki-ki-ki…”

“…Ah, I promised to kiss them.”

“Hiiiii!!!…That’s absolutely not a good idea!!”

Letitia-sama, who was on the verge of a stroke, was quickly caught by Laurier-sama and made to walk again. She’s like a good big sister.

Umm, it’s good that you brought the fight that was given to you, but I didn’t expect it to put so much pressure on you…

“It’s okay, Letitia-sama. No matters what you do, it won’t diminish anything…”

As I said that much, I felt a tremendous killing spirit and turned around with a bang.

Johann’s and Yulena’s eyes turned white and were shaking with anger.

“To let Alice-sama do such a thing…Even if he is the prince, we can’t allow him to do that…!!”

“If I let Alice-sama do such an unholy thing, it would be more painful than death…”

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Calm down, guys. And Yulena, you’re surprisingly extreme, aren’t you?

The two of them were appeased by Matilda, who was cringing, and returned to dealing with Letitia-sama.

As I was spending my lunch break like that and preparing for the next exam, the door to the large cafeteria was opened with a bang.

“I’ve finished scoring!”


For some reason, Ray-sensei, who had a headband on his forehead, shouted this while clutching a red inked quill pen in a raggedy grip.

The students were looking at him and shouting in surprise.

“H-Hey, aren’t you a bit early?”

When the courageous student spoke to him timidly, Ray-sensei replied with a look of urgency.

“You want to know the results as soon as possible, don’t you? I mean, I wanted to know, so I’m going to grade all of you…This is the consensus of the school. That’s all.”

…In that moment, everyone gathered in the cafeteria thought the same thing.

It’s not easy being a teacher…


Despite those happenings, it was certainly nice to see the results right away. We went to see the results of the contest.

By the way, the results were posted on the ranking board without mercy. What is the mentality of the children who are at the bottom of the list?

“Ah…a-ah, I did it, Alice-sama! I got 91 points!”

“You did it, Letitia-sama!”

“Letitia-sama, you did very well…!”

We were thrilled. You can be exempt from class with more than 80% correct answers. Of course, Laurier-sama and I answered all the questions correctly, and when I checked, my aides also passed properly.

Looking at Maria-sama, Shin-sama, and the other students who joined the Golden Dawn Group, it seemed to be roughly 50-50.

And when I looked at the beast-children who had come nearby, their reaction was…

“Oh my gosh! 80 points!!”

“Ivan-sama!? E-Eh? 80 points!?”

I approached Ivan-sama, surprised to find him tearful and happy, and when he noticed me, he screamed out, ‘Nyah!’ and ran and rubbed up against me.

“Alice-sama, Alice-sama I did it, I did it! Please praise me! Please stroke me!”

Ivan-sama, who had been rubbing against me with his entire body and twirling his tail around, suddenly let out a scream and ran away.

When I looked over to see what was going on, Laurier-sama was shaking with her fists clenched. …Eh? What…is that Laurier-sama right now???

As I was stiffening at the repeated unexpectedness of Ivan-sama’s too cute reaction and Laurier-sama’s secret side, Fredge-sama, who had kicked the running Ivan-sama, dusted himself off and came back to us.

“Hey, um, is Ivan-sama…”

“Alice-sama, you can ignore that runaway cat. By the way, I got an 82.”

Eh!? And again, I was surprised.

It was true that Ivan-sama and Fredge-sama had a gung-ho increase in their scores among the beast-children. But in general, they were not good at studying, so what in the world was…?

He could feel my confusion.

“Well, that…After yesterday’s conversation and betting with Prince Aquilesta, I realized that we have been left too protected by Alice-sama…There’s not much we could do overnight, but Ivan and I were getting to the point where we could reach it if we only had to raise ten more points, so I thought at least we could do it.”


Wow, I held my mouth. How impressive!

As I was being impressed, Arthur-sama of the Platina Ward softly approached me.

“A-Alice-sama. The average score of the Noble Rose Society and the Golden Dawn Gang has come out.”


Arthur-sama, who looked frail, makes another feeble sound.

“Wel…The Golden Dawn Gang got an average of 74 points and the Noble Rose Society got an average of 52 points…That is…!!”


“Yes! We did it, Alice-sama!”

Yay! And everyone around me was in a festive mood. Well, I wasn’t sure we’d actually win!

No, I certainly thought that we could win, but I also thought the average score would be lower because of some of the later group of participants who hadn’t studied much. Yup. It’s just another thing to score.

“There are more older nobles in the Golden Dawn Gang, so that difference in knowledge may have had an effect as well.”

“Oh, that’s true.”

I agreed with Laurier-sama’s quiet consideration. It might have been a high score because of the pride of our territory and country.

“Alright then, let’s keep it up!”

……But of course, that kind of momentum would not be enough.


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