Chapter 109: Literature, Music, and Arithmetic

Chapter 109 of “Mastering Magic in an Otome Game Part 3 (Magic Academy)”

[Write as many words of praise for the rose that you can think of]

[Write the title of a story that describes the majesty of the Emperor]

[Choose the story with Prince Orlean in it]

[Write as many adjectives for nobility that you can think of]


I was currently taking a literature exam…and was about to lose my temper for real in five seconds.

What the hell is this…?

I thought the literature teachers were relatively neutral…?

But now it was too late.

I was puzzled by the endless parade of questions that favored the Rose Society.

Still, that didn’t mean that the questions were completely unfair.

There were stories in the first grade level that have the Four Princes and His Majesty the Emperor in them, and associative questions based on certain key words can be a real thing in the lower grade levels.

But that’s for the ‘roses.’ And besides that, there were many questions that focused on ‘nobility’ and ‘beauty’ and probably other questions that focused on the disciplines that were conducted day and night in the Rose Society.

I’m fine. Please don’t underestimate the vocabulary of an adult woman. I’ve honed my language for guessing since I was a child, so I do have some level of vocabulary.

However, everyone who is a genuine elementary school student would be different. Especially for ‘beauty and roses,’ it’s doubtful that those kids who would ask ‘What’s that? Can you eat it?’ could understand the intention of the questions correctly at first.

We solved the questions while breaking out in a cold sweat.

Then the exam was over and it was after school, and before the results were announced, I called an emergency meeting for the Golden Dawn.

“……What was your response to the literature exam?”

Everyone quietly looked away from me as I asked that question nervously.

“Guh, uhh…No, this is my fault. I didn’t expect my literature teacher to be like that…I’m sorry I couldn’t make  the most of your hard work.”

As I apologized for that, Maria-sama, Shin-sama, and Arthur-sama came to my side in a hurry.

“Oh, well, Alice-sama. Please don’t be discouraged.”

“That’s right. It’s normal  that you couldn’t predict the exam questions in the first place.”

It was comforting, but if I’d been more careful and more rooted, I would have noticed the change in my literature teacher.

Brother Will saw me wince and put his hand on my head.

“We still have some time before lights out. Do you want to prepare for tomorrow, Alice?”


This was also a battle for the honor of our members. I wonder if I was too perfunctory…It’s too bad, but for now, I have no choice but to do what I can.

With that, I nodded my head for the time being.

…And so I waited for the results of the literature exam, which was still a victory for Gabriella’s group.

It was understandable, because the ‘Noble Rose Society’ advocated praising high-ranking aristocrats such as the prince and Gabriella, with poetic expressions. On the contrary, our own group was not that biased in our studies.

It was no longer a matter of regret. I put my mind back on track, and was determined that the next day’s music and arithmetic exams would be better…

The music test was a draw.

Contrary to us, who were serious about classroom lecturees, the Noble Rose Society was always playing poetry and music in the salon…unfortunately, it made sense.

Having experienced the complicated draw of losing on practical skills and winning in the classroom lectures, we were also devastated by the following arithmetic exam.

“The Noble Rose Society…scored an average of 99 points?!”

We are all shocked by the unbelievable results.

I intuitively realized that I had been beaten.

The arithmetic teacher was a teacher who had almost no interaction with Ray-sensei…that is to say, he was a teacher from the other side who valued Laminasism.

Even so, I didn’t expect him to be so blatant.

“Now that the exams are over, it’s hard to find any evidence of fraud…Damn, I should have looked into this beforehand!”

Brother Will slammed his fist on the table with a thud.

It was now after school and the afternoon exams were over. We were having a strategy meeting with the aides.

“The only thing left is the magic exam…They’re leading the scores so far.”

Matilda told me with a pale face.

That’s right, because the Noble Rose Society was reaching now due to the big difference in arithmetic.

“But I think we’ve been studying magic the most. And I’ve never seen a child from the Noble Rose Society outside studying magic.”

That’s what I speculated. Besides, the magic professor Ferien-sensei, for all her feebleness, is a good friend of the headmistress and is in favor of reform. Perhaps there would be no injustice.

That’s what I expected and hoped for the next day.

I didn’t think it would turn out like this…Just who was the one turning pale?

“Let’s do this…”

I was hurriedly stopped from muttering and rolled up my sleeves, all ready to go.


T/N: Honestly should have expected this from them, but I still hope we get some magic revenge in the next chapters, hehehe

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  1. Those fixed scores would never go unnoticed by other teachers and staff. They aren’t even in the realm of plausibility.


  2. Thanks for the chapter!

    At least the magic teacher isn’t on their side! But magic still not been the strong field from beastmens. Ughh…

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